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Traditionally, it was not a very difficult task to define what a gamer is. The number of different machines on which you could play games on was limited and having access to a gaming machine was quite a privilege. Prior to the nineties, only a small amount of people owned one of the earlier games […]

You can play many board games for money, and although board games such as snakes and ladders can be significantly spiced up once you start betting real money on them, as the results depend entirely on chance your chances of winning are the same as the other players. The best board games to play to […]

Back to Telara?

October 2nd, 2011

I change my mind a lot… I was going to quit WoW, then didn’t, then did, then came back, now am quitting again. I loved Rift, thought it was the coolest thing ever, got to level 50, told everyone they should play, got kinda bored, stopped playing, and now am thinking about re-subbing again. The […]

My Easy Canvas Print

August 16th, 2011

I’m artsy. At least, I like to think of myself as artsy, it’s a trait I always give to my Sim characters when I’m trying to make them close to my likeness anyway! I love drawing and painting and love hanging my stuff on the wall for my cat to admire (or anyone else who […]

Everyone has problems. Surprise, even me! There are stupid things I find really hard, and hard things I should do that I think are really stupid. I do enjoy self improvement however, and this summer I have been working on just feeling better, physically and emotionally. As with most gamers, I spend a good quantity […]

Today is Miss Mediocre’s 1st Birthday! (Not me obviously, the site, lol). I know things have been slow here on the blog for the past couple months, but I’m not planning on leaving just yet! Life changes and focus shifts and right now I just have less time for gaming so I end up having […]

Shiny Tartagon!

April 16th, 2011

I just wanted to post quickly to say I finally got my Shiny Tartagon! I didn’t get a shard first announcement for purchasing it, but am wondering maybe there isn’t one for the mount. It’s possible someone else has it, but my server is one that was added after the head start, and every set […]

Hello Readers, I thought I’d quickly share this for any of you who love in game WoW pets as much as me (and because I get an extra entry for doing so, hehe). Ele-Mental from Ele-Mentalgold’s is hosting a contest and all you have to do to be entered to win a pet code is […]

Hello Stereotype

February 5th, 2011

There’s just something about moving home on your 26th birthday that puts a damper on birthday celebrations. It’s like, yaay it’s my birthday I’m getting older and I now live with my mother! I had always prided myself on being a hardcore(ish) gamer who managed to balance gaming and real life. My boyfriend and I […]


January 1st, 2011

Hiya Readers, Apologies for being so random with my posting over the holidays, they were busier than anticipated and I’m still finishing up getting together with everyone IRL! It also turns out that I’ll be moving at the end of this month, and since I’m about one teacup away from being featured on Horders, packing […]

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