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Screenshot of the Day

December 21st, 2010

Anyone who has taken a trip through Darkshore since Cataclysm hit has likely already noticed this massive tornado! I was pretty scared to approach it when I fist discovered it on my Night Elf mage, but I didn’t get sucked up into the air or anything and all I found inside was Malfurion… Stormrage indeed! […]

Screenshot of the Day

December 18th, 2010

It appears someone lit this giant stone Kittymanbird’s soup on fire… In all seriousness though, Uldum is amazing!

Screenshot of the Day

December 17th, 2010

Did you know Loch Modan used to be in New York? I had no idea until I stumbled across this on one of my dig sites! Hehe…

Screenshot of the Day

December 16th, 2010

I’ve been slacking posting these screenshots, but now that I’m logged in playing Cataclysm 24 hours a day, I have many more to share with you! I took this screenshot while questing as Horde in Hillsbrad Foothills. We were sent to ask for help from the Frostwolf clan of Alterac Valley. Remember that fearsome General […]

MM’s Screenshot of the Day

November 11th, 2010

I should maybe change the name of these to “Screenshot of the Every Few Days”, lol, but I just doubted anyone wanted to see multiple screenshots of Auctioneers, as they have really been the only things I am seeing in WoW lately! I had this one saved from when I was leveling Elaynna, and thought […]

MM’s Screenshot of The Day

November 2nd, 2010

I was about to go and take back the Undercity on my Warlock, but when I tried to talk to Jaina to get her to port me to talk to Thrall, it didn’t work. I then noticed that there was in fact TWO Jainas in the keep, lol. So I’m wondering, which is the true […]

MM’s Screenshot of the Day

October 30th, 2010

I was questing in Boren Tundra with my leveling buddy Mudgett the Mage, and he pointed out that you could see our underwears through our Murloc suits! Well, I had to take a screenshot!

MM’s Screenshot of the Day

October 29th, 2010

Thanks to an awesome suggestion from Zuggy, I will (attempt) to post one WoW screenshot a day, along with a tiny blurb about what it was I was doing when I took the screenshot! The following is actually from yesterday, but I didn’t have a chance to post it before going to bed! I’ve been […]

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