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Is Playing WoW Unhealthy?

September 9th, 2011

I mentioned to my little brother that I had reactivated my WoW account again, and he said something along the lines of, “Oh, so you’re giving up this ‘healthy thing’ now then?”.  That got me thinking, I have been totally focused on just being healthy and happy this summer, which did have me away from […]

Hello Readers, I thought I’d use my Whatever Wednesday post to talk about what all I have been up to in WoW lately. I have two characters at level 85 now, my Paladin and my Priest. I have been trying to get my Priest into some decent gear, because eventually I’d like to get into […]

Hello Readers, I kind of love Wednesdays, because I can post about whatever I’m thinking about, which I kind of do anyway the rest of the week, but I feel like my thoughts belong in Wednesday’s post when they aren’t directly related to gaming anyway. I’d like to try to keep a “if I post […]

Finally something un-gaming for my Whatever Wednesday post! I know this is 4 years old or so, but I just heard it the other day and thought it was hilarious and have been quoting it all week! I thought it was appropriate to share with all of you today, as it is Wednesday…

How am I finding time to write a post when THE SHATTERING just happened!? I’m writing this as I’m on Flight Paths… hehe, I guess that’s the one bonus to getting around taking so much longer now without portals! For my second “Whatever Wednesday” post, I thought I’d write about something still loosely related to […]

So I had yet another idea for a little series of posts! I’m going to use Wednesday as the day I post about whatever I want! I post about what I want most days anyway, but I won’t limit Wednesday’s posts to strictly gaming, though I’m sure many of them will end up being about […]

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