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Posted November 19th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

Pilgrim’s Bounty is one of the newer World of Warcraft in game events and it’s just around the corner! It’s not required for the “What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been” achievement, but you can get a turkey vanity pet and the “Pilgrim” title, and it’s also an easy way to level your cooking, so it’s worth checking out! (If you happen to be a proud owner of a Chef’s Hat, make sure you wear it to cut down on cooking time!)

Be warned, there’s a lot of cooking and a lot of traveling associated with this holiday!

The Turkinator

What I would recommend tackling first is “The Turkinator” achievement, as it can become difficult if there are a lot of other players attempting it at the same time! You’ll want to make the macro “/tar Wild Turkey” and spam it as you run around either Tiristfal Glades or Elwynn Forest and using Tracker Snacks can help too if you aren’t a hunter! How it works is you get a buff each time you kill a turkey that lasts for 30 seconds, and each time you kill another turkey it’s refreshed and another stack is added. For the achievement you need to reach 40 stacks. This can be a very irritating achievement to get if you run into someone clearing turkeys toward you. I reached over 30 stacks a couple of times last year, only to run out of turkeys and have to start all over! Get it done early or do it in the middle of the night to better your chances of getting it done on your first try! You’ll need 20 Turkeys for a later achievement, so don’t get rid of them!

FOOD FIGHT, Sharing Is Caring, Pilgrim’s Paunch

Next you can make your way to the gates of Stormwind or Undercity. Take a seat at one of the bountiful tables (one with the most other players) and start stuffing your face and throwing around food. You’ll need 5 stacks of each type of food to get “The Spirit of Sharing”, which you will need to do at each of the major cites for the “Pilgrim’s Paunch” achievement (if you end up being the only one at a table, you can just switch chairs to reach the food you need). You will end up visiting major cities for other achievements, so just make sure you stop and get the “Spirit of Sharing” while you’re there! You will have to make a special trip to get the Exodar/Silvermoon City ones, but I’ll make a note later in the guide as to the best times to do this.

Passing one of each type of food to a fellow player is how you get the “Sharing is Caring” achievement, and passing a certain type of food to a player who already has 5 stacks of that food, is how you get the “FOOD FIGHT” achievement.

Now We’re Cookin’, Pilgrim’s Progress, Turkey Lurkey

Note : In case you want to buy all your Honey and Autumnal spices at once, you will need 100 Honey and 60 Autumnal Spices to cook 20 of each Pilgrim’s Bounty recipes which are required for the dailies.

You can get all of the Pilgrim’s Bounty recipes from the Bountiful Cookbook, purchased from the Pilgrim’s Bounty vendors near the Bountiful Tables outside any major city. I recommend starting in Elwynn Forest or Tiristfal Glades and save all of the food you make, you’ll need at least 20 of each later! Start by either leveling your cooking to 100 by making Spice Bread Stuffing or make 20 of them if your cooking is already beyond skill level 100. The Autumnal Herbs needed for the stuffing are from the Pilgrim’s Bounty vendors and you can make the Spice Bread from Simple Flour and Mild Spices, available from any Trade Goods vendor. Next either make Pumpkin Pie until you reach 160 cooking, or just make 20 of them if you’re already beyond level 160 cooking. The pumpkins are available from the Pilgrim’s Bounty vendors outside either Stormwind or the Undercity, and the Honey is available from any Pilgrim’s Bounty vendor.

Horde : Take the Orb of Translocation to Silvermoon City to get the Spirit of Sharing there before heading to Orgimmar.

Next, head to Ironforge or Orgrimmar and make enough Cranberry Chutney to reach 220 cooking, or make 20 of them if you’re already beyond 220 cooking. You can buy the cranberries from the vendors outside of these cities, along with the honey required by the recipe and while you’re there pick up and complete the daily quest “Don’t Forget The Stuffing”. Choose the Turkey Shooter as your reward, and start shooting rogues for the “Turkey Lurkey” achievement. You’ll need to get a rogue of each race.

Finally it’s off to Darnasus or Thunder Bluff to make enough Sweet Potatoes to reach 280 cooking or just make 20 of them if you don’t need cooking skill points. The Sweet Potatoes, Honey and Autumnal Herbs required for the recipe can be purchased from the Pilgrim’s Bounty vendors outside these cities. Also grab enough Honey and Autumnal Herbs to cook the 20 turkeys you should have saved from getting the Turkinator achievement earlier. This will get you the achievement “Now We’re Cookin”. You can grab and turn in the “Easy as Pie” daily while you’re there as well, and pick either the Pilgrim’s Dress, Attire or Robe for your reward.

Alliance : Before heading back to the Eastern Kingdoms, take the boat from Darkshore to Exodar to get the Spirit of Sharing!

Next, head back to Ironforge or Orgimmar with your Roasted Turkeys to complete the “Can’t Get Enough Turkey” daily quest. Then, head back to Stormwind or the Undercity with your Sweet Potatoes and Cranberry Chutney to complete the “She Says Potatoes” and “We’re Out of Cranberry Chutney Again?” dailies. Choose the Pilgrim’s Hat as one of your rewards and whatever you like for the other because the Pilgrim’s Boots aren’t required for the last two achievements, though they would complete the look! Finishing all of the dailies will get you the “Pilgrim’s Progress” achievement.

(If you’ve gotten all your rogues for Turkey Lurkey and remembered to get The Spirit of Sharing from all the major cities), You only have two more achievements to go and you can do them in whatever order you like.

You get the “Terokkar Turkey Time” achievement for killing the last boss in Sethekk Halls (Talon Lord Ikiss) while wearing the Pilgrim’s Dress/Robe/Attire and the Pilgrim’s Hat. This can be completed on regular or heroic difficulty, but if you’re geared well enough I’d suggest doing it on Heroic for a chance at the Raven Lord mount! Just don’t forget to put on your Pilgrim outfit before attacking Talon Lord Ikiss, because you can’t change once you’re in combat!

You get the “Pilgrim’s Peril” achievement for sitting at each of the opposite faction’s bountiful tables while wearing your Pilgrim’s Dress/Robe/Attire. If you play on a PvP server, this could get messy, but you don’t have to flag PvP if your server isn’t PvP as the tables are all outside the city gates.

When you’re all done the achievements and become a Pilgrim, you will receive a letter from my buddy Breanni (the gnome from the pet shop in Dalaran) along with your pet Turkey! When you get him, take him out and light a fire to see what happens!

Hope this helps!
Miss Mediocre <3

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