Playing With Others, The Bane of My WoW

Posted November 21st, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

I have been killing the Elemental bosses as much as I could to get all the gear upgrades for both my Pally and my Warock. This has been harder said than done as the bosses are only available for a limited time and because I play alone 90% of the time, I wait in ques that are sometimes 12 minutes long, so I usually only get to attempt each boss once, if that.

I’ve had some trouble with groups on Kai’Ju Gaz’rilla! My Warlock is my latest character to ding 80, and in one group I kept pulling off the tank with just my wand! I even had to get my imp to stop attacking and we just stood there, but still ended up pulling agro and dying, just shortly before the healer pulled agro and the group wiped. No apologies were given by the Deathknight tank, and by the time I made it back to the instance and attempted to que up for another group, the bosses were unavailable, lol.

Last night I finally convinced my boyfriend to give the bosses a try! He’s bored waiting for Cataclysm to get here, and hasn’t been playing, but he logged on long enough to clear the ZG mount bosses with me and get the Tripping the Rifts achievement. While we were running around finding rifts, we qued for the available bosses, Prince Sarsarun and the dreaded Kai’Ju Gaz’rilla. Sarsarun went down without a hitch, but Gaz’rilla, not so much.

My boyfriend did his raiding right in the beginning of Wrath, so he had Naxx gear, which is pretty outdated now! He was pulling off the tank, and was forced to do a lot of standing around. In addition to slightly sub-par tanking, our healer was doing a horrible job! I know the fight can get a bit healing intensive with all that AoE and people flying through the air, but I’d already bubbled myself to prevent my own death once when I had to stop dpsing completely to save the healer who was at 20 hit points, lol. I don’t mind helping out when people are falling behind in their role, so I threw lots of heals around to everyone, because we were all getting really low. Unfortunately I got tossed into the air when I was low on health, and didn’t get any heals before I hit the ground. I wasn’t mad, it happens, I was just hoping they’d be able to pull it off without me, until the healer said,  (“noobd want heals get in range”).

After this remark, I was pissed. Unfortunately when I get mad, I usually can’t think of anything to say. I should have explained that I had been in range, as I was healing him and the rest of our group members just before I died, and that he shouldn’t blame others for his mistakes, but instead I didn’t say anything, in party chat anyway. My boyfriend pointed out that this kind of thing was why he really wasn’t interested in playing anymore, and assured me that my death hadn’t been my fault, that the guy was a jerk, but not to let it get to me.

But it always gets to me, lol.

Writing about these types of things that happen in WoW makes me feel better about them though! I know a lot of people don’t share the actual names of other players they encounter in game that wrong them somehow, but I do! I think if you’re going to act like a jerk from your character, everyone should get to know that character is a jerk, lol. If someone did something nice for me, I’d be less likely to share their character’s name without their permission.

If rumors are true though, The Shattering should happen this Tuesday after maintenance, and I’ll have a brand new character to throw all my playtime into (a Night Elf mage). I’m going to try to get her into a guild asap, and start finding myself some nice players to play with, because according to all the comments I got on my Dear Vanilla, I Miss You post, nice players still exist!

Wish Me Luck!
MM <3

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  1. Kreaton

    I’ve been reading your blog for some weeks now, and I wanted to add something to about the Gaz’rilla fight.

    I didn’t look very well at the mechanics of this fight (i.e. I didn’t search the web for them), but I can assure you that tank-wise is the most stressing of the event’s boss.
    Everyone is continuously pulling aggro, even if I never had any aggro-issue before. I think this is mostly because even the tank get frozen from time to time, and usually nobody cares enough to decurse…
    This even when the group isn’t so bad!
    I didn’t do the boss lots of times (like your boyfriend, I’m more farming ZG than PUGing… I hope I’ll return more active after Cataclysm), but I can’t actually remember a single run in which I could keep aggro all the time.
    However, I had just two really bad groups: in one the healer wasn’t healing (luckly there was a paladin with me, ret specced, that did the job), in an other there was some melee dps that really wanted to pull aggro from me… Both times we survived (well, not the melee dps I was talking about).

    I think that most people is so used to tank’n’spank fights that in most PUG you’ll find at least 1-2 people not really caring about what they should or should not do, and Gaz’rilla has some mechanics that simply make it more evident.

  2. Shellicus

    I feel for you MM and you’re not alone. I wonder how these people will survive in the cata 5 man dungeons before they outgear them.

  3. PCT

    Here’s what has been disappointing me–because these fights are so short and the group doesn’t have to live with each other through entire dungeon, people are needing items that are not in any way suited for their class, let alone the spec they are playing. I’m not talking asking if you can take for off-spec. I have been running my alt dps warrior through and have lost out on the dps strength/stamring ring 3 different times to players not dpsing and who shouldn’t be using this ring–one was a shaman healer –and since my shaman is my main I can tell you a strength/stam ring is not suited for shaman dps or heals. I was in one group where the tank bracers dropped and the tank said “finally” and a dps needed them, so I needed them after saying those are not dps bracers and if I win I’m giving them to the tank, and I did win, and did just thank. The tank was grateful and I had done my decent thing in WoW for the day. As you said, the bosses aren’t up long, the ques can take time, so it’s very frustrating to have the one thing you need drop, and have another player need it when they are not even playing that spec and the item is not at all good for them. It’s a game people–play nice!

  4. Miss Mediocre

    Kreaton : Thanks for pointing this out, I had suspected it was a hard one to keep agro on, but hadn’t tried tanking it myself. I never mind slowing down on dps if the tank’s having trouble, it’s all part of the job, but I do think a tank should be able to keep higher threat than at least the healer, which is why I wasn’t impressed with the DK I mentioned. I’m sure you’re right about the PuG ‘do whatever’ attitude of most players with these bosses, which is unfortunate and probably why so many of my groups have been having troubles, lol.

  5. Miss Mediocre

    Shellicus : Lol, they won’t! They’ll die and get kicked from groups until eventually someone will drag them through content, they’ll get gear, and they will go back to scraping by and annoying the rest of us. /sigh

  6. Miss Mediocre

    PCT : I so feel your pain! I have encountered the same issue many times so far! Personally, I only need on off-spec items if no one of the appropriate spec needs it. I was working on getting the same ring on my ret pally and the spell dps ring for my lock, and lost both about 6 times to healers, lol. It’s frustrating knowing that I wouldn’t do that, but it happens so often…

  7. Rifter

    I have been trying to complete these as well, and it has been slow… I have some blue pants on my hunter that I really want upgraded…

    I have found that boss fight, though, is a BITCH. As others have said I think the boss dumps aggro. With a DK, you have limited aggro cooldowns. I could see it being VERY painful. I use mis-direct on my hunter, though, to point the baddy back to the tank. Or, feign death. :-)

    It sounds like the healer was a moron. I have healed all the fights too, and they all seem to have their own oddities.

  8. Shaft

    Yeah I have been here before my server really went to hell about 6 months ago when we got a load of free transfers in who brought with them the blight known as GS it ruined Pugging on our server and gave let us say the more annoying types even more excuse to be rude plus incidents of ninjaing went through the roof. That plus the fact that raid guilds were pretty much demanding 6k gs to be even considered made me take a month break from WoW during which time I started reading gold blogs and decided to shift my focus. I too need to find a good friendly guild though I am not entirely convinced they exist.


  9. Rathay

    Of course good people existith. Good tanks existish too inside of certain people who probably comment on some of your posts sometimes and has a troll warrior and *cough* I’m not a bad tank. :s

  10. Miss Mediocre

    Rifter : I wish Warlocks had a mis-direct, hehe. Hopefully you get your Sacrificial Mail legs! :)

  11. Miss Mediocre

    Shaft : I ran into the same road block when I’d finished leveling and gearing all my horde characters. The guild I’d made fell apart, so I wanted to jump into a raid guild that was just starting out to learn the fights along with them. Even brand new guilds wouldn’t accept anyone with less than 5.5k GS and required you to have done the fights. In BC and Vanilla, raid guilds were trying to recruit my Alliance priest before she’d even hit level cap, and here I was with a 5.2k GS holy priest who couldn’t get into even a casual raid guild, lol. I then shifted my focus as well, and started reading gold blogs and leveling the rest of my characters to 80.

    I’m also not entirely sure friendly guilds exist… but when the servers come back up today and I make my Night Elf mage, I’ll start my search for one, lol.

  12. Miss Mediocre

    Rathay : Hehe, I’m sure you’re a wonderful tank!

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