Farewell Pink Kitten Inn

Posted November 23rd, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

I did a lot of scrambling this morning to get certain items crafted and posted in the Auction House for when the servers come back up. As ridiculous as it is, I could barely sleep last night because I was so excited about The Shattering happening today, and also because I kept thinking of more things I needed to get ready. After a couple hours of figuring out which glyphs I should post for new toons and crafting bags, posting enchants, and getting my characters out of Dalaran, I was content with my prep, and got ready to log off.

I then realized that there was more to The Shattering than just no more Dalaran Portals and lots of new characters being made, the the whole world (of Warcraft) was about to change!

I’m in the beta, so I know the park in Stormwind is history. I’m sure most players haven’t spent much time there, but there’s this little un-named completely empty bar where my guild, The Pink Fluffy Kittens, would meet a few times a week when it was in it’s prime. We jokingly called it the Pink Kitten Inn, and I had some of the best times there. I’ve looked for it in the beta, and it’s totally gone, so I thought this place deserved a little send off.

I went and bought myself a Big Berry Pie and a Bottle of Dalaran Red, put on my PFK guild tabard, and headed to the Pink Kitten Inn for the very last time. It was deserted, as usual, but I ate my pie and drank my wine and remembered the good old days as the doomsday (server shutdown) timer ticked down. It would have been nice to share this little farewell party with others, I even got out my D.I.S.C.O ball, but none of the previous members were online.

I’d been planning to evacuate the city and log out near the Goldshire Graveyard, as rumors say when we log in, everyone will be dead, but I decided it was more fitting for the Guild Master to go down with the Guild Bar, so I just stayed where I was until I was kicked offline.

I’m excited to see what The Shattering brings us 8 hours from now when the servers (maybe) come back online, but it was a little sad to have to say goodbye to somewhere I’d had so much fun in the early days. <3

4 Responses to “Farewell Pink Kitten Inn”

  1. Cold's Gold Factory

    I got hit with a nasty case of Girlfriend aggro as I was posting my pally and druid glyphs for the Horde re-rolls. “I thought you said you would only be on for a couple of hours!?”

    Great. Now I have no twink enchants pre-listed, and only a few glyphs that were leftovers from Glyphmas. Grrr….gotta love GF Aggro.

  2. Miss Mediocre

    Cold : Oh dear, how could she not understand the importance of getting those glyphs posted!? I actually had similar aggro issues this morning of the boyfriend kind, but I told him to go back to bed because the Shattering only happens once and I had stuff I had to get done! Lol, he understands though and happily benefits from my growing gold supplies!

  3. Rifter

    I was lucky, my last GF was a fellow player, and never had GF aggro from her… my ex-wife… that’s another story. :-)

    Last night, I ran out to Barrens. My first 2 characters (Pre-release beta, and then my first character in Vanilla) were both Tauren. I should have visited Mulgore, but the urge to see it all didn’t hit until late. I took my druid, and ran down to the barrens, and ran around. Even took a few screenshots. Even got the “battered orc” Mansomething’s wife. I am happy the world is changing… and for the better… but at the same time, I am sad. So many fun memories. Up until Wrath, I was always horde, now, I only have one horde char on the server I play on. How things change.

  4. Miss Mediocre

    Rifter : I imagine it must be difficult at times being with someone who isn’t a gamer when you’re into WoW! I’ve never dated anyone who wasn’t a gamer though, so no first hand experience.

    I feel the same, Azeroth is getting better (despite the destruction, lol) but I’m still a bit sad to see it change. With any luck the changes will be so awesome that I’ll get over it quick and just enjoy it, lol. If the servers ever come back up anyway… hehe

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