Getting The Singing Sunflower

Posted November 25th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

So getting this pet will either be a lot of fun, or horribly frustrating, depending on how much you like Tower Defense games, lol. The quest is in Hillsbrad Foothills at the Sludgeguard Tower (34, 51) and you must be at least level 20 to get it. Brazie the Botanist gives 5 quests (with some of the best quest names out there), but the first three are just basically learning how to play, so they don’t really get challenging until the last two.

Once you accept the quests, you will see a little field. The zombies come from the right, and you right click to pick up the orbs of sunshine that fall all over the field. The orbs of sunshine drop more often depending on how many Sunflowers you have planted. I had the best luck planting two full rows of Sunflowers (#1) and just throwing a Spitter (#2) out now and again while I got them all out. Once you have enough solar power to work with, it’s just all about responding to where the biggest groups of zombies are. The quests take a bit of luck and you will likely fail a couple times (I did) but eventually it will just click and you’ll start kicking zombie butt! If you see one of the big guys, or you’re getting overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to drop those Pumpkin Bombs (#6)! They take a lot of solar power, but if you have the two rows of sunflowers, you should be fine!

For the last quest you have to defeat Warden Stillwater. I used the same strategy to kill him as I did to defeat the previous waves, except that I used Pumpkin Bombs every time they were available. Just watch out, as he can wipe out your Sunflowers and you’ll need to re-plant them!

Good luck, and if you know of any other pets that have become available since The Shattering through quests or other means, please leave a comment and let me know! Pets are one of my favorite parts of WoW, hehe.

11 Responses to “Getting The Singing Sunflower”

  1. corni

    Obtainable with Quest “Remembrance of Auberdine” in Darkshore (long quest chain)

    hf, corni

  2. Miss Mediocre

    Corni : Thanks so much! I noticed a Withers following someone around yesterday but there’s not much info about him yet and I wasn’t sure which quest would start the chain! Hopefully I’ll have time to go pick him up today!! 😀

  3. corni

    If you need more infos:

    It looks like some people get a little stuck

  4. Amynala

    OMG, this is the hardest thing i think I have ever tried to do, lol

  5. Miss Mediocre

    Amynala : Lol, yeah it can get a bit overwhelming! I hope you managed to do it though! :)

  6. Fieryangel

    This was pretty difficult, but I’m glad I managed to do it – I love my little flower :) As for other pets that are obtainable right now, I know of only one not mentioned:
    Tiny Flamefly –

    Look at the link on how to obtain the Tiny Flamefly for where to start questing.

    Love the blog – happy pet hunting!

  7. Miss Mediocre

    Fieryangel : Thanks so much for the link! I hadn’t seen this one yet! 😀

  8. Markise

    Thanks for the description it was spot on…. this is most definitely an homage to Plants Vs. Zombies. Awesome!! It plays exactly the same way.

    Great “mini game”, side quest and an extra pet to boot.

  9. Miss Mediocre

    Markise : I’ve never played Plants vs Zombies, but the quest made me want to try it! :)

  10. zecdk

    Just FYI horde toons can buy withers with out doing a quest chain. FOR THE HORDE lol

  11. Miss Mediocre

    Zecdk : Lucky Horde, hehe.

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