Enchanting Vellum Vendor

Posted November 27th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

It does seem like every time I find out some amazing new thing, everyone else has known about it for ages, but I wanted to post about this quickly anyway as it’s also a nice little niche market right now!

I was out of Enchanting Vellums so I ran on over to the Auction House and bought up 50 or so for 50s a piece this morning. A bit later I visited the Enchanting Supplies Vendor, only to notice as I was snatching up some cheap Lesser Magic Essences, that she also now sells Enchanting Vellums! For only 8s each! Even though I lost out on about 46g buying them from the Auction House, I’m happy about this change!

I bought a few stacks from the vendor and listed them in the Auction House for 40s a piece, and just like Vanishing Dust, I’m sure they’ll sell and I’ll make back all the gold I lost. Depending on your server, and the amount of other players posting the Vellums in the Auction House, you could make some gold flipping these to others who are not yet aware of the change or don’t want to track down a vendors themselves!

Here’s a quick list of all the vendors who now sell Enchanting Vellums :

Darahir, Dalaran Sewers (63,13)
Endora Moorehead, Dalaran Magic Shop (38,54)
Ildine Sorrowspear, Dalaran (39,41)
Jessara Cordell, Stormwind City (53,74)
Kithas, Orgrimmar (53,48)
Lilly, Silverpine Forest (46,40)
Tilli Thistlefuzz, Ironforge    (60,44)
Zoey Wizzlespark, Azshara (55,12)

Were you aware of this change? Are you happy about it? Leave me a comment and let me know!

8 Responses to “Enchanting Vellum Vendor”

  1. Zoxy

    Yep I found about it once the server went live and wasn’t pleased as I had made 400 the day before !

    Have you seen the new 20 slot crafting bags in SW?

    I will be getting a blog up about them shortly


  2. Miss Mediocre

    Zoxy : Yes I had noticed those back when I was first exploring the beta, and wasn’t pleased as selling herb bags has made me some good money, lol. :(

  3. Vayaz

    I’m glad that I didn’t craft too many before.
    However, they’re still selling for 2-3 gold each, and with a look at Vanishing Dust it’s probably safe to assume that one will be able to sell them to uninformed people for quite some time.

  4. Scallywwagg

    I had no idea so thanks MM. I am selling them for a small profit.

  5. Miss Mediocre

    Vayaz : Yes that’s probably true 😀 hehe

  6. Miss Mediocre

    Scallywwagg : Sweet! You’re welcome ;D

  7. Shaft

    I am very unhappy about the change I know from reading all the gold blogs I follow that Incription makes them thousands of gold unfortunately on my realm the glyph market is dead and buried. I have sold all of 3 glyphs in three weeks and I get on with my auction addons undercut people and post like 15 a week. Part of the problem seems to be that people haven’t really come back for The Shattering maybe Cata will help things a lot. Back to the topic at least Enchanting vellums was a reasonable market they were always needed and were a dependable earner now they have robbed me of even that. At the moment the AH on my realm has dried up and all my money is coming from quest grinding ugggh.

  8. Miss Mediocre

    Shaft : Aw, I’m sorry for your lost market! I’m sure you’ll see glyph sales pick up again in Cata! I sell glyphs on my horde server, and it has slowed down, but I’m still making decent gold selling just the glyphs priced above 75g. You could always try searching for whatever glyphs are above that price and posting just those! :)

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