New Chests in Northrend!

Posted November 30th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

I’d always found it disappointing that there were no random chests scattered across the frozen tundra of the north, but it appears that The Shattering touched good old Northrend in a rather positive way! Personally I’ve only come across three, but they were all this evening, so I don’t think they are too uncommon! My first chest was in Grizzly Hills behind the Shade of Arugal and it contained rare legs, my second chest was in Zul’Drak and contained a Book of Glyph Mastery and my third was in Zul’Drak and contained a rare staff, so they can have some pretty decent loot!

This change could also effect those of us who are big on flipping items! If some Northrend rares that were rather uncommon are now found commonly from Northrend chests, they could see a significant drop in price! I’ll update my treasure chest list as I figure out the names of others, but so far I’ve found :

Silken Treasure Chest

Sturdy Treasure Chest

So remember to keep your eyes peeled while you’re off questing in the snow! If the things I’ve found so far sell, that’s an extra 300g in my pocket! Good luck!

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8 Responses to “New Chests in Northrend!”

  1. Sykez

    I literally had NO idea about these, I’ve always enjoyed finding chests and expected them to contain unprescedented amounts of awesome shit.

    Hopefully they add some to the new Cataclysm zones, it’d be awesome ^^


  2. Kangrem

    Sadly, this dwarven racial was removed in 4.0.1, at least I don’t see it active. I have personally encountered a chest or two lately and it wasn’t on mini-map.

    The happy days of treasure hunting for dwarfes are over.

  3. Grump

    Treasure finding was removed from the game. Dwarves get a bonus to Archeology now instead.

  4. Indy

    I think they removed that dwarven racial. At any rate, I couldn’t find ‘Find Treasure’ in the tracking list last night (granted, as a hunter there’s a lot of things to look through, so it’s somewhat possible that I overlooked it).

  5. Miss Mediocre

    Sykez : That would be great if there were chests in the Cata zones too! It’s such a nice little bonus to whatever you happen to be doing when you come across one :)

  6. Miss Mediocre

    Oops, I didn’t know they’d removed that Dwarven racial. I don’t have a dwarf and just checked the WoW site because I’d thought they had a treasure finding ability, and it was on there, but I guess it was outdated info, lol. Thank you all for letting me know before I went and rolled a dwarf!!

  7. Blayze

    Spotted a chest in Duskwood the other day. Couldn’t open it. Too high level for the zone? Maybe.

  8. Miss Mediocre

    Blayze : I found a Silverbound Treasure Chest in Arathi Highlands and had the same problem! I was the appropriate level for the zone, but when I’d click it, it just said “You can’t open that”. I did find one in Hillsbard Foothills that I could open and got a rare from however, so perhaps just some of the chests are a bit buggy still?

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