My Mediocre Shattering

Posted December 1st, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

I thought I’d write a post about all the things I have been up to in game since The Shattering happened. I’d been very excited to start some new characters (yes I know, altoholic) so I rolled a Night Elf Mage and a Blood Elf Warrior. I had leveled my mage to 12 before I realized I didn’t like her name, so I deleted her and was attempting to come up with something better when my boyfriend and little brother convinced me that having a character named Missmediocre was a must. At first I wasn’t sure, but she is the only toon above level 10 across all servers with that name, and I do love my blog, so she’s growing on me. She is now level 14, if only she could have pink hair!

I named my Blood Elf Warrior Ashaila. (I like making up names, but they are rarely originals, there are 13 other Ashailas in the armory, lol) I have been leveling her as prot and am loving it! I tanked the new Deadmines once, and that was a blast, but have been having too much fun with the Undead quests to que for anymore dungeons. I reached exalted with the Undercity at level 28, so they’ve definitely made some changes there, and reached level 30 after 12 hours, but I read every quest and watched all of the cinematics, so it was pretty quick considering! I haven’t decided which professions to give to my new toons yet, as I already have them all covered.

In addition to leveling my new characters, I have been questing with my little brother who re-activated his account for the 7 free days Blizzard sent out to some inactive accounts. He wanted to level his 70 human rogue a bit, as that character had been his main before we both re-rolled as Horde on a new server at the beginning of this year. We decided we’d attempt to get as close to 80 as possible in a week. He didn’t have a computer of his own and could only use our second computer whenever my boyfriend was working, so our time was fairly limited! His 7 free days ended yesterday at 9:30pm and he dinged 80 at 6pm!

I leveled my Night Elf Priest Sacralicious along with him, who has been my bank alt for years and a character I never actually intended to level to 80. With the added experience since The Shattering and my heirlooms, I managed to get her all the way from level 76 to 80 on Monday! My brother didn’t have heirlooms on our Alliance server, which is why he was a bit behind. We had a lot of fun playing together, and he’s thinking of coming back to the game for good, which will be great as then I’ll actually have someone to play with! We may even resurrect his old guild, if he’s up for it.

The final thing I’ve been working on since The Shattering is making gold! I’d set myself a goal to reach 100k before Cataclysm got here, and I reached 90k on Sunday. I am pretty sure I can make the final 10k this week to meet my goal, but I’ve been attempting to limit my spending just to be sure (so no epic flying for my little brother, lol). I’m trying to find that magical balance between diversification and specialization, but keep diversifying my sales a bit too much and then losing track of the markets. I’m getting into a decent groove of buying the mats for and crafting a few enchants, a few engineering pets, a few epic gems and a few types of bags. This is a list of the items that have been working for me (though it could be a different story on your server).

Enchants :
Scroll of Enchant Weapon – Crusader
Scroll of Enchant Weapon – Healing Power
Scroll of Enchant Weapon – Fiery Weapon

Epic Gems :
Shifting Dreadstone
Potent Ametrine

Tailoring Bags :
Abyssal Bag
Netherweave Bag
Satchel of Cenarius

Engineering Pets :
Lifelike Mechanical Toad
Tranquil Mechanical Yeti

Misc : Pattern: Herbalist’s Gloves

I sell a variety of other things along with these that I find good deals on to flip or craft if  I get the mats for at a good price, but the items on my list are my staples.

I can’t believe Cataclysm is less than a week away! I have no idea what I’m going to focus on, once I fail to get the Fishing Relm First anyway (damn you midnight downloaders! I need my Collectors Edition pet, so you will likely beat me). I’m not overly interested in rolling a Goblin or a Worgen, I’m in no rush to reach level 85 with any of my 80s, so I might make leveling Archeology my first priority. We’ll see.

What will you be doing for the first week of Cataclysm?

8 Responses to “My Mediocre Shattering”

  1. Nevyn

    I rolled a dwarf shammy for completeness & so far, I’m loving the new quest lines & areas. I put her to herbing to bolster my herb stocks for inscription & she’s gathering like crazy.

    I was aiming for 50k by cata & am on target if I count the 5k I just lent to a guildie for their fast flying – he just dinged his first 80 on Sunday & got the blue drake from Occulus on his first run so I thought I’d add to his squeeeeee factor. He’s so pumped it’s infecting the whole guild – people are coming alive again & making plans for cata guild stuff – it’s lovely to feel the buzz which has been lacking for the last few months.

    I am planning a worgen druid to make up 1 of each class on my fav server but I won’t be rushing in and as for all my proffs – there’s no way I can level to 85, max 8-10 proffs & still just enjoy it all so I’m gonna just pootle around and see what I feel like when I feel like :)

  2. Shaft

    Unfortunately for me I will not be able to buy Cataclysm until the week after launch so I will be sitting around feeling sorry for myself but I will be taking the time to go to new levels and fish like crazy.

    Also I have a level 70 Hunter which I want to get to 80 or at least put a few more levels under her belt. I’m only on 20k savings so I need to farm for stuff.

  3. Miss Mediocre

    Nevyn : That’s very kind of you to lend the 5k to your guild mate! Lucky him getting the blue drake on his first run! I feel like my excitement for Cataclysm is still pretty mild, I’m sure it’d be a different story if I had a guild to be excited with! I’ve yet to check out the new Dwarven starting zone, so I’ll have to check it out at some point!

  4. Miss Mediocre

    Shaft : Yikes, I’d go crazy if I couldn’t get Cataclysm on day one! Thankfully you at least will have the Shattering to play around in, so you don’t have to feel too left out! Hopefully you can get your hunter to 80, with the new bonus experience in Northrend, it goes by a lot faster!

  5. Jason

    I had the same idea. I don’t want to be competing with everyone else rolling new races for the first couple weeks so I’m going to focus on Archeology too.

  6. Miss Mediocre

    Jason : I’m excited to try it out for real! I played around with it in the beta a little bit, and loved it!

  7. Shakure

    I just rolled a Gnome Priest, so I definitely won’t check out worgens or goblins till she’s a respectable level. So Archeology it will be for me :)

    And trying to get gold, since my characters are all nearly broke…

  8. Miss Mediocre

    Shakure : I’ve never been a big fan of gnomes, but something about a Gnome Priest seems really cool! I’ve been meaning to make one myself :)

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