Whatever Wednesday – My Lucky Cake

Posted December 8th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

I’m writing my Whatever Wednesday post on Sunday, hehe. That may be cheating, but I won’t post it until Wednesday, and I’m thinking I’ll be pretty busy with Cataclysm then, and even taking the time to hit the “post” button will greatly intrude on my Cataclysm adventures!

There are of course a lot of items in the World of Warcraft, from armor to weapons to food to vanity items. What I am wondering is, how many of you have a specific lucky item?

The reason I’m wondering this is because for years now I have been carrying around my own lucky Delicious Chocolate Cake. No doubt it is way past it’s expiry date by now, but that’s okay because I don’t ever intend on eating it! You are probably wondering, wth? So I’ll explain!

Sometime in the beginning of the Burning Crusade the Cooking Dailies¬† were introduced. There was a small chance of getting a few uncommon and rare cooking recipes, and I’d managed to collect them all except for the Recipe: Delicious Chocolate Cake. I’ve always been a bit of a completionist when it comes to WoW, and so I tried every day for months in hopes of getting the last recipe I needed to complete my collection.

I was in an active guild back then, and would usually do the dailies with someone else. A certain player had been doing them with me for a couple weeks, and one day before turning in the quest I turned to him and said, “If today is finally the day I get the recipe, I’m going to make Delicious Chocolate Cakes for everyone!”

Sure enough, I got the recipe! Thankfully the mats for the cakes were all vendor items except for Mageroyal and Small Eggs, which were still pretty inexpensive in those days! As promised, I made 10 Delicious Chocolate Cakes, and handed them out to my guild mates before our next raid so they could all have the “Very Happy” buff.

I hadn’t realized that I was one of the 10 players in the group, and that there was still one last cake tucked into my backpack. We were running Karazhan back then, and that night I got myself Light’s Justice (a healing mace) and both of my tier pieces, including my helm from Prince, who we’d never been able to kill before. It certainly was my lucky night, and before I logged off I noticed the left over cake still in my bag. I decided right then that I would keep the cake in my inventory forever, because it was obviously lucky!

Since then, my Delicious Chocolate Cake has brought me some serious luck! I got Mojo the frog pet from Zul’Aman with my first Hex Stick on the very first day Zul’Aman opened. I fished up Mr. Pinchy in under an hour of fishing in Skettis, and he gifted me a Magical Crawdad right away (which is another pet). I am always rolling 100s and winning the loot I want, falling off cliffs and surviving with just 1 hit point, and lots of other things that could just be chance, but I attribute them to my trusty lucky cake! I’ve even lent it out to a very few¬† special people who have needed a bit of luck when they were farming for something, or running a raid in hopes of getting a specific item. Most of the time the lucky cake works for them too!

I know it’s silly, but I think it’s fun having a lucky item, even if it’s maybe only lucky in my head, lol. If any of you have a random lucky item you like to keep with you at all times, leave a comment and tell me about it! I hope I’m not the only one, lol.

As an after note, it did let me down for the fishing relm first, but I forgive it, lol.

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