Looking Back at The Lich King

Posted December 6th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

It is the last day of Wrath of the Lich King, as you all know, and as I go forward into the next expansion with my many level 80 characters, my decent stock of gold, and my deserted friend’s list, I thought I’d take a few moments to look back over my past few years spent in Northrend, and reflect on what I’ve accomplished, and where I’ve failed. (This post was getting way too long, so I decided to cut them all down to point form, lol.)

Accomplishments :
-Learning how to joust and becoming a jousting master!
-Soloing Chillmaw for the first time.
-Learning how to use the Auction House and my professions.
-Getting my main character her Soulforge set.
-Getting Loremaster while it was still a challenge and with no help.
-Going into ICC and killing Lord Marrowgar with my guild.
-Getting my gearscore past 5000 on my priest without being in a guild.
-Getting my Phoenix Hatchling from Magister’s Terrace at last.
-Reaching 100k gold.
-Leveling every profession to at least 425.
-Leveling a character of each class to level 80 (plus an extra Pally and Priest).
-Starting this blog!

Failures :
-Going into Trial of the Crusader with my guild, wiping once and everyone giving up (on the guild, not just the run).
-My guild falling apart after only a few months.
-Not Getting enough mounts for the 100 mount achievement.
-Doing less DPS than the tank in ICC trying to play as an AoE fire mage.
-Letting things be ninja’d from my guild bank.
-Losing touch with all my old WoW friends.
-Making no lasting in-game friendships.

I did okay on my own, and though I’ve accomplished much more through this expansion, I definitely enjoyed myself more thoroughly in the Burning Crusade, mostly just because I had others to enjoy it with!

I think guilds will be out recruiting at full force over the next few weeks, so I’m going to do my best to find something that is a good fit this time, and hopefully that won’t fall apart by Christmas! I’m very excited to attempt the fishing relm first when the servers switch over tomorrow morning, and am in the process of cleaning out everything from my bags to make room! I’ll be sure to do at least a mini post to say whether or not I managed to get it sometime tomorrow, and big thanks to everyone who wished me luck! I’m definitely going to need it!

What are your greatest WotLK accomplishments & failures? What are you going to do first tomorrow when Cataclysm hits? Are you going to a midnight release or downloading it online or waiting until the stores open in the morning? AND AREN’T YOU EXCITED?! Hehe, I am!

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  1. Kreigor

    Just found your blog when looking for info on the Sunflower pet… and of course started reading everything. :)

    I wish you luck with you search for realm first. I was hoping to fight for a first to 85 slot, but work has decided to interfere.

    As for my greatest accomplishments and failures:

    Starting over as a shaman from scratch and making it into a guild to get a top 500 world LK kill,
    Leveling a druid, dunno why, but it was always a pain to do so.

    Getting my rogue his The Insane feat. Hopefully will still be able to work on this in Cata.
    Losing my long time guildmates and friends over stupid drama.

    Im also starting over with RL friends this time for a guild. Fingers crossed for it to work out, and high hopes for you as well. Im pretyy sure Ill be bookmarking this page, so cheers!

  2. Phill

    We have two WOW players in our house one is Horde and the other is Alliance. I must say I am the Horde, but truly thinking of switching sides because of a guild that our alliance side found. It truly is one of the better guilds I have seen. So now I am really thinking of switching just be in this guild to experience the new launch

  3. Rathay

    Alright, well here’s my accomplishments and failures I suppose.

    -Level 3 characters to 80 (probably the biggest one)
    -Did well in PvP for once
    -Got to see Naxx in it’s entirety and finally lead a raid
    -Made it through more than one raid this expansion
    -Get 4800 – 4900~ Gearscore on three characters without a guild ( =D )
    -Always tanking better or doing more dps than people expect out of my gear
    -Being one of the best warriors to tank Halls of Reflection (I mastered that one!)

    -Lose all my guildmates as friends and stay guildless for months
    -Have a completely inactive friend list.
    -Spend a lot of time on a new server leveling another warrior to 75 and then abandoning it because I had no friends there either
    -Fail in PvP again (XD)
    -Trying to reactive my account today and getting stopped by all the re-subs clogging up the site. (It legitimitely ran out like a week ago and I needed to wait till I got paid. =( )

  4. Miss Mediocre

    Kreigor : A top 500 world LK kill is a pretty huge accomplishment! Gratz! As far as I know you’ll still be able to get the insane title, though they have changed it by removing the Sha’tar rep (I think, lol). Hopefully you have better luck playing with RL friends than I’ve had in the past, hehe. They always seem to ditch me as soon as I settle in!

    Thanks for leaving me a comment, and hopefully I hear from you again! 😀

  5. Miss Mediocre

    Phill : I never would of thought a guild would be worth switching factions for, but these days I don’t think I’d be opposed to the idea! It’s nearly impossible to find a decent guild, let alone a truly good one! If they look like they’re in it for the long haul, I’d say go for it! Nothing compares to exploring the beginning of an expansion with a good guild! :)

  6. Miss Mediocre

    Rathay : First off, Frito Chili bowl = amazing! So ty! 😀

    I should add “Never leading a raid” to my failures, lol. I really wanted to, but never got familiar enough with any of them to do so. I didn’t even make it all the way through Naxx!

    That’s crappy that you couldn’t reactivate your account! Did you ever manage to do it?? I’d be freaking out a bit, lol. My internet signal went dead for 3 minutes this morning and I was already looking for the number for my internet provider, lol. There’s no way I’m not getting on WoW tonight!

    Hopefully some of those people re-subing today will become new friends in Cataclysm! 😀

  7. Jason Phelps

    my accomplishments although on the surface do not look that impressive, for me they have sepcial meaning. I’ve been playing WoW for 3 years now and had solo’d the entire thing. Because my playtime is limited most guilds would kick me out after only a few weeks. What changed this year was the fact I was able to get a couple irl friends to join and we created a guild for ourselves. Also helped I started dating a girl who loves and plays WoW even more than i do. Great motivation when your GF beats you to 80, lol.


    leveling two characters to 80 after 3 years of capping at 60.
    Leveling every profession to at least 425 (on one char at least:)
    Getting the “Patient” title for random dungeons.
    Starting and running a guild even if it is 20 chars and 3 RL people.

    not finishing World Explorer before the Cataclysm came.
    not being able to run any raids.
    not completing Loremaster before the changeover

    GL on the next phase of your gaming experience. I hope it goes better than the last.

  8. Karinsky

    Love your blog. I’m got a 64 pally and am lucky to be in a great guild, super supportive and willing to help out a lower guildmate. My biggest failure thusfar is dungeons – I don’t do them because I started late in my level, and when you random, other players expect a 60-something to know what they’re doing. My resolution is to DO MORE DUNGEONS!

  9. Rivs

    More than welcome to join the guild I’m starting on US-Azgalor. The Latency Lowlifes, couple bloggers are in it already. If not just pop on our vent and say hi. Let me know if your down.

    Accomplishments –

    Getting my green proto drake. I hated those eggs with a passion.
    Getting my Hodir rep to exalted, hated that crap too.
    Even though I didn’t kill the Lich King, faced him a few times, which is good enough for me.
    Going to Azgalor server and meeting a whole bunch of new friends.
    Making way more gold then I ever had before

    Failures –
    Not getting more Justice points for my toons.
    Spending too much gold on fluff, and speculations.
    Not killing the Lich King.

  10. Rathay

    Yes! I love that Frito bowl meal thingy. =]

    Umm, I still haven’t reactivated it yet. I haven’t been playing as much because I have a ton of console and handheld games that I’ve had for a year or more and haven’t even touched them.. So I decided to pick some of them back up and beat them. So far, I’ve finished like 2/5 of the games. 😛

    I’ll be trying to re-activate it today as well.. and maybe I can make a Worgen on one of your servers. 😮

  11. Stede

    I guess the end of an expansion really is a great time to look back. I’ve been so caught up in preparing for Cataclysm, that I haven’t stopped to think about this.

    -Downed the Lich King. Only 3 guilds on my side of the server could still run ICC10 when I hit 80 at the end of October. We even had to pug a few slots, but the LK went down on the first lockout.
    -Explored Northrend.
    -Started using add-ons effectively to grow my AH business to 1k+ / day in sales.
    -Made the list of Top Sellers on my side of the server’s homepage at The Undermine Journal.

    -Never seem to have found a guild that’s into leveling alts together.
    -Have never had more than 7k gold liquid between all my toons.
    -Still feel like I’m catching up to everyone in my guild.
    -I oftentimes find myself so preoccupied with the Auction House and making gold and leveling alts for professions that I don’t get to enjoy the game. That’s my single biggest regret, and one that I hope & pray I don’t carry forward into Cataclysm.

  12. Miss Mediocre

    Jason : It’s hard work running a guild! Even one with only 20 people, so I’d say that’s a pretty good accomplishment! That’s awesome that your GF motivates you to play more, hehe. I’m always beating my boyfriend to level cap, but the competition is pretty one-sided because he doesn’t really care, lol.

    And thanks, I think it will go better! /crossfingers

  13. Miss Mediocre

    Karinsky : Pallys definitely became a bit more of a challenge to play since 4.0.1! My main has always been a paladin, and I love them, but it’s been hard for me to get the hang of them post changes, and I’ve been playing them for 5 years, lol. Keep at it, and don’t worry what others think! The best way to get it is to know what abilities you should be using for your spec (you can check maxdps.com for that) and then just go into a dungeon and try it out! Best of luck!

  14. Miss Mediocre

    Rivs : Thanks! I had been reading your posts about Latency Lowlifes actually, so I’ll make a little Goblin over there and let you know!

    I regret not having a chance to at least face the Lich King… It would have been perfect had I actually been able to kill him, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem like something I could have soloed, lol. Perhaps at level 100 I’ll go back and destroy him all by myself, hehe.

  15. Miss Mediocre

    Rathay : Which games have you been playing? I have a few I meant to finish while I was waiting for Cataclysm, but that didn’t happen, lol. You definitely should make a Worgen on one of my servers! Terenas I guess, as that’s my Alliance one! After I’m done fishing tonight I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but I may roll a Worgen as well! :)

  16. Miss Mediocre

    Stede : That’s awesome that you made it into the top sellers on Undermine Journal! I check those for my server every now and then, but am pretty sure I am far from making the list, hehe. I ended up getting pretty preoccupied making gold as well through this expansion, though if I wasn’t, there probably wouldn’t have been much else for me to do in game, lol. I hope you can find a nice alt leveling guild! Leveling alts is one of my favorite things to do in game, and having leveling buddies makes it so much more enjoyable! I miss my leveling buddies, lol.

  17. Rathay

    Umm.. Let’s see…

    Most recently, Final Fantasy 13. I’ve had it for a long time, I just didn’t have much time to ever play it. There’s also Final Fantasy Tactics A2 for the DS. The other two that I can think of off the top of my head are The Legend of Zelda Spirit tracks and the Legend of Zelda Phanton Hourglass. Lots of games I’ve had for a long time but haven’t hardly played.

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