Cataclysm Snow Day!

Posted December 13th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

It seems the raging elements have leaked out of World of Warcraft into the real world, blessing those of us who have been sitting at our computers all weekend with one more day of Cataclysm fun!

I thought today seemed like a good day to just touch on what I’ve been doing in game since last Tuesday morning! I failed to get the Relm First Fishing, as I mentioned in an earlier post, but was so happy to hear that many of you succeeded in getting the achievements on your servers by using my plan! I also managed to make a few thousand gold selling all those fishies, so it was still a decent start to the expansion!

After I was done fishing, I headed out to start my Archaeology! I got to 525 in only a couple days, and got 3 and a half levels doing it, which was a great bonus, as I would have been doing it regardless! I then quested through Uldum, which was the most fun I’ve had questing in ages! I won’t give anything away about the zone, except to say that fellow Indiana Jones fans are going to love it!

I joined up with a few guildies in Vash’ir when I was level 84 to do some of the quests there. It was a nice change questing in a group again (even if I did move a bit too quick for their liking, lol). I leveled to 85 while we were there, and have since been doing some Archaeology, some more questing to help level our guild, which is now at Rank 2, and have started leveling my priest!

I think that so far this is the most I’ve enjoyed the beginning of an expansion! The quest flow is amazing, and totally holds my attention. The new races are interesting. Archaeology is so much fun. Guild leveling seems like it is actually going to help rekindle some of that “community” feeling that had been lost. And I can hardly wait to try my hand at Rated Battlegrounds!

Oh, and I finally bought myself a Hyacinth Macaw!!! Only 8k! I know they are more common now, and might drop even lower in price… but I just couldn’t wait any longer, hehe.

How have you been enjoying Cataclysm so far? Have you already reached level 85? What rank is your guild at?

10 Responses to “Cataclysm Snow Day!”

  1. Moravec

    Nice that you got yourself the Macaw – I’m saving buying one for my 75th pet, just a couple more to go now.

  2. Wow For Dummies

    hey congrats on the Hyacinth Macaw…they are a rare drop and it seems you got it on the lower end of cost. For those wanting to attempt to get one head out to Cape Stranglethorn south of Gurubashi Arena. When you get there you will find a camp of pirates who spawn quickly. No guarentee that it will drop…but who knows?

  3. zecdk

    My very first pet was the macaw. I was very new to wow and had no idea what it was worth or that you could even have pets. I was walking around with it flying beside me when some one whispered, who much did you pay for that. When they told me they sell for X amount of gold on the ah I ask ahhhh what is the ah. Lol

  4. Talenn

    You must live quite close to myself, we had all of the schools close around here this morning as well.

  5. Rathay

    If you don’t know already, I just hit 85 last night and I’m having quite a bit of fun. Except of course our terrible time we had at Crucible of Carnage.. Hoooo boy…

  6. Miss Mediocre

    Moravec : He’s such a pretty bird, hehe. They added so many more pets, so hopefully you’ll have your 75 soon!

  7. Miss Mediocre

    Wow For Dummies : Thanks! They do have an impossibly low drop rate, so yes definitely no guarantee that you’ll be able to farm one of your own, hehe.

  8. Miss Mediocre

    zecdk : Hehe that’s amazing that it was your first pet! So lucky! My first pet was one of the cats from the crazy cat lady in Elwynn. The first guild I was in held a race, and it was one of the prizes for participating! Since then I’ve been pet crazy!

  9. Miss Mediocre

    Talenn : It got pretty bad yesterday! They ended up shutting down everything and closing every road except for the highways. I’m sure glad I didn’t need to be anywhere! Except in Azeroth anyway, lol.

  10. Miss Mediocre

    Rathay : Gratz! I noticed in the Guild News that you’d gotten it! 😀

    Yea that hour in the CoC killed my WoW spirit last night, lol. Not only did we waste an hour of time, not get a thank you and get some pretty big repair bills, we also missed Deathwing’s wrath that hit everything in the zone but the ring! So sad, lol.

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