Deathwing Stood Me Up…

Posted December 14th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

I’d been waiting anxiously for the servers to come back up today, as I made a tiny fortune last night by picking Whiptail along the river in Uldum as suggested in a post over on Just My Two Copper, and wanted to get a head start today before everyone else with the same idea got online.

I got on as soon as my server came online, and headed through the portal to the Caverns of Time with my Herbalist rogue on my way to Uldum. As soon as I zoned into Tanaris I noticed the sky was red! A few of my guildies have gotten the “Stood in the Fire” achievement, so I knew this to be a sign of Deathwing’s imminent arrival in the zone. I quickly logged off my rogue in hopes of getting my Paladin main to the zone in time to jump into some of Deathwing’s flames!

It took me a few minutes to make it from Stormwind to Tanaris, but I was happy to see the sky was still red when I finally arrived. I stood outside the Gates of Gadgetzan and waited as smoke and ash flew around me. I even got out my Lil’Deathwing so he could see his dragon daddy before we burst into flames. I waited, and waited. Eventually a fellow Paladin rode up and asked me if I’d seen Deathwing. I said I hadn’t yet, but that he should be arriving shortly, so we stood together for a while and she showed me all her mounts.

After a little while longer, the Pally decided to go about her business. I went back into Gadgetzan and plopped myself down on the roof of the old Inn. I was sure as soon as I logged off to get back to picking herbs, Deathwing would appear and I’d miss the achievement on my main. So I sat there and sat there, but nothing happened. I felt like someone out of that movie Independence Day having a little party on the roof waiting for Aliens to show up and kill me, lol.

I waited in Tanaris for a whole hour! But Deathwing never showed up. The sky is still dark and red, and there’s still smoke and ash flying around, but no sign of Deathwing. I’m wondering if maybe he opened his big metal mouth to blast Tanaris with his flamey breath, but choked and is now laying dead out there somewhere in the desert…  Or maybe it just got screwed up when the servers came back online.

I hope I can manage to get the achievement soon! I’ve arrived in zones that have just been hit a few times, and was actually in Twilight Highlands yesterday when he showed up, but you don’t die or get the achievement if you’re in the Crucible of Carnage, which is where I was.

Have you been killed by Deathwing yet? Where were you when it happened?

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Miss Mediocre <3

6 Responses to “Deathwing Stood Me Up…”

  1. QuietKjun

    I keep waiting to see Daethwing, but I havent had it happen yet on any of my characters. I am currently spending a lot of time working on Archaeology and not questing in the new zones. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with seeing him or feeling his wrath. I have run through Uldum and Twilight Highlands on 11 toons maxing out their herbalism or mining, but no Deathwing there either. :-(

  2. Miss Mediocre

    QuietKjun : Apparently it’s just totally random where he shows up, and he can show up in almost any zone, not just the new ones. I know guildies have encountered him so far in The Blasted Lands, Tanaris and Twilight Highlands. Hopefully we’ll both get to see him soon while we’re out digging! hehe :)

  3. Ceyla

    I’ve seen him twice, on my main, once in Winterspring and once in Tanaris (tonight!) Both times I was behind him and I could not keep up with my fast flying mount.

    Meanwhile, a guildie, who’d been gone for a year and had returned the week before Cat, was standing in Southern Barrens, not paying attention, on her little rogue. She looked up when she heard the achievement sound to see herself dead in a field of flames.

    So she got the achievement first in our guild. Figures, she’s one for dying. :)

  4. Miss Mediocre

    Ceyla : Lol, I’ve heard a lot of people get the achievement when they aren’t paying attention or are minimized or afk! Perhaps that’s the trick! :)

  5. Emily

    I’d been trying to get it since 4.0.3a hit, doing old quests and then farming herbs once Cata hit. Seemed like everyone in my guild was getting it but me, and usually when they were AFK or minimized. I was on my alt the other day farming ore, when I saw a guildie get it in the Blasted Lands. I quickly logged onto my main, hearthed to Twilight Highlands, took the portal to SW, flew to Blasted Lands as fast as my little birdie wings could take me, and then proceeded to run along the ground through every spec of fire I could see. It didn’t work for about 5 minutes, but I guess eventually I found fire that was fresh enough and it worked!
    I feel like I cheated but also feel like I earned it a little more. And committed “suicide” for an achievement. Oh WoW.

  6. Miss Mediocre

    Emily : That’s awesome that you got it! I’ve arrived in zones that are on fire, and have tried running through the flames, but they never work. Next time I come across a burning zone I’ll try more of the fire before giving up! I didn’t realize that some could still kill you even when the first bit you try doesn’t! 😀

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