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Posted December 15th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

It’s so exciting that so many Worgen and Goblin are about to experience their very first Winter Veil! Hopefully Great Father Winter leaves them something extra special under the big Ironforge / Orgrimmar tree! If you’re fretting because you can’t open presents yet, don’t worry! Some years Great Father Winter makes us actually wait until Winter Veil Eve to do so! Also you’ll be able to open gifts depending on how high a level you are, so if there are some you can’t get, that is probably why!

For those of you going after the “Merry Maker” title this holiday season, I’ve put together a little guide to help you finish up all the achievements! You should be able to finish off these achievements this year as long as you are above level 30 to get the appropriate quests and willing to spend a bit of gold if you’re not terribly lucky.

A Frosty Shake / Simply Abominable :

Try to get this done as quick as possible to stay ahead of the crowds! For this achievement you will need a Winter Veil Disguise Kit. You get this in the mail after completing the Stolen Winter Veil Treats quest line which starts near the Winter Veil tree. You head to the mountains in Hillsbrad Foothills to meet up with a Strange Snowman, who will ask you to retrieve the stolen treats from the Abominable Greench. He can be hard to tag when a lot of people are trying to complete this quest, but make yourself a “/tar Abom” macro and make sure you check along the cliff edge to the west of the cave entrance, because occasionally he spawns along there where not many players check! Once you kill him and turn in the quest for the Simply Abominable achievement and you will get the Winter Veil Disguise Kit in the mail. Head to Dalaran and dance with a fellow snowman for the Frosty Shake achievement.

Winter Viel Gourmet :

For this achievement you will have to use the cooking skill to create Gingerbread Cookies, Eggnog and Hot Apple Cider. These recipes can be purchased from the Smokeywood Pastures vendors near the Winter Veil Trees for both Horde and Alliance. I suggest getting this achievement done early as well, as the Small Eggs skyrocket in price as they holiday progresses! To create all three you will need :
Small Egg x 2 (Auction House)
Ice Cold Milk (Inn Keepers)
Holiday Spices x 2 (Holiday Vendors)
Holiday Spirits (Holiday Vendors)
Sparkling Apple Cider (Holiday Vendors)

On Metzen :

For this achievement you just have to complete a quick questline. Alliance can pick up the quest from Wulmort Jinglepocket in Ironforge and the Horde can get the quest from Kaymard Copperpinch in Orgrimmar, both of which are by the Winterveil Trees. The quest is called, “Metzen the Reindeer” and you are sent to find and rescue Metzen who is being held captive in The Searing Gorge for Alliance and Tanaris for the Horde. When you turn in the quest, you will get the achievement along with 5 Preserved Holly, one of which you will need for a later achievement! You’ll also get a package in the mail with 20 Graccu’s Mince Meat Fruitcakes, which you will also need later.

Scrooge :

For this achievement you will need a snowball. You can find them from the holiday vendors, certain Engineers can make them, or you can get one from the Auction House. Then head into the throne room of Ironforge if you’re Alliance and throw it at Muradin Bronzebeard, or head to Thunderbluff if you’re Horde to throw it at Baine Bloodhoof.

‘Tis The Season :

For this achievement you will need to get yourself a set of Red or Green Winter Clothes, which are crafted by tailors, and shouldn’t be too expensive in the Auction House. You will then need a pair of Winter Boots, which are crafted by leather workers and should also be easy to find in the Auction House. To complete your Winter Garb you will have to find a Red or Green Winter Hat. In WotLK these drop from Grand Magus Telestra in The Nexus and Jedoga Shadowseeker in Ahn’kahet, but we could see them from some of the new Cataclysm instances this year as well! The hats also have a small chance of dropping off any mob in the game, so if you can’t make it into the instances, be prepared to farm a lot of mobs! Finally you’ll need to eat Graccu’s Mince Meat Fruitcake, which you get in the mail after completing the Metzen the Reindeer quest.

Let It Snow :

For this achievement you will need 10 “Handful of Snowflakes”. You get these by doing the /kiss emote at a Winter Reliever once an hour. They are not BoP, so you can collect them on your alts to give to the character that is going after the achievement. You should also collect 8 mistletoe for Alliance or 3 mistletoe for Horde the same way for a later achievement. I’d suggest heading to Dalaran to get all of your opposite faction’s races. You will need to throw the “Handful of Snowflakes” at the following Race/Class combos :
Orc Deathknight, Tauren Shaman, Undead Rogue, Gnome Mage, Blood Elf Warlock, Human Warrior, Night Elf Driud, Troll Hunter, Dwarf Paladin, Draenei Priest.

Fa-La-La-La-Ogri-La :

For this achievement you will need one of your Preserved Holly from the Metzen the Reindeer quest. Fly out to Ogril’la in Blades Edge Mountains in Outland at (27,52), just west of Sylvanaar. If you’ve already completed the questlines here, just accept the “Bomb Them Again” quest from Sky Sargent Vanderlip and use your Preserved Holly before turning it in. If you have never quested here, follow these steps to open up the daily quest!

1. Speak to Chu’a’lor in Ogril’la and get the quest called The Crystals. The 5 Apex Shards needed can drop from any creature in the area, but you can also find clickable shard clusters around the flayers. Gather 5 of these shard, plus an extra 10 that you will need for the next quest, then turn it in.
2. Accept the quest called “Our Boy Wants To Be A Skyguard Ranger” from Torkus (who is beside Chu’a’lor). Take the 10 shards you have left over from the previous quest north to (33,39) where you will see a Fel Crystal Forge. Put in the 10 shards to get a Unstable Flask of the Beast. Turn the flask into Torkus and then accept the quest that opens up from Chu’a’lor called “The Skyguard Outpost”.
3. Turn this into Sky Commander Keller just a little ways north of Orgri’la, and you should see a quest become available from Sky Sargent Vanderlip called Bombing Run. Take the Skyguard bombs provided and fly to either the northern or southern Forge Camps and drop the bombs on the red arrows. Watch out for the cannons by keeping in motion, otherwise they will damage and dismount you.
4. When you complete this quest and turn it in, then “Bomb Them Again” will open up. Do the same thing for this quest, but make sure you use your holly on your mount before you turn it in, otherwise you’ll have to do it again the next day!

Bros Before Ho Ho Ho’s :

For this achievement you will need the 8 mistletoe if you’re Alliance or 3 mistletoe if you’re Horde. I mentioned collecting these earlier by doing the /kiss emote at a Winter Reliever. You use the mistletoe on the following “brother” NPCs for the achievement.
Alliance :
Brother Kristoff in the Stormwind Cathedral
Brother Joshua in the Stormwind Cathedral
Brother Cassius in the Stormwind Cathedral
Brother Benjamin in the Stormwind Cathedral
Brother Crowley in the basement of the Stormwind Cathedral
Brother Wilhelm behind the Blacksmith in Goldshire
Brother Nimetz at the Rebel Camp in Northern Stranglethorn Vale
Brother Karman located next to the training dummies in Theramore

Horde :
Brother Malach in the War Quarter of the Undercity
Brother Keltan on the Orgrim’s Hammer in Icecrown
Durkot Wolfbrother in the stables in Warsong Hold, Borean Tundra

With A Little Helper From My Friends :

For the With A Little Helper achievement you must get 50 honor kills while disguised as a Little Helper. You will find the Winter Wondervolt machine by the flight master in Stormwind or by the zeppelin towers in Undercity and stepping into them changes you into a Winter Helper. Then head into some Battle Grounds and get yourself some honor kills! This can be difficult because when you die, you lose the costume, so be prepared to que for a few!

He Knows If You’ve Been Naughty :

You get the He Knows If You’ve Been Naughty achievement just for opening a Winter Veil present.

I wish you all a very merry and loot filled Winter Veil, and hope that this helps some of you get those Achievements done for the Merry Maker title!

Thanks for Reading!
Miss Mediocre <3

6 Responses to “Winter Veil Achievement Guide”

  1. Indy

    Note that the Ogri’la bombing run quest requires a questline to be completed that was moderately tough 5 man group encounters at 70. Not so bad now, except one of the bosses required people to stand just so to summon, so unless it’s been changed it’s not soloable.

    Also looks like they’ve changed things, as I recall when it came out the pvp achievement required getting kills while under a winter’s helper disguise; easily gotten in major cities, but it went away after death… a major pain. Part of the reason I ended up hating holidays in the process of getting the ‘Long Strange Trip’ meta achievement… the 5000g flight cost is trivial compared to the pain of what was required.

  2. Miss Mediocre

    Indy : Thanks for reminding me that the daily takes a chain to open up! When I did this my character was already exalted with Ogri’la, so I didn’t have to worry about it! They have changed it now for people just heading out there for the achievement though, and thankfully you no longer have to complete a group quest! I’ve updated my post with detailed instructions. :)

    They also didn’t change the With A Little Helper achievement! I was in a bit of a rush to finish the guide for this morning, having put it off until last night to start because I’ve been playing Cataclysm too much and misread the achievement… lol. You do still need to be disguised as a little helper for the 50 honor kills, which yes, is a huge pain in battlegrounds! I’m in the process of editing that part of the post now!

    Thanks for pointing these things out! 😀

  3. Indy

    You’re welcome… now that you’ve mentioned it, I seem to recall a patch note some time back about the change to Ogri’la quests. Might have been last year, for the Winter Veil achievement season then.

    The long(ish) group quest chain made sense when that was endgame content, not so much these days. Ogri-la was one of the first additions of daily quests, actually. (Hmmm… and now you’ve reminded me, maybe sometime I can get out there and try for the timed bombing run again, but with a 310% mount and the guild 10% mounted speed bonus…)

    But… so much leather to get, and current reputations; and 510 leatherworking is being a real pain, I’ve made half a dozen blue cloaks and though it’s a yellow skill, NO SKILLUP YET!! Sigh.

  4. Miss Mediocre

    Indy : I’ve been meaning to go back and try for that achievement again too! But yes… Cataclysm = busy…

  5. shizzlenitts

    Very informative thanks.

    Good to see beautiful women play wow too…….now if only i couyld find one.

  6. Miss Mediocre

    shizzlenitts : 😀 Maybe you just need a lucky cake! hehe

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