My Archaeology Adventures

Posted December 16th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

As I have perhaps hinted at since the release of Cataclysm, I am in love with Archaeology! Just yesterday I finally got the “Associate Professor” title, and am already on my way toward the next achievement! I got the Associate Professor title for finding 10 rare relics, so I thought I’d do a quick review of all the rares I’ve discovered so far and rate them out of 10 “shovels” based on how cool I think they are. I’ll add more to the list as I find more.

Highborne Soul Mirror (Night Elf) : I think this one has been my greatest disappointment so far. It probably wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t been imagining all the wonderful things this mirror could do before actually seeing what it does. I was thinking that maybe it was an item that you could use to change your hairstyle whenever you wanted, but I was way off. This mirror makes a spectral version of yourself, that stands in one place and spins to face you wherever you move. It won’t interact with you in any way if you try a /emote at it, and fades away after a few seconds.

Druid and Priest Statue Set (Night Elf) : This was another relic I was imagining great things for as I was collecting the fragments, like having a tiny Druid and tiny Priest run around you for a few seconds, perhaps even giving you a Fortitude and Mark of the Wild buff! Even once I’d completed it and read the “Use : Summon a Fountain of Knowledge. (15 Min Cooldown)” I was excited, thinking the Fountain of Knowledge would be some epic thing! What it actually does is shine a beam of light down on you, cooler than, but fairly similar to an Elune Stone. The effect is at least big enough to get people’s attention, but I just think it could have been so much more!

Arrival of the Naaru (Draenei) : Most of the disappointment I had with this relic was my own fault. I’d been playing for hours and misread the name of the relic as Anvil of the Naaru! I thought it would surely be an anvil that you could put down and use wherever you wanted, but alas it was not to be. What this relic actually does is show three tiny Draenei walk up to an A’dal (from Shattrath) figure. Then it all disappears. It happens in only a few seconds, and the only really cool thing about it is how cute the tiny Draenei are.

Kaldorei Wind Chimes (Night Elf) : This is one of the most recent rare relics I found, so I kept my speculation in check as I was collecting the fragments to make it! I am of course a fan of weird vanity items, and l loved the Titanium Seal of Dalaran that was rewarded for fishing all the coins out of the Dalaran Fountain. This relic is similar in that it does an emote when you use it; “Lauriella holds her Kaldorei Wind Chimes to the wind” and actually makes a little wind chime noise, which is great! 

Chalice of the Mountain Kings (Dwarven) : To be fair, I haven’t actually found this relic yet myself, but my brother did and so I’ve seen what it does. When it first popped up as something for him to solve, we guessed that it would probably be some kind of never-ending alcohol, but we were way off. It says, “Use : Witness a historic sword dance” and when you use it, four little Dwarven women pop out and start dancing in a circle. It’s adorable and really entertaining!

Wisp Amulet (Night Elf) : For this relic it wasn’t too hard to guess what it might do. It does in fact turn you into a Wisp, which is fun, but it changes your character name to “Wisp” while you’re transformed too! Though I’m sure most people see me bouncing around as a Wisp and just assume I had a wand left over from Hallow’s End, but I still really enjoy this relic! It only lasts for 20 seconds, and the transformation is removed if you do anything other than jump or walk around.

Clockwork Gnome (Dwarven) : I am crazy for pets, so when I saw this guy pop up I was so excited to finish him! He’s a very cute little mechanical gnome companion, and the only complaint I have about him is just that I find him a bit too small. He tends to get lost in short grass and falls into the cracks in the sidewalk. Not really, but he is pretty tiny!

Fossilized Hatchling (Fossil) : This is another pet that I recognized right away and then rushed to solve. Despite the fact that he’s a skeleton, he’s so cute! I call him Baby Fossil Tooth, and can’t help but smile as he scurries along after me when I’m riding around on my Fossilized Raptor mount, lol.

Bones of Transformation (Night Elf) : I had no idea what this relic was going to do as I was collecting the fragments to solve it. I must say I was excited when I read “Use : Endure the transformation for 20 seconds” and quickly used the item! To my surprise it turned me into a big male Naga! I can’t do anything as a Naga other than slither around and bounce, but it changes my name to Naz’Jar Honor Guard, which is pretty cool! It doesn’t provide any underwater bonus like water breathing or an increase to swim speed, which is the only disappointing thing.

Queen Azshara’s Dressing Gown (Night Elf) : I had read the name of this relic when I did my Archaeology guide post, and had been hoping to find it ever since! It finally popped up last night, so I collected the fragments, hoping it was actually something I could wear. Sure enough, it’s a BoA Robe! I was SO excited for the first few minutes, even though it wasn’t quite as pretty as I was hoping, until I noticed it’s only a level 60 BoA! Unfortunately 9/10 of my characters on that server are already at level 80, and the robe doesn’t offer any bonus to experience like my heirloom robe, so I won’t get much use out of it.

Fossilized Raptor (Fossil) : I had been hoping to find the Fossilized Hatchling when this popped up for me to solve. It is a pretty awesome mount, and makes some great sounds, but I only wish he could fly! I realize that would be a bit far-fetched and all, but I just don’t get an opportunity to ride him very often without just looking like I’m showing him off, lol.

Tyrande’s Favorite Doll (Night Elf) : I found this relic last night. The whole time I was collecting fragments for it, I was thinking it was likely a little doll you could set on the ground similar to those you can buy from the Toy Shop in Dalaran. Was I ever surprised when I finished it and realized it was actually an epic BoA level 85 trinket! Needless to say, it’s pretty awesome!

What has been your favorite relic so far??

12 Responses to “My Archaeology Adventures”

  1. Jennifer

    Hey, there! I’ve been afraid to ask this before, but since ou seem so knowledgeable hopefully you won’t mind my rather noobish question!

    I just started archeology on my achievement toon, so I’m rather behind the times. I’ve figured out most of it, but what I haven’t yet figured out is… if I get the shards/tokens/pieces/whatevertheyarecalled at digsites, where or when do I get the actual puzzles that people are talking about? Does it happen randomly whenever I finish a previous puzzle? I’m a little lost as to how that works. Please excuse my noobishness!

  2. Miss Mediocre

    Jennifer : Hello! We’re all really Archaeology noobs still, hehe, so don’t feel bad! The puzzles you get to work on are completely random, and they do only show up once you’ve completed the puzzle you are currently working on. This means it could be a long time before you get access to one of the rares, or it could be your next puzzle! There’s definitely a lot of luck involved with this profession.

    I hope that answers your question! :)

  3. Jason

    Jennifer, look at the item you’re currently making. At the bottom, there may be slots that you can click to add a shard. You can only add the shard/shards if it completes the item. Don’t worry, I took a while to figure that one out myself!

    Great write-up on your Archaeology experience Miss Mediocre, I’m having a ton of fun with it myself! Only at 410 skill so far, but I’m getting up there slowly. I’m working on a Vyrkul rare right now, the Nifflevar Bearded Axe. Sounds like a BoA weapon!

  4. Jason

    Oh whoops! Reading comprehension out the window on that one, maybe my info will help anyway! =P

  5. Miss Mediocre

    Jason : Oh that’s exciting! That does sound like a BoA! 😀 Good luck!

  6. Jennifer

    LOL Thank you both so much – I kept trying to figure out if it was an item that was supposed to drop. 😀 Thank you!

  7. Damerack

    Over the weekend I reached 525, got the Chimes, and the axe. yes, the Nifflevar Bearded Axe is BoA it’s a nice one handed epic, but no good for my main. I’m probably about 10 solves from getting the 100 solves attchement on my quest to find the scimitar… Wholly Cow, it’s taking long time, but I did get a canopic jar, so hopefully it will reveal the scimitar pattern. If your like me and just really want the Scimitar. As soon as you get a dig site for the Tolvir stay in Kalimador, because Tol’vir is the race that drops the scimitar, and you need to keep digging in other sites in Kalimador to open more digs in Tol’vir. Don’t know if it’s helping, but I now have Chocolate cake in my bag too. 😉

  8. Miss Mediocre

    Damerack : That’s awesome that you’re so close to 100 solved! I was only doing dig sites in Kalimdor, but those Tol’vir ones are so rare I’ve more or less given up. I’m now trying to find the Troll BoA! I hope the chocolate cake brings you lots of luck!!! 😀

  9. Ramund

    There we go, first BoA epic for my warrior!
    *Flexes his Destroyer of worlds* 😛
    Awesome guides btw Miss, been a biiiig help during these andventures 😉

  10. Miss Mediocre

    Remund : I’m jealous! The Destroyer of Worlds is definitely one of the coolest Archaeology items, and I just can’t seem to find it! And for your first BoA epic! Soooo lucky…

  11. Ramund

    Honestly i was going for the Dwarven staff, playing a warlock, so it would be nice to make that sweet staff a part of the collection, and was like, wtf when i got the sword, so now i’m lvl’ing my warrior, don’t wanna waste such a sweet item 😉

  12. Miss Mediocre

    Ramund : Yes it would be sad to not get any use out of such an awesome sword! A warrior is a good choice! :)

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