Turn Silvers Into Gold! It’s The Magic of Winter Veil!

Posted December 17th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

I was just doing a bit of research on my own server, and I thought I’d share what I found for those of you who are still struggling to make gold, or have perhaps just started out on a new server!

I’m not kidding about the title of this post either, all you need to see some decent profit is 4 silver!

First head to Orgimmar if you’re Horde and talk to Penny Copperpinch by the Winter Veil tree or Ironforge if you’re Alliance and talk to Wulmort Jinglesproket by the Ironforge Winter Veil tree, to buy the following :

Snowball (Stack of 5) – 10 copper
Holiday Spices (Stack of 5) – 10 copper
Recipe : Gingerbread Cookies – 25 copper
Recipe : Egg Nog – 2 silver 40 copper

Then head to the nearest Inn Keeper (you can ask a guard to point you in the right direction if you’re not sure where to find one) and buy :

Ice Cold Milk (Stack of 5) – 1 silver

Finally, head over to the Auction House (again, you can ask a guard if you’re having trouble finding it). You’ll want to check to see if there’s anyone else selling these items on your server, and price yours below theirs and in stacks of 1. Don’t be afraid to make the prices high if there aren’t any already posted! The prices on my server are as follows :

Snowball – 2g each
Holiday Spices – 1g each
Recipe : Gingerbread Cookies – 20g
Recipe : Egg Nog – 20g
Ice Cold Milk – 1g each

When you find out what sells the best on your server, keep posting them as much as you can before the end of Winter Veil! The profits aren’t really worth it for the players who have been bringing in 50k selling herbs, but making those first few gold on a new server can be a real pain, and this way is as painless as it gets! All these items are required by anyone going after the “Merry Maker” title, and not everyone thinks to check the vendors. With any luck, some of you who are running around out there with mere silvers, can soon be filling your pockets with some Winter Veil gold!

Miss Mediocre <3

3 Responses to “Turn Silvers Into Gold! It’s The Magic of Winter Veil!”

  1. Ramund

    Nice well thought idea :)
    In case you need help putting a price on your stuff for AH, the auctionater addon is highly recommended :)

  2. Miss Mediocre

    Ramund : I do love Auctionater, though I usually only use it for canceling auctions, not pricing. I use both Auctioneer and Auctionator at the same time, lol so I use the Auctioneer for pricing. I could probably get away with just one or the other, but I’m picky about addons, and there are features of each that I find useful!

  3. Ramund

    Started out with Auctioneer myself, but just never got the hang of it, it probably contained too many features 😛
    So i went over to Auctionator, simple and got what i need.
    Now i don’t understand i’ve been able to post on the Auction house without 😛

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