Tip For Leveling From 75 to 85

Posted December 21st, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

I’ve started using these on my many level 80 characters to cut down the time it takes to level to 85. It seems a lot of people may not have stumbled across these yet, so I thought I’d mention them!

Adventurer’s Journals are made by level 460 scribes. They only take one Blackfallow Ink and 4 Resilient Parchment to make, so they are usually priced reasonably in the Auction House. They can be used by anyone level 75 and up and have a 4 hour cool down. They give 1 out of 6 possible buffs that each last for an hour. The possible buffs are :

15% extra damage to beasts.
15% extra damage to humanoids.
15% extra damage to dragonkin.
15% extra movement speed.
Chance to heal yourself when you damage an enemy.
Quest experience gained increased by 10% (the one I always hope to get).

Though the first three buffs aren’t that useful, the chance at getting that bonus 10% quest experience is definitely worth the 10g you’re likely to pay for the book, considering you’ll make that gold back after only one or two quests!

Hope this helps get a few of you to the new level cap a little quicker! Have you discovered any similar items that are great to have with you while you’re leveling?

Happy Questing!
Miss Mediocre <3

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