Tol Barad Madness

Posted December 27th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

I’m back! The holidays are winding down and I’ve finally had a chance to answer my comments and e-mails and actually write a post, yaay!

I have two level 85 characters now, a Paladin and a Priest. The Alliance (which is what I play), has possession of Tol Barad fairly often, so I usually have the chance to complete the extra 6 Tol Barad dailies on both of my characters. At first I attempted to do a few of the dailies on my own, and I died, which is a very uncommon occurrence for me when I’m playing a class that can heal. The spawn rates for mobs in any of the Cell Blocks are too much for anyone to handle on their own though, unless you can stealth I imagine.

I’ve started doing my dailies with 1 to 2 other people now, but yesterday while collecting Cursed Shackles from D-Block for the “Cursed Shackles” daily, my shaman partner and I both met our untimely demise! Having played a Paladin for 5 years or so, I’m usually unmatched when it comes to pally survivability in PvE, even with all the Paladin changes, but I popped bubbles and cooldowns and lay on hands and everything I could think of, and it still wasn’t enough.

When we got back to our corpses, we counted 16 dead mobs and the final three live ones that had finished us off. These had all chain spawned on us, 2 to 4 at a time, which is how we got overwhelmed. Of course there were about six other players who happily ran by us as we fought for our lives against the impossible odds, without offering any aid, but regardless it seems to me that the spawn rates in the Cell Blocks need some serious nerfage!

This was one of the only times I died on my Paladin doing the dailies, but the Shaman I was with died another time that day in the Cell Block and it usually takes a good 25 to 35 minutes to fight through the constant respawn wall of mobs down there, even with two people! The shaman even commented that the quests in the Cell Block felt like a day at work because of all of the crazy mob respawns, and I agree. It’s not fun at all fighting off three mobs only to have three more spawn on your before you can move or take a drink to get some mana! A lot of crowd control only works with a few seconds of prep, after that there are dots and things are in combat and people are hitting what they shouldn’t, so it really would be better even if there were more mobs to fight through, but they spawned at more of a manageable rate!

Other than the horrible Cell Blocks, I have been loving the Tol Barad and Tol Barad Peninsula dailies. I get around 200g for each character I do them with, and can already afford to get myself the Rustberg Seagull pet for 50 Tol Barad Commendations, though I am considering saving up for the mount first…

What I’m wondering is if anyone else has been having issues with the spawn rates in the Cell Blocks? It does seem to be worse when there are more players in the zone, but I don’t know if that can effect spawn rates or not? I have more trouble down there than I do fighting Problim, and killing him is a 3-man quest!

So far Tol Barad and the Thieving Pluckers quest in Uldum are the only dailies I actually finish every day. I do the Jewelcrafting daily on my Jewelcrafter, and the Cooking daily on my Cook, but other than that I haven’t really found any worth doing. Now that I’m maxed Fishing, and have all the rares the Bag of Shiny Things can drop, even the Fishing daily seems like a bit of a waste. I’m wondering if there’s another zone of dailies I’m missing, or if more open up somewhere when I get a higher rep, because it seems to me that there should be more! Do you finish 25 dailies every day??

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  1. Nigell

    I agree that the cell blocks are ridiculous. I just avoid them playing as a frost mage. But the others there are more fun or at least can be accomplished. Love the sinking the little boats, etc.

  2. Michael

    I generally do 21 dailies each day, although I have now maxed out Therazane in Deepholm, so that’s 7 less I need to do. There are also five Dragonmaw dailies in Twilight Highlands. (Not sure what the Alliance counterpart is.)

    I guess I need to read up more, regarding the TB dailies… there are extra dailies you can do when your faction is in control? Horde finally had control when I did dailies yesterday, but there were only the six I was doing before. They change each day, so there are more than six total, but I didn’t notice there were additional that I could have been doing. I’m also not familiar with the Cell Block area, although I’ve definitely experienced the same frustration with the instant respawns. Hoping that gets nerfed a bit soon!

  3. Indy

    The Horde almost always controls it on my server (where I’m Alliance…) Note that Blizzard has just confirmed that they believe it favors defense too much (thus the 10x increase in honor for winning as attackers in the recent hotfix – which is not a fix, but something they can do while waiting for it to be patched).

    On the mob spawns, as I recall it was back when BC came out that they started linking the spawn rate to player population. It isn’t without drawbacks, as you can see, but the ‘overcamped’ syndrome of too many players and not enough spawns is arguably a worse situation.

    On dailies, I tend to do them for the rep; so I’m hitting Wildhammer every day — at least until today, when I should hit revered. Dailies are a good source of cash, as you note.

  4. Goldpaw

    The D-Block is pretty much the Death-Block if you move too far in. As far as I know, spawn rates in both WotLK and Cataclysm are so called “reactive”, meaning the more you kill, the more will spawn.

    Even with my stealthing (feral druid) and shadowmeld and tons of get-out-of-jail-free buttons (no pun intended), I’ll still die if I find myself too far in and alone.

    Luckily, the spawn rates are high enough to get what you need from the first room. In both cell blocks. Books, shackles, mobs, you name it. The “named” ones are worse. But then again, killing named mobs in the cell blocks is very much a joke. We were around 30 people standing in line to get the kills today. Most of us were in full parties, still it took us 15 minutes to manage to tag that archmage first.


    It’s not unusual that I skip the most crazy dailies in there. Anything with a named mob I usually drop, unless I’m one of the first in and manage to get it that way.

  5. Miss Mediocre

    Nigell : Hehe, Yes I have a lot of fun sinking the boats as well!

  6. Miss Mediocre

    Michael : You do get extra dailies when your faction is in control, but they are across the big bridge from the zone the regular dailies are in, where the actual battle for tb happens! This is where the horrible cell blocks are, lol.

  7. Miss Mediocre

    Indy : Yes waiting around for mobs to spawn is a bit of a pain, but I wish they’d regulate the spawn rate at least, lol. It’s just crazy right now, as soon as something dies, it respawns along with a buddy, lol. How are the Wildhammer ones? I haven’t tried those yet.

  8. Miss Mediocre

    Goldpaw : I find it so hard to skip over any dailies, lol. If WoW gives me a quest and tells me it doesn’t require a group, I’ll throw my toon at it until I’m in tears sometimes, lol. I’ve found a way to die a bit less in the Cell blocks thankfully, by just standing by the “named” mob and collecting any of the items you have to pick up that spawn there, because no regular mobs spawn in the same room as the “named” guy and usually the “named” guy is dead or being killed, so he doesn’t get in the way. Then I retreat to the entrance and kill the mobs that spawn there, lol. It’s still messy, and I still die, but not as often now! 😀

  9. Indy

    The wildhammer ones are ok, though there’s the limited spawn problem with the ale cask daily. It also makes you drunk, although I’ve experimented with Starfire Expresso to counter that… (not sure, does seem to help). One is an escort quest that’s actually not a problem. When you talk to the fellow out in the field, it spawns your own npc group and the path they follow doesn’t have random hostile spawns… only the ones that spawn specifically for the quest.

  10. The Magette

    The prison, D-block, the “hole” – the cluster of three dailies that requires you to go underground into one of those zones is a true nightmare. I know what you mean about throwing yourself at them until you’re almost in tears – I get so frustrated I get guildies pitying me from all the cursing and swearing in guild chat that they will come out sometimes to assist me.
    Sometimes one of our DK tanks will come and he and I have been following a formula together – we push aggressively towards Warden Silva or Archmage Galus or whoever the “special” person at the end is, I pop a time warp and kill him on top of any creatures we’ve collected on the way. Then we go to the worst place down there – an intersection or smack dab in the middle of the hallway, and drag anything that spawns into his DnD. I lay a frost circle on top of his DnD, and we collect our items quickly. Then one of us screams, “I’m done! I’m done! Porkchop sandwiches, gtfo!” and he pops army, I throw down a final frost nova, and we run up the stairs like scared children. I love the sight of the big bad blood DK and the frost mage, emerging from the gate in a hail of ice and blood worms, both of us spamming our mount up keybinds, haha.

  11. Miss Mediocre

    Indy : I like that with some escorts it spawns your own mob now instead of having for wait for others to finish it! They get kind of buggy if you’re doing it while in a group sometimes though I find. I’ve yet to make it to Twilight Highlands for dailies, but hopefully I will soon!

  12. Miss Mediocre

    The Magette : Hahaha, that’s awesome! It is pretty funny running for your life from the cell blocks, as long as you don’t die on the way out anyway, then it’s sad. It sounds like you guys have a good little set up down there, and one that would be fun to watch, lol.

  13. Nigell

    I probably should have mentioned before that as long as you are in Uldum, you could finish the second daily there. It’s north up the river where you use a catapult to bomb infantrymen. You’ve probably done the quest in your travels but it wasn’t really advertised as a daily. Takes about 3 min to complete and gives a bit of rep. And you get a chance for an Achievement helping the bomber by killing 10 with one shot (sort of random but nice when you get it). If the servers weren’t down right now I’d give more detail.

  14. Miss Mediocre

    Nigell : I did know about this one, but for some reason I was thinking it didn’t give any rep! I’ll have to check it out again. I do already have the achievement, I managed to get it when I was first doing the quest, hehe. :) Ty!

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