Hell Hath No Fury…

Posted January 17th, 2011 by Miss Mediocre

Whenever I have some free WoW time, I have been doing some quests on my latest character Fuchsia, the pink haired Deathknight. I have been playing her with my brother’s Deathknight and lately while questing in Hellfire something funny happened that I wanted to share.

We were doing some of the quests north of Thrallmar to kill cannons and things when this Orc Shaman ran up and /slapped me. I hadn’t stolen any kills from him and didn’t recognize his name as someone I may know, so I /questioned his actions. He then /spit on me, so my brother followed him around making rude gestures until he eventually flew away. I figured he was probably just one of those players who really gets into the whole Alliance vs Horde thing and shrugged it off, but hoped that maybe someday I would meet him again in a PvP setting, and be able to teach him a lesson.

A few hours later we picked up the quest to capture the 3 Hellfire PvP spots. It was the middle of the night so we figured we’d probably be safe from level 80+ characters hanging around the zone, so we flew on over and flagged to capture. We didn’t run into any defending Hordies on the first two, but as we sat on our mounts at the third, my brother noticed he was getting dotted. It was just a Warlock a few levels higher than ourselves, so we both dismounted and she was dead in a few seconds. (For anyone who doesn’t know, Deathknights are a bit OP starting out, lol). I felt a little bad for the little lock, but she had attacked us!

We waited around to see if she’d be back for more, and sure enough, she was! We aren’t on a PvP server, so there’s always the option to just wait until your PvP flag wears off before resurrecting, but maybe she didn’t realize that. After we’d killed her a couple times I guess she asked for help in general because who flies in on their tawny wind rider but the nasty Orc Shaman from before!

I shouted on skype, “Oh it’s him! From before! GET HIM!” and we both laughed and laughed as we destroyed him. I felt justice had been served, and we both /pointed and /laughed at him until he released. We then camped him a little, but as I mentioned before if someone ever doesn’t want to PvP, then can just wait until their flag drops and go about their business, but he and the Warlock submitted themselves to Deathknight ownage over and over.

The Orc was taking his sweet time rezing after dieing about 7 times at our hands and we noticed the Warlock had rezed and was no where to be found. I suggested letting her go because she wasn’t the one who had so rudely /slapped me earlier, but as we were discussing that she ran up to me and /laughed! I /laughed back, a bit confused about what she found so humorous, as I killed her yet again, and then mounted back up to look for that nasty Shaman.

A few seconds later we found out what the crazy Warlock had been laughing about, because who should show up but a level 80 Orc Shaman of the same name as the level 62 Shaman (only spelled correctly). Unfortunately for him we were both in flight so he couldn’t kill us, and even more unfortunate for him is the fact that being a level 80 is no longer intimidating. I quickly logged onto my level 85 Paladin and was in Hellfire in about a minute.

He was sitting on his flyer at the Overlook when I found him taunting my brother’s level 61 Deathknight who was keeping an eye on him from a safe distance until I got there. He saw me and started to fly away, but I caught him with a Hammer of Wrath and he was toast. When he rezed, he mounted, flew up to where I was, flame shocked me and fell to his death, which made me laugh so hard I nearly peed myself. I killed him a couple times until a level 85 Warlock showed up.

My Paladin has no gear, so I kept at a safe distance until my brother’s nicely geared Rogue arrived, and he took her out as I kept an eye out for the Shaman.

Anyway we killed them for a while, but then as I was waiting for the Shaman to rez, I got a tell from an Alliance asking if I could quit killing him. I asked if he was the Orc Shaman and he said that he was and that he was just trying to get some quests done when these two Deathknights showed up and wouldn’t stop killing him. I explained that I was one of the Deathknights and that I would continue to kill him because he’d /slapped and /spit on me without reason earlier. He seemed to have a bit of a nerdrage and tried to say something along the lines of he’d been questing in that area first, which is why he’d been all rude with his emotes, but he logged off before I could reply.

He logged back onto his level 62 Shaman and stood in front of my 85 Pally, still flagged PvP and said /sorry. I am much more forgiving than my brother, so when I said I was going to let the guy go do his quests, my brother quickly left his one-sided battle with the Warlock and headed over to where we were. I said /sorry to the Shaman as my brother’s Rogue backstab one-shotted him and then danced on his corpse. That was the last we saw of him.

We killed the Warlock a lot more, confused as to why she didn’t just leave. My brother logged over to his Horde character to check to see if our Shaman buddy was still online, but he wasn’t, so he messaged the Warlock to see what her story was because we were both starting to feel a bit bad about slaughtering her. She was the low level Lock we’d been killing earlier, and she said she was just trying to leave at this point but kept getting attacked by a Rogue. My brother promised to leave her alone, explaining that we’d really only been interested in enacting revenge on the Shaman. She laughed and understood and commented that he’d seemed like a bit of an idiot. Then, after two hours of hilarious PvP in which neither of us had died, my brother and I went back to questing.

As I’m writing this I am only now realizing that these players were leveling alts that were the same class as their mains… Lol, wtf?

I like to think of myself as a pretty kind and courteous player, but some people deserve a good camping now and again! You know what they say, Hell hath no fury like a Night Elf Chick scorned!

14 Responses to “Hell Hath No Fury…”

  1. Alto

    Hey. That was me……tell your brother thanks for dancing on my dead bloated orc body.

    Hahaha. Just kidding, but thats hillarious. Great story, I can only imagine how much you all were laughing. You are a great writer, keep doing what you do.

  2. DeMeNtEd

    lol talk about pwnage! im not a huge pvp-er but im all for a good helping of karma justice! lol…nice to know u had a lil back up too, u two rock some arenas or just like a side hobby?

  3. Nevyn

    I’m very much a turn the other cheek kind of player – but when I play my pink haired gnome, it drives me nuts with how many /lick emotes I get from hordies! I’m probably one of the few who are glad that we don’t all hang around in Dalaran anymore, lol

    Glad you got some laughs for the evening, I really am rubbish at pvp on any of my melee classes, I think that’s why I like making gold, it’s classless :)

  4. Lilrabbit129

    Haha nice story. I suck pretty bad at PVP but I will get into tussle if the need arises. I don’t usually nerd rage from being camped or dying in PVP. Though getting called out as a “bad healer” from a loud mouth in a dungeon will rile me up good.

    My own little story:

    I was on my lowbie lock, female belf level 36 or so? I was just questing feralas when I notice I was getting dotted up. I noticed a female human lock, level 38 was sending in her voidwalker on me. There was some distance between us so I ran and hid through the thicker part of the forest. Eventually I got far enough away that I was out of combat. I felt a bit betrayed that another lock would try to kill me, the whole honor among deranged, sadistic, demon wielders and all. I said so in guild chat and healed up. Got some laughs and an 85 guildie that offered to help, I said no I would do it myself. Switched out my own void walker for the fel pup ( for spell lock). Mounted up and searched for the lock. Found her questing in an area. Smart play would have been to get her while whe was fighting a mob, but I’ve never had an overabundance of brains. She was at full health and so was I. I sent in the puppy and started with dots. I am destruction spec, so the dots don’t hit as hard as an affliction lock’s. She sends in her void after me. I’m not being dotted up so I guessed the spell lock worked. I hit immolate and a quick conflag. She’s at half health. That’s when the dots start coming. Good thing her void hits like a wet noodle, but the his are interrupting my longer casts. I run in close and hit Arcane Torrent ( idea having just popped in my head a second earlier). By then the dots were widdling her health down to 25%. Conflag came off cool down and another shadow bolt seals the deal. The [An Honorable Kill] achievement pops up in guild chat and the grats start coming in. I don’t stay to revel in my victory in case she calls in friends.

    And that’s the story of baby lock’s first PVP kill. My 80 lock on another server would have been so proud.

  5. shaft

    Now I don’t like to get involved with the PVP dramuh of this post but about the levelling alts of the same class as your main. These are for the serious raiders I have a friend who did the same with her Shaman and levelled a 2nd Shaman while during ICC Progression! To give you an idea of how singleminded and intense she can be. She did so she could have two sets of goes at progression fights. Now that there is no difference between 10/25 in terms of lockout I reckon you will see a lot more of this sort of thing. So Mediocre maybe it is time to start levelling ANOTHER pala.

  6. Miss Mediocre

    Alto : Lol, when I read that first line I was like, “oh nooooo!” hahaha. I was so worried for a few seconds until I read that you were kidding… I hope the players from the story don’t read this and take offense! :S I’m sure they’re good players who were just having an off night! 😀

  7. Miss Mediocre

    DeMeNtEd : We used to have a 5’s team back in BC and we did pretty well, but I got tired of everyone yelling at me for heals on vent all the time, and my brother and I tend to fight a lot, so we just PvP when the occasion presents itself these days!

  8. Miss Mediocre

    Nevyn : I don’t have a gnome, so I didn’t realize that was an issue they faced… Maybe you should try putting hot sauce in your hair, that works to keep my cat from licking things he shouldn’t! (like computer wires, lol)

  9. Miss Mediocre

    Lilrabbit129 : Hehe that’s an awesome first Honor Kill story! I wish I could remember my first Honor Kill ever, but the fact that I don’t probably means it was nothing spectacular, lol… Yaay Warlocks! I always have so much fun PvPing as my Destruction lock!

  10. Miss Mediocre

    Shaft : Another? But I already have 2 and I’m out of character slots! lol

  11. DeMeNtEd

    pssst…for the record….i hate ppl that yell in vent lol…i usually listen to itunes while i play so i have my vent louder then usual and everytime someone yells i throw my headset on the ground lol, not cause im mad but because when someone yells they always seem to yell for a really long time and droppin’ the headset is faster then adjusting the volume lol

  12. Miss Mediocre

    DeMeNtEd : Lol, be careful you don’t break it! 😀

  13. Petko

    as great as this was for a laugh, i tend to be the ‘same level, fair game’ kind of person. Then again, I do play on a pvp server. Now to me, to attack someone in mid fight with mobs is a bit idiotic, and proves you either have no skill, or back bone. I’m willing to take a loss if it’s a fair fight. Again, as I was reading before, making more than one toon is actually not just for progression purposes, but for Arena’s as well. I currently know about 5 people who are ‘boxxing’ 5 of the same toons for Arenas. It’s pretty great. On my server, my hatred for Alliance is strong, except for lowbies that I tend to /hug. Alliance on my server are mean, hateful, and cheap. Serious thoughts about server transfer from a realm that’s been my home for 4 years now :(

  14. Miss Mediocre

    Petko : I’ve never known anyone who does “boxxing”, but I guess that could be a reason why they were leveling alts of the same class! It seems like if they were that hard core into PvP/ Arenas though, they should have been better at it, lol!

    It’s sad to leave your server but I find no matter how many times I re-roll elsewhere, I always come back to my Terenas. Even though I have issues with it, it’s my WoW home! :)

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