New Worgen Female Hairstyles?

Posted January 24th, 2011 by Miss Mediocre

I like playing around with WoW Model Viewer as I believe I have mentioned before and when I was looking through it to get a good picture of a female Worgen the other day, I noticed that they had all new hairstyles! I have made a few Worgen ladies since Cata’s release, but have deleted them all so far mostly because their hairstyles were all so horrible, looked the same, and had to be black. I am thrilled if these new hairstyles and hair colors are destined to be available in game, and will definitely roll some more Worgen women, and may even race change a Night Elf or two into Worgens (since I have so many, lol). I really think these new styles feel Worgen since some are a bit Victorian-esque, and I hope they add them to the barbershop for some of the other races because they look so great!

Perhaps this is a sign of what Blizz has in store for characters in the near future! I’m sure I’m not the only one visiting the Barbershops on all my characters again and again with crossed fingers hoping new styles have secretly made their way into the game! One of my first posts here was about race hairstyles, and as I mentioned back then, some races really are lacking in the hair department! Oh, I would be so happy if they updated the older race skins and added a bunch of new hairstyles! Here are the new styles and an example of what they are now.

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  1. Aliciana

    WOW! If these actually get patched i can see myself making a quick run to the beauty salon:)

  2. Laniri

    I mentioned this to a friend and he got quite excited. He also told me that he found out this week that there are different hairstyles available in the barbershop than on the creation screen. He was able to get his blood elves a pigtail updo that is not available on the start screen. I haven’t logged in yet to check anyone else, but definitely true for blood elves, at least.

    I’m hoping that the Worgen hairstyles will come soon… thanks for sharing!

  3. Miss Mediocre

    Aliciana : Next Tuesday perhaps! :)

  4. Miss Mediocre

    Laniri : There are hairstyles you can get from the barbershop that aren’t available from the character creation screen for all the races! They are only styles from other races, like the pigtail updo you mentioned for BEs is actually a gnome hairstyle for example. They became available almost as soon as the barbershop was introduced I thought, but it could have been later. Hopefully some of the other races get access to the new worgen styles! :)

  5. Amy

    Cool. Are there new male Worgen hairstyles in the Model Viewer? My husband hates the male Worgen hairstyles.

  6. Miss Mediocre

    Amy : There aren’t any new male worgen hairstyles no :( Hopefully they will add more for them as well down the road though, as their choices are pretty limited right now! “Do I want long beard pig tails or short?” lol.

  7. DeMeNtEd

    lol i had to check, because i hate the goblin preset hair styles…and they had it…bald….how could they not have that as a preset hairstyle lol..everytime i think goblin i think bald..but all the preset hairstyles look like old men with receding hairlines…but glad they have bald lol =p

  8. Miss Mediocre

    DeMeNtEd : Hehe yes I’m not a fan of the receding hairstyles, but bald does seem to work for the little green men!

  9. DeMeNtEd

    they should make a plastic surgery clinic where u can go to redo ur facial features lol i think that would be funny =p

  10. Miss Mediocre

    DeMeNtEd : Lol I wish they’d add that too, though I doubt it since you can pay for it out of game… I wish I’d chosen a different face for my paladin though, she always looks sad, lol.

  11. DeMeNtEd

    yea kinda sucks u gotta pay real money lol especially to just add a smile…totally not worth it =p o n another idea they should do is let u “dye” the color of ur armors n stuff..i hated the end of wrath when every class looked the same because they all were wearing the same armor lol..but once again doubtful that’ll happen =) o well…i can always use my imagination n pretend lol “why yes, as a matter of fact i will choose to dye all my starting dk armor black…ha, look at that copy cat choosing the same color scheme i did…loser…” lol totally random sry lol

  12. Miss Mediocre

    DeMeNtEd : I have always wished for this feature too and hated how all the armor was the same subdued dull tones all the way through Wrath. I’ve always wanted to run around in bright pink armor, possibly while killing people in pvp, hehe.

  13. Nean

    Aren’t these the cataclysm alpha models?
    I remember seeing these pictures already.
    But not quite sure.

  14. Miss Mediocre

    Nean : I’m not 100% sure how the model viewer works in terms of what’s in game vs was in game vs will be in game, but these styles are in there now, and weren’t before as far as I know, lol. It sucks if they were just the alpha models as they look way better and more polished than what the Worgen ladies are running around with now! :( lol

  15. Passing through

    These are early hairstyles, from beta and alpha. :(

  16. Miss Mediocre

    Passing through : … crap… lol

    Thanks for pointing this out! I was wondering why they hadn’t gotten around to putting them in yet. What I don’t understand is why they would go from hairstyles like this, to what they gave the worgen ladies!? Their hair is so bad now.

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