Dear Blizz, You Kind of Owe Me 3500g!

Posted January 25th, 2011 by Miss Mediocre

Along with a lot of changes to classes, quests, dungeons and more, the next patch to hit WoW will have a pretty significant impact on Archaeology. Anyone who has been digging around in the dirt of Azeroth as much as I, have no doubt noticed and been disappointed concerning the vendor price of the worthless gray artifacts you accumulate while looking for rares. To quote the blue post concerning the change to these vendor prices in the next patch, “The sell value of all common artifacts has been doubled, while a small subset of common artifacts have had their sell value increased far beyond that.MMO-Champion was kind enough to post a list of the updated vendor prices along with their current vendor price for comparison. At first glance this really didn’t seem like a big deal, but as I scanned down the list I got to wondering, how much gold have I missed out on by vendoring the grays I’ve found before this change? I decided to find out!

About an hour later I’d compiled a list of all the gray quality artifacts, their vendor price, their vendor price to be, and the amount of times I’d solved each. I discovered that I’ve made around 300g so far by solving and vendoring gray artifacts. I knew this number would be fairly small in comparison to how much time I’ve actually spent with Archaeology now, as most only vendor for a few silver. I then figured out how much money I would have made by vendoring these grays after the patch, which was about 3800g. That means I’ve missed out on around 3500g that I would have made had I only been starting Archaeology post patch. Lol, oh well, at least my casters have been enjoying their Staff of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan.

The artifacts that have had their vendor price increased the most drastically are the Word of Empress Zoe, which is a Dwarven artifact I’ve found twice that did vendor for 10g and will be changed to 1000g. The Silver Kris of Korl (Dwarven) I’ve found 4 times and vendors for 9g currently, but is changing to 180g. Finally the Scepter of Nezar’Azret (Nerubian) was 5g, will now be 100g and I’ve found it once.

I am really hoping that these changes in combination with auctioning the Keystones will lead to Archaeology making me a decent amount of gold per hour while I finish searching for a few more of the rare BoA artifacts that have been eluding me thus far! It can be a very frustrating profession when you don’t get what you’re looking for, so this could make it much more bearable for the players who just couldn’t get into it before!

What are your thoughts on this change?

Thanks for Reading,
Miss Mediocre <3

Ancient Shark Jaws        20s    40s x7        1g40s        2g80s
Anklet with Golden Bells        1g    20g x1        1g        20g
Atalai Scepter            20s    40s x7        1g40s        2g80s
Baroque Sword Scabbard    1g    2g
Beautiful Preserved Fern        5s    10s x5        25s        50s
Belt Buckle with Anvilmar Crest    5s 50c    10s 50c x1    5s50c        10s50c
Black Trilobite            5s    3g x6        30s        18g
Bodacious Door Knocker    20s    20g x2        40s        40g
Bone Gaming Dice        5s    10s x3        15s        30s
Boot Heel with Scrollwork    20s    40s x3        60s        1g20s
Bracelet of Jade and Coins    22s    44s x6        1g32s        2g64s
Carcanet of the Hundred Magi    90s    1g 80s x3    2g70s        5g40s
Carved Harp of Exotic Wood    1g    2g x1        1g        2g
Castle of Sand            90s    1g 80s x1    90s        1g80s
Cat Statue with Emerald Eyes    90s    1g 80s x2    1g80s        3g60s
Ceramic Funeral Urn        10s    20s x1        10s        20s
Chest of Tiny Glass Animals    40s    8g x4        1g60s        32g
Cinnabar Bijou            10s    20s x6        60s        1g20s
Cloak Clasp with Antlers        10s    20sx4        40s        80s
Coin from EldreThalas        10s    20s x1        10s        20s
Cracked Crystal Vial        40s    80sx1        40s        80s
Delicate Music Box        20s    40s x3        60s        1g20s
Dented Shield of Horuz Killcrow    40s    80s x2        80s        1g60s
Devilsaur Tooth            20s    40s x3        60s        1g20s
Dignified Portrait            1g    2g x1        1g        2g
Drakkari Sacrificial Knife        40s    80s x13        5g20s        10g40s
Dwarven Baby Socks        5s    10s x1        5s        10s
Eerie Smolderthorn Idol        10s    20s x7        70s        1g40s
Engraved Scimitar Hilt        1g    2g x1        1g        2g
Ewer of Jormungar Blood    5g    10g
Fanged Cloak Pin        5g    10g x1        5g        10g
Feathered Gold Earring        10s    20s x5        50s        1g
Feathered Raptor Arm        40s    80s x5        2g        4g
Fetish of Hireek            5s 20c    10s 20c x9    46s80c        93s60c
Fiendish Whip            1g    2g x1        1g        2g
Fierce Wolf Figurine        1g    2g x1        1g        2g
Fine Bloodscalp Dinnerware    5s    10s x6        30s        60s
Fine Crystal Candelabra        1g 20s    72g
Flint Striker            5g    10g
Gahzrilla Figurine        20s    12g x6        1g20s        72g
Golden Chamber Pot        20s    40s x1        20s        40s
Gray Candle Stub        1g    2g x1        1g        2g
Green Dragon Ring        10s    20s x3        30s        60s
Gruesome Heart Box        3g 50s    7g
Hairpin of Silver and Malachite    22s    44s x3        66s        1g32s
Highborne Pyxis            5s    10s x5        25s        50s
Imprint of a Kraken Tentacle    5g    10g x11        55g        110g
Infested Ruby Ring        5g    50g
Inlaid Ivory Comb        5s    10s x4        20s        40s
Insect in Amber            20s    20g x4        80s        80g
Intricate Treasure Chest Key    5g    10g x1        5g        10g
Ironstars Petrified Shield        20s    40s x2        40s        80s
Jade Asp with Ruby Eyes    10s    6g x4        40s        24g
Kaldorei Amphora        20s    40s x7        1g40s        2g80s
Lizard Foot Charm        5s    10s x11        55s        1g10s
Maul of Stone Guard Murog    1g    20g x1        1g        20g
Mithril Chain of Angerforge    41s    81s x3        1g23s        2g46s
Moltenfists Jeweled Goblet    11s    6g 30s x1    11s        6g30s
Mummified Organ        1g    2g x2        2g        4g
Necklace with Elune Pendant    5s    10s x4        20s        40s
Notched Sword of Tunadil the…    20s    40s x3        60s        1g20s
Pewter Drinking Cup        10s    20s x1        10s        20s
Pipe of Franclorn Forgewright    10g    20g x5        50g        100g
Plated Elekk Goad        1g    2g x1        1g        2g
Proto-Drake Skeleton        5g    10g x7        35g        70g
Rusted Steak Knife        1g    2g x1        1g        2g
Scandalous Silk Nightgown    5s    1g x4        20s        4g
Scepter of Bronzebeard        9g    19g x1        9g        19g
Scepter of Charlga Razorflank    40s    80s x2        80s        1g60s
Scepter of Nekros Skullcrusher    1g    2g x1        1g        2g
Scepter of NezarAzret        5g    100g x1        5g        100g
Scepter of Xavius        40s    80s x1        40s        80s
Scepter of the Nathrezim    1g    2g
Scorched Staff of Shadow…    40s    80s x4        1g60s        3g20s
Scramseax            5g    10g x1        5g        10g
Shard of Petrified Wood        5s    10s x3        15s        30s
Shattered Glaive            10s    20s x4        40s        80s
Silver Kris of Korl        9g    180g x4        36g        720g
Silver Neck Torc            11s    21s x3        33s        66s
Silver Scroll Case        90s    1g 80s x1    90s        1g80s
Six-Clawed Cornice        5g    50g
Sketch of a Desert Palace    1g    2g x3        3g        6g
Skull-Shaped Planter        20s    40s x4        80s        1g60s
Skull Drinking Cup        1g    2g x1        1g        2g
Skull Staff of Shadowforge    40s    80s x2        80s        1g60s
Soapstone Scarab Necklace    90s    1g 80s x1    90s        1g80s
Spidery Sundial            5g    10g
Spiked Gauntlets of Anvilrage    9g    18g x4        36g        72g
Stone Gryphon            10s    20s x2        20s        40s
Strange Silver Paperweight    1g 10s    2g 10s
Strange Velvet Worm        10s    20s x4        40s        80s
String of Small Pink Pearls    40s    80s x6        2g40s        4g80s
Thorned Necklace        5g    10g
Tile of Glazed Clay        1g    2g x1        1g        2g
Tiny Bronze Scorpion        1g    2g x1        1g        2g
Tiny Oasis Mosaic        1g    2g x1        1g        2g
Tooth with Gold Filling        40s    80s x11        4g40s        8g80s
Twisted Ammonite Shell        10s    20s x6        60s        1g20s
Umbra Crescent            90s    1g 80s x5    4g50s        9g
Vicious Ancient Fish        40s    80s x5        2g        4g
Viziers Scrawled Streamer    5g    10g
Warmaul of Burningeye        9g    18g x4        36g        72g
Winged Helm of Corehammer    20s    50s x2        40s        1g
Wooden Whistle        5s    10s x2        10s        20s
Word of Empress Zoe        10g    1000g x2    20g        2000g
Worn Hunting Knife        5s    10s x1         5s        10s
Zandalari Voodoo Doll        5s    10s x11        55s        1g10s

6 Responses to “Dear Blizz, You Kind of Owe Me 3500g!”

  1. Aliciana

    I definitely think it will make archaeology not as much as a drudgery knowing that there is at least a chance to make a little gold from the massive time sink that it requires to level it. In the reverse, I kinda felt the same way when they reduced the cost of dual speccing to almost nothing after I had paid thousands of gold to dual spec multiple toons. I don’t htink we should hold our breath on a refund…lol!

  2. Kammler

    I just haven’t found the ROI worth it yet to pursue Archaeology. This may help.

    I wonder if Blizz plans on changing the drop rates of some of the more pricey items? Post patch will you have the same chance to get that 1000g Silver Kris?

  3. Bangkok Bill

    I’m super psyched about the change. While I understand that archaeology is meant to mainly serve as a time sink and not a gold making activity the amounts a lot of the items were selling for were almost insulting when you are trying to level it on a level 85 toon. These changes will definitely make it quite a bit easier for me to justify spending time on the profession.

  4. Miss Mediocre

    Aliciana : Yes I felt the same about the change to the dual spec cost. I just hate being punished for getting things done early, but it seems like that happens a lot in WoW. Ah well, at least archaeology will be better now!

  5. Miss Mediocre

    Kammler : I don’t think they are changing the drop rates of the more expensive artifacts, but they did change their minds on the price of the 1000g Word of Empress Zoe to 375g, which kind of sucks. Even if they’d gone with the 1000g vendor price, Archaeology still wouldn’t have been an overpowered gold making profession, it wouldn’t even have been equal to fishing in terms of gold per hour! I hope they will change their minds back before the patch hits, lol!

  6. Miss Mediocre

    Bagkok Bill : I agree that it was a bit insulting to spend an hour flying around to make a gray item, only to sell it for 20 silver, lol. I wish they’d made the vendor prices a bit higher even, but hopefully we will still see a big difference and vendoring the grays you didn’t even want will seem less painful!

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