Farming Lovely Charm Bracelets

Posted February 6th, 2011 by Miss Mediocre

EDIT : You can no longer post Lovely Charm Bracelets in the Auction House (unless you have access to the remote auction house), so otherwise if you farm any, they have to be sold in trade, which isn’t something I like doing, and so I will not be doing any more Charm Farming.

I just wanted to re-post this as it is now the Love Is In The Air Festival! I’m going to get my charm bracelet farming on later today and see how much gold this strategy makes me this year!

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Best of Luck!
MM <3

8 Responses to “Farming Lovely Charm Bracelets”

  1. Nigell

    Hmm, haven’t really looked at any gold making per say as I am using an alt to actually get the achieve. However, loads of areas have been nerfed. The most dissapointing to me was the jaspertip swarmers. They drop nothing for me after 4 groups. So, on to brighter things. Hyjal and the earth elementals. They drop the lovely charm and some vol earth. Best to go there when the JC is elemental goo as there is an increase in spawn then, but even without, a reasonable spawn rate. Currently I have moved on to Uldum and the air elementals. So far, if there are not many folks farming, it’s not too bad and you get volatile air so I am sure it’ll be better gold wise.

  2. Thenmozhi

    I was able to post Lovely Charm Bracelets this morning using the Remote Auction House. No clue if this will be fixed soon, but so far it works great!

  3. Miss Mediocre

    Nigell : Getting the charms as a bonus to farming something else is a good idea. If I hadn’t written off Love Is In The Air because I can’t post my lovely charm bracelets in the Auction House anymore I would give your Air Elementals a go! Lol, damn Blizz nerfing my holiday gold making.

  4. Miss Mediocre

    Thenmozhi : I bet you can make A LOT selling them if posting through the Remote Auction House is the only way to post them! I don’t have access or I’d definitely give it a try. Is it still working?

  5. Thenmozhi

    Still going strong! I sell a few at 100g per bracelet every day, and could probably sell even more if I went out and farmed them, but… meh. I’m making enough gold from the incidental farming to keep me happy :) Really enjoy your blog, btw.

  6. Miss Mediocre

    Thenmozhi : I’m jealous… At 100g a piece I have 4000g worth of them just sitting on my alt right now! I’ve been thinking about getting access to the remote auction house, simply to post them, haha.

    Thank you! :)

  7. Cold

    Posting With the Remote AH still works. Unload what you can today before the holiday ends. Just make sure to make them into bracelets first. 😉

  8. Miss Mediocre

    Cold : I wish I had access to the Remote Auction house! I’m sure players with access who have been selling these must be making a killing doing so! :)

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