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Posted February 10th, 2011 by Miss Mediocre

I have been thinking and I believe at least part of the reason I have been losing interest in World of Warcraft lately is because I really don’t have a focus. By the end of Wrath I had a fairly strict daily routine and quite a few goals I was working toward. I was doing certain dailies without fail and making as much gold as I possibly could, all while racing to get all of my characters to 80 before Cataclysm hit. Now that the initial shiny new toy feeling is fading from Cataclysm, I find myself logging in, standing around and then inevitably logging out to go play the Sims or watch a movie. I don’t have any kind of routine (other than making Dreamcloth once a week) and I hadn’t set any new post-Cataclysm goals for myself. A little more focus is never a bad thing, so I have compiled a new WoW -To Do- List to help me manage my play time a little more and hopefully entice me to actually log in! I do love working toward a goal!

1. Get every character on Terenas to level 85. This may seem like a large task, but I don’t think it will be. I have one of every class, 3 are already 85, 1 is 83, 4 are level 80, 1 is level 60 and 1 is level 51. It’s going to take me some time of course, but I really enjoy questing (which is probably why I have so many characters) so this will be my main focus over the next little while.

2. Make 500,000g. I haven’t been trying to make gold at all really in the last month or so, but I would like to get back into it! I currently have around 120k, but I am hoping through leveling all my characters and starting to utilize their professions more, making another 380k won’t be that hard.

3.  Level Inscription on the Alliance. I already have 2 level 450 scribes, but they are both Horde on different servers. I am thinking my new Death Knight would make a good Scribe…

4. PvP at level 85. I’m not sure who I want to be my PvP character, but I would like to try to get back into it on someone! I really liked being a level 19 Shockadin, but that doesn’t really work at level 85, so I’m thinking maybe my Death Knight.

5. Get my Armadillo Pup pet. My guild is sitting around 20k out of 50k critters killed for the achievement, but I am going to attempt to finish that up this weekend!

6. Get the Loremaster of Cataclysm achievement on my main (Alliance Paladin).

7. Experience all the new Cataclysm Dungeons. I still have yet to see about half of them.

8. Finish leveling Tailoring on my Priest. My Paladin is already a Tailor, but my Priest was also sitting around 350 Tailoring from back in BoP BC cloth epic days. I figured having another 525 Tailor wouldn’t hurt and would give me more Dreamcloth to work with every week! She’s now at 413 Tailoring, but Frostweave is scarce, so I’ll have to do some cloth farming.

9. Get a level 85 Horde character of every class. This is going to be a long term goal because I still have a fair ways to go! I have 3 level 80 Hordies and 1 level 71, but other than that the rest are still all below level 60.

10. Finish Archaeology. This will take forever and unless they change it, I’ll probably never get it done, but I still plan on trying!

Have you set goals for your characters since Cataclysm came out? How has your focus changed since Wrath? What kind of goals do you have, if you have any?

Thanks for Reading!
Miss Mediocre <3

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  1. Kammler

    I did a post back in Nov about my pre-Cataclysm list. I did ok on it for a few days but went off task. Hope you have better luck. Some comments for consideration:

    * New quests for lower level toons are really great. Unless you just want to start with what you have I suggest rolling a L1 Worgen or Goblin to see all the new story lines and quests.

    * This is what threw me off task. I got really involved in leveling professions and maximizing gold earning. My suggestion is to set a certain amount of time each day to do AH stuff and then walk away.

    * Armadillo pet now only requires Revered in guild I think. Also, get a group of guildies and go kill Penguins in Northrend. Everyone gets credit for a kill, so 10 guildies in group and kill 10 penguins, that is 100 towards the goal.

    * Best Frostweave farming spot I found is the beach near Valiance Keep. The Henchmen spawn fast and there are a huge number of them. Also, if you have done the DEHTA quest line and still need Cenarian Expedition rep the ears can be turned in for 250 rep per 10 stack.

    Hope that helps. I wish you luck!

  2. Indy

    The spot we used in the tram is better for critter kills; and any character can get there. I may be able to help out on Saturday (not evening though, raid scheduled… not sure yet if I’m in or backup yet for that one).

    I made my goal of a million gold on my server… and maxxing out all Cataclysm reps (including Gilneas)… I guess my goal now is raiding. I have thought about getting back to work on Archeology, but what with running heroics and dailies, getting guild rep maxxed each week (about 15k/21k into revered right now) it’s been neglected.

  3. QuietKjun

    It is too bad we’re on different servers becuase it sounds like we have about the same leveling to do. On my alliance server, Duskwood, I have two 85s, an 82, three 81s, two 80s, and two 45s. On the horde side I have an 85, 82, two 81s, two 55s and two 60s. My ultimate goal is to have an 80 of each spec. It’s a good thing I like leveling.

    Unfortunately, I dont have time for many other goals. I work on major Achievements on my main Horde and Alliance toon, but not many of the others. I have a max Arch on the horde side and am working ont the Alliance one. I am maxed out on about half of the primary professions on the Alliance side, but am woefully behind with my Horde toons.

    I sure hope the next expansion isnt for at least another year. Good luck completing your goals in the mean time.

  4. QuietKjun

    Oops, that should have been an 85 of each spec.

  5. Bawheidbob

    It is something i am going to ponder over the weekend. Having no real goals has been my problem for the last couple of years if i am honest. To much logging in to run around and just not do very much.

    Been focusing on getting a toon to 85 which i should achieve on Friday night then i think i will focus on checking out the tanking scene to see if i will be any good at it.

    Really would like to hit 500,000 that has been my aim for a long time now but just do not seem to be able to get to grips with the ah/crafting since cata. Something i will have to try and address over the next few weeks but 85 first that is the goal :)

  6. Alberthus

    Hi MM,my goals for Cata are really simple,level the second toon to 85, preferably my new Lock and make as many gold as possible.
    And best of luck in yours ,whit all you pretend to do you should receive an achievement.

  7. Shellicus

    “..making another 380k won’t be that hard” Gosh! That amount makes me blanch! I love your positive attitude towards it. I guess that shows how much I still suck at doing what it takes to consistently make gold.

    I would love to know if this ‘to do’ list helps you enjoy playing wow again.

    My ‘to do’ list includes:
    * Getting the # of quests completed achievements for every single area (including all the old revamped ones) on my main.
    * Getting enough gold to buy as many BOE epics as I can in order to hopefully help me get a spot in a raiding guild. (In a guild of RL friends at the moment and as a whole they’re just not that interested in raiding regularly…or at all! So my main needs a new home I think.)

    Just as an aside, I got the Fox Kit pet this week. It is SO cute! I love how it dances on its hind legs. It was on the first Baradin Fox I killed just on a whim running between quest mobs. Talk about luck! No luck on any of the new recipes or designs though. Still, it IS cute :)

  8. Miss Mediocre

    Kammler : I have a pre-Cata list as well that I managed to finish up more or less, so I’m hoping I will be as successful with this one! I’ve only done a small handful of the new lower level quests so far, but they do seem A LOT more fun! I have played through both the Worgen and Goblin starting zones, which are awesome, but I didn’t keep either of them. I need more character slots, lol.

    I have gotten caught up in Auction Housing in the past, so I think setting a certain amount of time for me to work on my gold each day is probably a good idea! 😀

    I just have to do a few more quests to reach Revered, I was very glad they reduced it down from Exalted because I just don’t play my main enough to build up a high guild rep! The problem with my guild is there’s never more than 3 people on at a time, but the three of us did make a good effort one day farming tram rats! I have yet to try the penguin farming, but should at some point if only to update my post on the subject, lol.

    I will have to try that frostweave farming spot out too! I had been farming the trolls just south of Zim’Torga in Zul’Drak but I’m getting sick of Troll slaughter, lol. Plus I believe that character could still use Cenarian Ex rep!

    Thanks for all the suggestions!!! 😀

  9. Miss Mediocre

    Indy : You reached a million gold!? That’s awesome! Congratulations! 😀

    The tram did work well, especially because of it’s accessibility to all levels and the fact that most people in the guild are just starting out! As long as I am home Saturday I should be on! My second account is active until next week too, so we’ll have an extra “guildie” to stand there and help speed things along!

  10. Miss Mediocre

    QuietKjun : That’s quite a goal! Are you leveling as each of the three different specs for each class? Or just specing them however is easiest to level and then respecing at 85? That’s funny that we have the same number of characters that are level 80+! 😀

  11. Miss Mediocre

    Bawheidbob : I had a hard time getting the hang of the AH and my crafting when Cata was released as well. Suddenly people were invading my niche markets and plummeting my prices, and materials for other markets I’d been in suddenly became really rare, which was the main reason my gold making got moved to the back burner. Now that things seem to be settling again, I have started making a bit of gold.

    I hope you manage to get to 85 this weekend! :) WoW always needs more tanks, so hopefully you enjoy it!

  12. Miss Mediocre

    Alberthus : Thanks!
    I enjoyed leveling my lock in the Cata zones and felt pretty OP most of the way, hehe. Hopefully you like it as well! :)

  13. Miss Mediocre

    Shellicus : I forgot to add “Get all of the new Cataclysm pets” to my to do list! Congratulations on getting the Fox Kit! I went and did some farming for it today, but not luck and I killed 175 of them! You’re very lucky, hehe.

  14. Quietkjun

    I am leveling as each spec for the tank and dps classes. The healing classes just depend on whether leveling as that spec is viable, outside of dungeons or pvp. If its not, I initially level as healer, then dual spec into a dps class. So far I have all except 5 specs to lvl 30+ and the remaining 5 are lvl 20.

  15. DeMeNtEd

    i was just on a vacation from work…did some work around the house and went out for a few days to rock paintball with my nephews but i did set 2 WoW goals i wanted to accomplish during my vacation. the first was getting my lvl 83 mage to 85…seems easy enough right, except for some reason i hate playing on my mage…not that mages are fail or anything its just because he walks sooooooo slow lol. everytime i quest with him i get drowsy. the second was getting my lvl 65 goblin dk to 80…i did a lot of pvping and it was way more enjoyable then playing my mage lol…u are right in thinkin that setting goals will spark ur interest again…at least for a while =p

  16. Miss Mediocre

    Quietkjun : That’s awesome, if I ever manage to make my goal of an 85 of every class on Horde and Alliance, perhaps I’ll look at getting an 85 of each spec too as my next goal, though that would probably not be for another year or more, lol.

  17. Miss Mediocre

    DeMeNtEd : You should Blink more! Not with your eyes, but with your mage. It makes you go faster and breaks up the monotonous walking, hehe. I blink every time it’s off cooldown when my mage is running around questing, and then whenever I move onto another character I’m always disappointed that they can’t blink, lol.

    I do seem to have more of an interest in WoW since setting these goals, so hopefully it keeps up! :)

  18. DeMeNtEd

    touche’ lol i need to master the art of blink lol most of the time im good but sometimes i blink and get stuck on a rock or somethin…lol maybe actually blinkin with my eyes will help too, keeps em from drying out =p

  19. Miss Mediocre

    DeMeNtEd : Yes, blinking your eyes is important! 😀

  20. DeMeNtEd

    oooooooo i figured sleeping was like one huge blink that would carry me throughout the day…guess not…? =p jk

  21. Miss Mediocre

    DeMeNtEd : Lol, that would be handy, blinking can be a pain.

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