GIRL IRL #3 – Gone Fishing

Posted February 18th, 2011 by Miss Mediocre

6 Responses to “GIRL IRL #3 – Gone Fishing”

  1. Alberthus


  2. Nevyn

    She obviously doesn’t have the fish finder yet :)

  3. Miss Mediocre

    Alberthus : 😀

  4. Miss Mediocre

    Nevyn : Hehe! 😀

  5. DeMeNtEd

    lol nice! i think fishing is weird tho…like finding that elusive turtle lol…one would think i could fly around the waters of northrend and see where that lil buggers at lol

  6. Miss Mediocre

    DeMeNtEd : That turtle is my only fishing failure so far, lol. It seems like everyone else was always like, “Oh look what I got, I wasn’t even trying to find it, I was just doing my fishing daily” and I spent like 50 + hours fishing for the turtle, but of course I never find it, haha. Damn rng.

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