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Posted February 26th, 2011 by Miss Mediocre

I have been playing the Auction House a bit more frequently this week, and have been making off like a bandit, flipping under priced items! I’ve found a few blue and epic pieces of vanilla gear priced under 5g and then have sold them the next day for 200g +. Because of my recent successes, I had been doing my, “/aadv getall” scans three times a day and last night I found an amazing deal on a Disgusting Oozeling! It was priced at only 400g, and since I am well aware of how rare it is, I quickly snatched it up. I couldn’t decide at what price I should post it at first, wanting it to be a quick sale, but decided I didn’t mind waiting a few days if it wouldn’t sell at it’s 4000g average price. Sure enough I logged in this morning and it had sold.

As I collected my 3800g (after AH cuts) from the mail, I was happy to see it had pushed me just over 160k. I’d looked the seller up on the armory just out of curiosity, figuring it was probably just a fellow Auctioneer who had forgotten a “0”, but found that it was actually a level 55 hunter. I began to wonder if they had perhaps just stumbled across the pet while leveling through the Plaguelands, and since there had been no others in the Auction House at the time, priced it at what seemed fair to them. I remember my boyfriend selling one back in Vanilla WoW for a whole 150g or so, which was way more money than either of us had at the time. We were ecstatic and having simply come across it while killing oozes, we had no idea just how rare it was. I should have learned it instead of letting him sell it, since I spent nearly 100 hours farming for it over the next few years.

Anyway, this all got me thinking, and feeling slightly bad for the level 55 hunter who perhaps was happy with their 400g, but unaware of how much gold they could have had. I decided, rather spontaneously, that I should send them some of the profit I’d made, and maybe let them know about the Undermine Journal, so that if it simply had been a case of not knowing how much it was worth, that would never be the case for them again. I tried to make the note sound friendly and not lecturey, hoping they wouldn’t take offense to my advice if perhaps it was accompanied with gold, lol.

I do realize this could have been a case of a forgotten “0”, as 400 is only a “0” away from 4000, but I hope it was just that they had no idea what the rare pet was worth. Either way, even though it brought me back down below 160k, I’m happy I at least tried to help, whether it is appreciated or not, we shall see.

Have you ever returned an incorrectly priced item to the seller? Or given anyone a cut of the profits you made off them? Do you think me send the hunter some of the gold I’d made from them was nice, or a nooby Auction House move?

Thanks for Reading,
MM <3

18 Responses to “Auction House Karma”

  1. Karot

    I ran into one of those types of sellers a year or so ago. They turned out to be a botter, that was just going around in circles killing all the oozes. They had several oozelings on the AH, quite underpriced for their value. I followed them around a bit and reported them after my little investigation, and after a few days I never saw them log on again. They were fairly low level, and also a hunter. Maybe I’m just more cautious or jaded or whatever, but I would have investigated it a little more before sending some gold off to some random player. :p

  2. Bryan

    YES IT IS A NICE THING I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE…. A little while ago someone bought 40 stacks of whiptail from me on ah each stack priced at 125g. i would never charge someone that much if they were buying bolk so i gave him back 35 gold per stack her seemed kinda dick headish about it and only said thanks nothing more. 3 weeks later i put a volcano darkmoon card on ah for 1400 it was suposed to be 14000 i had no idea i did until i got a peice of mail with my darkmoon card and the requirenent of the 1400g the guy spent savin my ass.

  3. Thenmozhi

    I think it was a lovely thing to do, and it’s always refreshing to hear of people being kind to one another. Plus, you can’t really shake a stick at good karma 😉

  4. zecdk

    Well done Miss. It is cool to see a nongoblin type of gold maker. If this had been greedygoblin than that seller may be on his idiot of the week post. And yes karma does come around in both her nice and evil form. So pretty sure the lovely karma will be showing up in your near future. Keep up the great work.

  5. Mulaho

    I bought a first mate hat today for 69s.Yes, 69 silver. I am so overwhelmed I dont know what to do – but feel sorta bad.

  6. Miss Mediocre

    Karot : I really didn’t put much thought into it before sending away the gold, which definitely could have been a big mistake if they had been a botter or even just a jerk. I checked their recent auctions after the fact and saw they were only really selling items and herbs their level and they actually messaged me back and thanked me for being so nice and for the advice. I usually consider myself a pretty jaded WoWer, and tend to assume the worst, not sure why this time was different, lol.

  7. Miss Mediocre

    Bryan : Wow that is very nice of that person to catch your mistake and send it back to you! And nice of you to give the bulk discount, even if it didn’t seem to be appreciated. That’s a very good example of AH karma!! 😀

  8. Miss Mediocre

    Thenmozhi : :) Ty

  9. Miss Mediocre

    zecdk : Thanks :) I like to believe in karma, but I think I was more paying back for the great luck I’d had this week in the Auction House, hehe.

  10. Miss Mediocre

    Mulaho : Weird! I bought one for 2g this week, lol. I didn’t realize how rare it was, but my Auction scan told me to buy it so I did and it had the average price up around 500g or so, so I looked it up! No one has bought it from me yet, so I might just keep it as it’s pretty cool. I do feel bad for whoever I bought it from, but didn’t take note of their name.

  11. Seth

    I probably would have just elarnt it, since it’s something I want, and the same with a story I heard of someone snatching 3 vial of the sands for something like 3 silver, I would have kept it. I would yeah, have been annoyed if it was me, but it was my own mistake.

  12. Miss Mediocre

    Seth : Wow a vial of the sands for 3 silver would be intense! I would probably learn that if I snatched it out of the Auction House, but maybe would send the seller half of what it’d be worth or something, lol.

  13. WoWMidas

    Some time fan (gotcha blogrolled), first time commenter :)

    Some folks don’t know the true value of an item (e.g. 2g for an Oozeling). Some even feel that the market value is wrong – and price low on purpose.

    I doubt the 400g listing was a mistake. They were probably happy to get it. This isn’t the sort of item one just lists hastily, doesn’t notice the mistake, and leaves it on the AH. I think mistakes are much more likely with smaller value and common items where your listing lots of stuff. Not an unusual, expensive pet.

    It was nice of you to send them gold, but 400g isn’t an unfair price, either. There may be times when an item like that might not sell for days, even at 400g, I suspect.

    What I’m saying is, I don’t think you should feel like you just mugged someone because they listed something too cheaply. And by the way, 4,000g for an Oozeling strikes me as an awesome and surprisingly high price to get, congratulations.

    Though I suppose there’s just more money floating around there these days.


  14. Miss Mediocre

    WoWMidas : You make a very good point. Before my Auction Housing days if I found something that I deemed overpriced, I would post it for whatever I thought was fair, which was sometimes way less than the average price. Thanks for commenting! I will blogroll you as well! :)

  15. Trace

    I added a $0 to heavy stone one time by mistake and that made the price 170 gold a stack and someone bought 4 stacks. I wanted to send the extra back but I just couldn’t do it.

  16. Miss Mediocre

    Trace : Hehe, that is some expensive stone! I guess someone really needed it. It’s not so bad that you didn’t send them any money back, at least they were aware of what they were paying, and were obviously okay with it since they bought 4 stacks! :)

  17. President

    Nice website, Miss Mediocre!

  18. Miss Mediocre

    President : Thank you!

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