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Posted June 25th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

Hello Readers!

I DID IT!!!!!

For those of you who have noticed my twitter feed, it didn’t look like I was going to make it at first, but I fought through those tedious, lengthy, irritating and nearly impossible quests and got my Loremaster achievement, title and tabard!

Without a doubt, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever accomplished in WoW, especially since when you do this achievement, it’s all you! It’s not like you can get your ICC geared friends to drag you though it or just get lucky and finish it in a random pug! It’s you, running all around Azeroth, Outland and Northrend, and it’s going to take some commitment, patience and TIME! lol.

I finished Eastern Kingdoms first. I was lucky and had already done some of the more irritating, lengthy chains, like the Onyxia attunement. When I did decide to see if I could at least finish the 700 quests in EK, I was already at 561 from my 5 years of questing with that character. What is interesting to note though is that getting those 139 quests took almost as long as getting the 639 I still needed for Kalimdor! The 139 in EK that I had left to do were definitely ALL OVER the place, so tracking down ones I had yet to do was really really hard! I ended up finding a bunch in STV that I had skipped, a few in EPL and actually a couple in Elwyn Forest, lol. It took me about 12 hours to reach my 700 quests (which is 150 more than horde has to do!! lol wtf?) and I still had quite a few quests left!

The next part of the achievement I tackled was Kalimdor and it was probably the easiest part of the achievement chain! I had only done 61 quests in all of Kalimdor, which made it really easy to see in which zones I still had lots of questing to do! I used the add on Every Quest, which is just basically a big list of every quest in the game, and it tracks which ones you finish. Of course if you’ve done them before you install the addon, then you’re out of luck, which is why it didn’t really help me through EK at all.  I finished off in Silithus last, and had I needed a few more quests, I think I would have been out of luck without hitting up Ahn’Qiraj, which may have been difficult for a horribly geared pally to solo, lol and I don’t know anyone on my alliance server anymore to ask for help! Thankfully that wasn’t the case!

My next step was to finish off Outland! I am a bit of a… completionest (yep, I just made up a word) so I was already finished every zone except for Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley. I only had 15 quests to do in Netherstorm, and once I figured out that I’d abandoned a quest you get by clicking a transporter in the Ethereal Staging Grounds at (59,32) which does not show up as a little yellow exclamation mark until you click it, I finished it up quickly. Shadowmoon took a bit longer, but simply because I had only finished about 20 quests there previously. It was fairly simple following my EveryQuest, but I have to say the quest “I Was A Lot Of Things…” nearly drove me crazy! I kept accidentally AoEing the pigs I needed to make dig and man did it take me a long time! Definitely don’t skip it though if you’re getting frustrated, because it leads to a few more quests!

Next I headed to Northrend where I had The Summit of Storm Peaks and Icecrown : The Final Goal to finish. Storm Peaks I finished in only one night, but I had just finished it on my horde pally like a month ago, and since most of the quests are the same it was all nice and fresh in my memory. Icecrown on the other hand was probably the hardest part of the whole achievement! I was used to pretty much owning everything, and suddenly I couldn’t take on 80 mobs at once and survive! There’s a lot of group quests too, and I managed to solo 5 of them, though 3 of those fights took about 12 minutes a piece and had me pretty tense by the end, lol. A lot of the quests were time consuming and didn’t just consist of collect this or kill this many of that, so that threw me off a wee bit. My biggest problem arose when I was at 132/140 quests completed, and I only had group quests left, some of which you need to be phased to even help with! I spent a few hours one evening trying to find a group to help with the “Riders of” quests, which are the ones you need to be on yourself to help with, but had no luck at all. My bf has a Naxx geared shammy on that server, so I made him log on and help me with the two we could do without him having to do any questing. We managed to 2-man Banshee’s Revenge, which lead to 7 more 5-mans that we managed to do! Yaay! So it seems that there are 9 extra quests in Icecrown, because I didn’t do any of The Rider (4) ones or the No Rest For the Wicked chain (5). Some of the chain for The Battered Hilt count for Icecrown too, so if you are really stuck in Icecrown, just keep looking or check out the WoWhead page comments on the achievement, because the quests are there!!!

I really didn’t think I would be able to complete this achievement, hehe. I commented to a friend of mine who got it a month ago that he’d basically beaten the World of Warcraft and how jealous I was, because I’d never have the commitment/patience to do it myself! Thanks to his advice about using the EveryQuest add on and his encouragement, I gave it a go, and did it! XD

So, all you other mediocre gamers out there, and all you hardcore gamers who haven’t gotten this achievement yet, GO DO IT!!! You can solo everything up to Icecrown and as long as you go into it thinking “this is going to take me a very long time” you won’t get too frustrated on the 15 minute Azeroth flight paths or the ridiculous cross-continent quest chains! I am really happy to have finished it too, because now I know I won’t have missed ANYTHING when it all changes in Cataclysm! So stop putting it off! Log on right now and just see how much you have left to do, download EveryQuest and just give it a go!!! XD

Thanx 4 Reading!

Loremaster MissMediocre (hehe)

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