Yaay Pets!

Posted March 2nd, 2011 by Miss Mediocre

Some of you noticed my post last week about Elementalgold’s Win a Pet contest, which I entered and was actually lucky enough to win! I got my Lil’Ragnaros code in my e-mail today (though it’d been in my “junk” folder, silly gmail…) and quickly logged in to feed my new fiery buddy a pet biscuit so he could feel more like the big scary Ragnaros from MC, lol. He’s a very cool pet, and I enjoyed experiencing the contrast from fighting him in Vanilla, to using him to bake some cookies in Cataclysm, lol.

I was thinking this new pet would help me get all the new pet achievements that await us in patch 4.1, but the Petting Zoo achievement is for 100 pets and the Menagerie achievement is for 125 pets and the addition of Lil’Ragnaros to my collection brings me to 128. Oh well, saves me from having to splurge and buy some of the Cataclysm pets who I have yet to get as I’m waiting for their prices to drop.

If you’re like me and enjoy selling vanity pets, grabbing any under priced ones on the AH now (that aren’t from a vendor) might not be a bad idea! Or if you’re an engineer, you could start saving up some mats to throw a few engineering pets on the Auction House when 4.1 hits. Finally remember to keep selling those Dalaran vendor pets, as you could probably creep the price up on those a bit when the achievements come out if you don’t have too much competition.

Thanks for Reading,
MM <3

7 Responses to “Yaay Pets!”

  1. zecdk

    Off topic but what is the dress you are wearing. I want it on my priest. Lol

  2. deadfajita

    Wow lucky. I want a lil raggy D;

    @zecdk I think its the embersilk dress. Not sure tho

  3. Miss Mediocre

    zecdk & deadfajita : Yep, it’s an embersilk gown! I don’t do heroics on my tailor so I can’t make them myself (they take a chaos orb) but I snatched this one up for 400g :)

  4. Kammler

    Further off topic….but have you lost weight? Maybe the gown is just slimming, or the big fiery thing makes your hips look petite. Idk, never mind.

  5. Miss Mediocre

    Kammler : I think it must be the dress/ big fiery thing combo as I’ve been eating way too many Conjured Mana Cakes to have lost weight, hehe.

  6. bruce

    love the site, miss.
    but that giant square banner, spamming computer equipment, that loads directly over your text (and isn’t closable) makes me unlikely to come back :(

  7. Miss Mediocre

    bruce : I understand, and hate it too. Unfortunately I don’t know how to fiddle with that stuff, but have been trying to stress the importance of getting a more reader friendly layout. Hopefully if you check back in a month or so, it will be better.

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