You Tiny Emerald B@ST@RD!

Posted June 29th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

I thought I should wait a couple days before actually posting about my incident with the Tiny Emerald Whelpling, as I was in no blog-posting spirit the day it happened, lol. I am only missing a handful of pets that are still currently available in WoW without resorting to trading cards or real money, and am trying to complete my collection before the launch of Cataclysm! I am always checking the Auction House to see which pets are the most commonly available, and I have seen the Tiny Crimson Whelpling and Tiny Emerald Whelpling in there almost every time I have checked. I had given farming them a half-assed attempt a few times over the years, but never had contributed more than about an hour at a time. I decided that after getting Loremaster, some brainless grinding was just what I needed! I decided I would buy the Crimson Whelp because I assumed the Emerald one would be easier for me to farm. With my new Crimson buddy trailing behind me, I headed over to the Swamp of Sorrows.

The first day I attempted to get my Emerald Whelp, I farmed for 5 hours straight, no breaks, no instances, just farming. No luck. The next day I farmed for my whelp while queing for heroics. I still needed my Perky Pug, which you get for grouping with 100 different people using the random dungeon tool, so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone (or get two pets during one play session! lol). I managed to get my Perky Pug that day, but still no Mr.Whelp!

The third day I returned to the Swamp DETERMINED! I have been successful in farming every single pet I have ever wanted (save the Hyacinth Macaw, which is basically impossible to actually farm). I’ve collected about 6 Azure Whelps, 3 Captured Firefly, 2 Disgusting Oozlings, and numerous Black Tabby cats, and though some of them took me a good 10 hours to farm, I always ALWAYS left satisfied! With the Emerald Whelpling, it just was not meant to be!

There had been a fellow farmer slaughtering whelps at times in the swamp, and when I arrived the third day he proudly linked me his new found buddy. I congratulated him, though I was crying on the inside, lol, but I still believed “I can do this!”. I spent 7 non-stop migraine-inducing back-cramping hours killing those horrible little creatures, and after 2356 kills, did I get my whelp??? NOPE!!!

When I glanced up at the pitiful amount of gold I had made killing the low level mobs, I’ll admit, I cried a little. A pathetic 22g was all I had to show for my cumulative 17 hours of grinding. I just kept thinking, one more whelp! The next one might be it! If I quit now this will all have been for nothing! Lol, I am pretty sure I could develop quite the gambling problem with this kind of thinking! To make my horrible Emerald Whelp experience a little more painful, there have been no Emerald Whelps in the Auction House since I gave up and decided to just buy one.

I had always thought that luck really didn’t have much too do with farming things, sure sometimes you found what you were looking for quicker than others, but it would all equal out in the end! I thought all those people who complained about farming for things for days and days were just embellishing their stories and simply hadn’t had the dedication to see their goal through to the end! For thinking this, I am sorry! I now realize that I must have sat on a horseshoe at some point, but have since passed it… lol.

Whenever I do get my hands on this elusive whelpling, I’ll leave a comment and say so, though I will NEVER farm for it again! An hour is all I would recommend dedicating to the search of any companion pet now! It just makes way more sense to go and grind mobs for gold for 7 hours, and go buy 3 pets from the Auction House, lol.

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