In Game Pets I’ve Yet To Get

Posted July 25th, 2011 by Miss Mediocre

Enchanted Lantern :
Unfortunately I no longer have a cross faction AHing toon (damn 10 per realm limit!), so I’m going to have to pay a fair bit for this horde version of the enchanter’s pet. They’re available in my Alliance AH, but I’m putting off buying one because they are around 3k, and I keep hoping I’ll find one for a little cheaper in the Neutral AH or that the price might drop a little closer to what the Alliance ones are going for.

Elementium Geode :
I’ve done a lot of mining since Cataclysm hit, but I’ve never managed to find one of these little guys.They have a small chance of dropping from Elementium nodes. The price for them is always fluctuating in my AH, so next time they are down to around 700g, I’m planning on just buying one.

Gold Mini Jouster & Blue Mini Jouster :
These will be easy enough to get. I just have to go do the quest (and possibly some quests leading up to it) in Hyjal. You can choose one, and then after doing the daily version of the quest for 10 days, you get the other one.

Armadillo Pup :
Only 29,061 critters to go… I kill a critter every time I see one, since coming back to the game, I’ve managed to kill like 39… This is going to take a while, but whenever I get my guild the Critter Killsquad achievement, the Armadillo Pup will be my reward!

Crawling Hand :
The Crawling Hand is one of the artifacts you can get from Tol’Vir Archaeology. I figure I’ll find it soon enough, maybe it will even be my next rare that pops up.

Fox Kit :
This guy drops off the foxes in the area in Tol Barad where you do your dailies. I’ve killed hundreds of those poor cute little foxes without luck, but I know eventually the RNG will stop being a jerk and let me have it, lol.

Core Hound Pup :
This pet is rewarded for putting an authenticator on your account. Since I’d quit playing I figured it wasn’t worth doing, but now that I am back I have been considering it, and it will get me a pet, so this one is a maybe.

Crimson Lasher :
This pet is purchased from Valarn Highbough after doing some of the Firelands quests, which I still haven’t started…

Hyjal Bear Cub :
The bear cub is also Purchased from Valarn Highbough after doing some of the Firelands quests.

Panther Cub:
You get the Panther Cub from a quest in STV. I just have to go do it, lol.

Pebble :
You get Pebble for completing the Lost in the Deeps daily quest in Deepholm 10 times. I’ve never done it on my main character, so I should probably get on that!

Tiny Shale Spider :
This one is dropped by a super hard to reach rarespawn in Deepholm. I believe you need to be on one of the Deepholm dailies to get to him, and as I mentioned I haven’t started those on my main, so I’ll have to start!

So getting all these pets will leave me at 149 pets, just 1 pet short of getting the Celestial Dragon. I am kind of thinking getting all of these will take me so long that they’ll have introduced some more pets by then, but we’ll see. If I was only 1 pet away, I might break my own rule and buy myself one from the online pet store…

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