Hey Don’t Eat That Candy!

Posted October 18th, 2011 by Miss Mediocre

Hi Readers,

I’ve been playing WoW a little more frequently lately. I managed to get my new mage character up past level 20 at last, and logged onto my paladin main to check out how Hallow’s End was different post Cataclysm. I noticed that you don’t talk to Innkeepers anymore to trick-or-treat, you just click on the candy buckets. You also don’t have a trick-or-treat cool down now, but you can only do it 79 times for Alliance or 108 times for the Horde because that’s as many candy buckets as there are. There are new daily quests that reward Tricky Treats, which are basically the new Hallow’s End currency, which I didn’t realize at first, and was running around on a sugar high, puking them up and wasting them, lol.

You can also get Tricky Treats from the candy buckets, and I ended up with about 160 of them after visiting all of the candy buckets (other than the ones in Outland) for Alliance. Of course I spent my Tricky Treats on the Feline Familiar pet, which cost 150 Tricky Treats. It is a cute little black cat that wears a witch hat and can even fly on a broom! It’s great! There is also another new companion pet you can get from the holiday quest line that starts in Stormwind from Anson Hastings in the Trade District or Orgimmar from Edwar Goodwin in the Valley of Strength. The pet is called Creepy Crate, and it’s basically a creepy crate that follows you around and EATS CRITTERS! It’s so funny, and counts toward the guild achievement Critter Kill Squad! Time to go plant my little Crate in the Deeprun Tram… lol

4 Responses to “Hey Don’t Eat That Candy!”

  1. Jer

    that’s cute but I want the evil thing inside the box, whatever it is.. Chris Hansen maybe?

  2. vivianalive

    Nah~welcome back!

  3. Alexcalibur

    Merry Christmas MM

  4. Miss Mediocre

    Alexcalibur : Thanks! Merry Christmas to you too!! :)

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