Tuesday Morning Downtime #5

Posted July 20th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

I always forget it’s Tuesday until I try and log on, lol. Today I decided I would try and make up a new WoW song! I was going to make the lyrics about the Tiny Emerald Whelpling that I still have not been able to get (sad face), but then decided that little bastard did not deserve it’s own song, lol. Another pet I have been unsuccessful in acquiring so far is the Phoenix Hatching from Magister’s Terrace. I’ll post the lyrics I came up with here, and then once I actually get some audio of it (which I am going to do this time!!!) then I’ll post that too!

So, this is to the tune of Incomplete by Backstreet Boys (hehehe)

Many pets live within my bags, Tiny creatures that run around my legs,
But without you, with me, I’m so upset, Always farming, but it’s never you I get.
I try to love my collection without you, You’re so rare but I just can’t help but try,
I pray Kael’thalas will one day drop you, Cuz without you my collection remains … Incomplete
Guildies tell me I should just move on, That this constant pet farming is so very wrong,
But Phoenix Hatching, I’ll give you a good home, With all my other pets, you’ll never feel alone!
I have thought of giving up, but I refuse to not get you,
I’ll keep farming until my luck at last improves,
I’d give up any pet for you (you),

So that’s what I have come up with so far! I’m going to try and get an audio file of it to post before the servers come back up, and maybe write another one about a failing paladin… if there’s time!

Thanks for Reading!

MM <3

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