Posted January 18th, 2013 by Miss Mediocre

I logged in tonight to do a bit more leveling. My pally is a couple quests away from 89 so I figured I could get that done before I had to sleep! To my dismay I looked up at my titan panel at one of my favorite things to see, my gold, and it was GONE! My character was exactly where I’d left her, somewhere in a field in Pandaland, yet she only had 56 silver on her. I thought it might be a glitch and quickly re-logged, but nope, my golds were really gone. I changed my password, opened a ticket and began inspecting the damage. As far as hackings go, I’ve heard some horror stories, but mine doesn’t seem to be too bad. I have all my gear, my banks and guild banks don’t seem to have been touched and the hacker only stole my gold on my main server.

It appears they logged into my 10 characters, recorded how much gold they each had and then created auctions for bread for each of the different amounts. They then bought the auctions on each of my characters and finally put them back in the exact same spot as I’d left them. The hacker was nice enough to leave me with 87g on my deathknight, but maybe that just didn’t seem worth the effort to take after the hundreds of thousands of gold they got from my other toons.

I’m not all that upset, as long as a GM can help me get my gold back then I won’t be upset at all. I even know who the hacker was because they left the auction house mail receipts in each of my character’s mailboxes. I have no idea how they got my password, I’m always super careful about what sites I visit and I have never given it out to anyone but I guess it’s pretty common. At least it was my WoW account that got hacked and not my bank account I guess!

Anyway, I took a mug shot of my hacker from the armory, just for fun, lol. His name is Tayneranos and he’s a warrior. He looks like a dick! I wonder if Blizz will suspend or cancel his account for this? It seems crazy that they would go through the trouble of taking all my gold, putting my characters back to where I left them, and then leave the auction house receipts so that I know who they are…

Needless to say I did not get to level 89 tonight. I just didn’t have the heart to play with an empty gold purse. I’ll update in 2 days when it says my ticket will be answered…


3 Responses to “Hacked!?”

  1. Sjk

    Yeah, all my character’s gold is gone for AH bread. They’re literally still standing in the last location I left them.

    This sounds one hell of a lot like an internal security issue, not a hacking issue. They didn’t sell my gear, mail anything off, hack the gbank, or anything. Just an AH sale of available gold in my bags.

  2. Sjk

    Grand, so I’m guessing this was done with the mobile phone remote AH application. Still PO’d at Blizz about this crap. They keep telling me they don’t have internal security issues when they sent me an email saying that an old login account had been hacked…the email account associated hadn’t been active for almost ten years and hadn’t been logged into (for old school starcraft) for far longer than that.

    I had forgotten it even existed, yet apparently it was a keylogger on my own machine that did it when I traveled back in time to log on that last time twelve years ago and then came back to the present.

    God I hate this company.

  3. Miss Mediocre

    Sjk : Did they restore all your gold?? Keep at it until they do! You’ve just got to come across a GM who actually understands what happened! I’m sorry it happened to you too, it was such a huge headache to deal with and the first 9 or so GMs just made it worse.

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