Hacked : Update

Posted January 19th, 2013 by Miss Mediocre

I got a response to my ticket this morning but it was not a pleasant one. Basically they told me that there was nothing they could do about my missing gold. They said my account had been compromised back in August of 2011 and because it was so long ago, I was just out of luck. I was so upset and considered cancelling my account on the spot but then decided I’d try to clarify what had happened since I recently had to go through 10 different GMs before one of them could help my brother get his account back. The second GM I talked to today said they saw what had happened, that someone had accessed my account for only a few seconds so GM#1 had missed it. They restored the gold that had been stolen from my main character, Lauriella, but the 60k gold stolen from all my alts was still missing.

I clarified that I’d lost gold across all of my characters and listed each of their names and the amount of gold that had been taken from them through the Auction House. GM#3 said there was nothing they could do about that lost gold because they couldn’t find it in the logs. That was frustrating but I contacted them again with a screenshot of the Auction House receipt for the “Tough Hunk of Bread” the hacker had sold to my characters to get the gold from them and again listed every character that was effected. The 4th GM was wonderful and got all my gold back for me!

I’m so glad I contacted another GM after GM#1 let me down, otherwise I’d probably have never played WoW again, lol. Now I can re-focus on getting to 90!

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  1. Sjk

    Seriously, this is a software security issue. No way they accessed every character for a few seconds, got them to an AH to buy bread, and returned them to precisely the same location and stance that they were in before in that time. Nor is it likely they wouldn’t have sold everything as well. This is totally a Blizzard issue, not sure what the hole is, but they found one.

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