Sim City Sucks…

Posted March 8th, 2013 by Miss Mediocre

I was having a hard time deciding if I should get the new Sims University expansion or the new Sim City. After much deliberation I decided on Sim City because I hadn’t played a Sim City game since I was a kid and The Sims 3 expansions I have so far have all been buggy and frustrating to play on my computer. So I purchased, downloaded and updated Sim City (about an hour long process) and then started my city in a region with my little brother. It was pretty easy to get the hang of and before long I was really enjoying the game.

Then after a couple hours all the servers crashed and were unable to connect. I couldn’t get my city to load and neither could my brother so we quit for the night. Then when the servers finally did get working again the next day, every single American and European one had a que time of at least 20 minutes. I waited then selected my game, but it wouldn’t load so I had to wait in que for another 20 minutes. Finally I got back into my city and worked away for about an hour. I noticed that the Community College I’d placed the night before when the serves were going wonky wasn’t there, so I tried to put down a new one. An alert came up and said my town wasn’t functioning properly so did I want to abandon it or roll it back to a time when it was working? I chose to roll it back, since obviously I didn’t want to abandon my sweet city!

So it rolled my city back to when it was “functioning”… To when it had 0 simoleans and a population of 0… I thought that couldn’t be right and tried to take a closer look at my city, but it didn’t work and I had to restart the game and am now in another 20 minute que. So as far as I can tell I have 8 hours played and absolutely nothing accomplished. This all brings to mind the experience I had with The Sims Medieval. Another game from Maxis/EA that would glitch out and make a 20+hour campaign suddenly corrupted and unplayable. I get that launches can be a tricky thing with any online game but this is just ridiculous…

If you’re considering buying Sim City, it’s probably awesome but you won’t be able to play it. Don’t waste your money, save it and buy the game in a month, or two months, or spend it on another game! Like World of Warcraft! Which I have been playing a lot, decided to take a break from to check out Sim City, and am now thankfully able to retreat to!

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