Happy Winterviel

Posted December 24th, 2013 by Miss Mediocre

I made this a little while ago but since I’ve been playing so much WoW that I haven’t had time to post about it, I thought I’d at least post my winterviely picture! I just got to 90 on my 9th character last night. That makes it Paladin, Warrior, Warlock, Priest, Hunter, Rogue, Shaman and two Mages at 90, lol. I believe that just leaves me my Monk (lvl 30), my Druid (lvl 85), and my Deathknight (lvl 62 Alliance or lvl 80 Horde) and then I’ll have a 90 of every class! I’m getting excited about it, reaching 80 on every class back in Wrath was one of my proudest WoW accomplishments, lol.

Anyway, I just wanted to wish everyone who reads this Happy Holidays! And everyone who doesn’t read this as well, but they just won’t know about it, lol.

Oh, and can you guess what the gift is in my drawing? 😛

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