Starlight, Starbright, Oh How I Want A Beta Key!

Posted August 4th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

Dear Blog,

I was so sad when the beta keys were first sent out and there wasn’t one in my inbox! Not a real one anyway, lol I had like 10 fake phishing ones, I bet they got a lot of people with those! My brother got a beta key, and didn’t even log into the beta once, and has since stopped playing. A friend of mine from WoW got one too, and only tried it once before deactivating his WoW account all together!!! Lol, so why not me?! I would be goblining the hell out of Azeroth right now if I could, but no, lol.

When the BC beta came out I remember thinking, wait, you can’t keep your characters, you don’t get any of the gold you make, wtf is the point? I guess perhaps WoW is more… well… my life now, hehe so just the thought of being able to see all the new content and make a goblin or a worgen is like *I WANT!*

One of the now three podcasts that I listen to is giving away beta keys in fun little contests, but because I didn’t get around to listening to it until yesterday, I missed all the previous entry opportunities, lol. I am a writer though, (lol) and today’s contest was to make up a limerick about wow or their show, but I don’t write freaking poetry!?! Have you ever tried to write a limerick?? I didn’t even know what a limerick was until I wikki’d the thing…

I had said no more contests for me after finding my skills of an artist were as mediocre as my gaming skills according to deviantart, but I want a beta key damnit! I figure the possibility of getting one is worth the likeliness of disappointment when I don’t, I was already disappointed I didn’t have one anyway!

So, when they inevitably choose someone else’s much funnier limerick for the time slot in which I posted, I will post my horrible attempt at poem-comedy on here for you all to read and laugh at! (Not because of the humor, because of the fail, lol). It’s okay though, because I laughed at it too!

Mine was:

A beta key for me would be just fine,
And would really help me waste more of my time,

It’d be like getting a kiss,
From the one and only Chuck Norris,

Oh how I wish a beta key could be mine!

lame right? hehe, oh well, no beta for me.

For now I will go back to my goal! My shaman is now level 77, so that means just 3 more levels for her, 20 levels on a rogue, 10 levels on my warrior and warlock, and I’ll be all done! XD

As a side note, I got so excited when I saw there was a new contest up, I forgot I was eating a poptart! That was like 40 minutes ago, and here it is beside me, only half eaten, lol.


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