You Buy Cat? – Black Tabby Hunting

Posted August 9th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

So I have been playing a lot of WoW recently. I don’t have one of those job things that I hear can take up your time, so I log on kinda often some days. I have always been an avid pet collector, and did a guide on how to get all the available pets in World of Warcraft on my old blog. I know which pets are the most difficult to get and which are the most pricey (I’d be swimming in gold if I hadn’t spent so much on those cute little buggers), so I thought I should take advantage of the amount of time I have been spending in WoW and make myself a bit of easy gold.

I first started hunting Dalaran Spellscribes over in Silverpine Forest back when the cat they dropped was still called a Maine Coon. It has since had it’s name changed to Black Tabby, and sells quite quickly for 900-1k gold to the Alliance. The Alliance cannot farm this pet themselves as the mob that drops it is friendly to them, so they will usually pay more than the Horde.

I have gotten 9 Black Tabby Cats in the last 2 weeks, just by logging my Horde paladin out on the stairs up to the walled-in area in Ambermill and hitting my “/target dalaran spellscribe” macro every time I log in. If it’s there I kill it and check back again in approximately six hours, and if it’s not I just keep checking back in between dungeons, level ups, etc. This rarespawn used to be over-farmed, but I have only caught someone else killing it once in all the times I have logged in to look for it. Honestly the mob is usually there and the pet does still sell! The mob isn’t guaranteed to drop the cat, but I can usually manage to get one cat a day, if I am on top of checking!

After I get 3 cats saved up, I head to Booty Bay and transfer them over to my Alliance character and then sell them in the Alliance Auction House. Really the transferring between factions is the longest part of the process, and that is just a blimp ride, lol.

If you would like to try and get yourself some cats to sell, or if you still need this one for your collection and don’t want to pay for it, just make the “/target dalaran spellscribe” macro, place a horde character on the Ambermill stairs, and hit that macro every time you log on. If it’s there you will target it, and it will be in one of the three houses in the walled in area (I usually find it is in the smallest house which is on the left). The mob is level 21, so make sure you aren’t putting a really low level character there that will just get killed if you attack!

I know there are probably quicker/easier ways to make gold, but I love selling pets, and really if the mob isn’t there, I’ve only wasted about 45 seconds of my play time, hehe. I am planning on keeping a few of the cats until Cataclysm gets here too, because they might be harder to get once everything is on fire! They could be purchasable from a vendor though by then, but they could also stop dropping, lol so it’s a bit of a gamble!

Hopefully a few more of you can take advantage of the horde’s sudden lack of interest in the black tabby, but don’t you dare start camping it on my server!!! ;P hehe.

Happy Hunting!


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