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Posted August 15th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

Chillin' with goold old Arthas

Gosh I have been playing a lot of WoW lately! I am still working away on my goal of reaching level 80 with a character of every class. So far I am done all the classes except for my warrior which is 75, my rogue which is 66 and my warlock which is 70, but I may have to start my lock over because she’s on my second account, which I don’t have active anymore.

In addition to hours of leveling, I have also been leveling my professions! I figure it is the best time to get it done, because if I wait until Cata hits, mats and such will be insanely expensive! My most recent characters to ding 80 were my Shaman and my Druid, and I just finished maxing out their professions last night (mining, jewel crafting, herbalism, alchemy). It basically didn’t cost me anything because I have been saving mats for years and anything I did have to buy, I made the gold back quickly by selling whatever I’d crafted. With those professions now I can start making some serious goldz, hehe!

A new WoW goal I am considering setting for myself (if I have any time left after my characters are all 80 but before Cataclysm gets here) is attempting to reach the gold cap! This is something that has always seemed pretty impossible, especially to me seeing as forking out 4000g in one day for some pets was not a rarity, but I have all the pets I can actually purchase now (except of course the Hyacinth Macaw, but 20,000g for anything is too much for me!). So now that there’s nothing I am really spending my gold on, I am starting to save up a good chunk!

I have been listening to Call To Auction (a podcast), and it is filled with tips and tricks to help you make gold in WoW, and there are gold making tips on every episode of Castaclysm (another podcast I listen to) so I am starting to become a bit more gold savvy. On my main server I used to sit around about 6k gold if I wasn’t on a big spending/saving spree, but now I’m creeping up on 18k! The gold cap is about 215k, so yeah I still have quite the ways to go, but if there is time, I may start trying to really do it!

It’s funny because a big chunk of my gold has come just from selling Black Tabbys to the Alliance over the past few weeks, lol. Now I am attempting to “play the auction house” a bit more and use my professions across all my characters to maximize my profits, hehe.

I will try to moderate my play time a bit better so I can actually post on here more often! I have basically been playing until my face hits the keyboard (because I fall asleep, lol) or I have been busy out doing summer things! I want this blog to be good though, so more effort shall soon follow!

If you have any suggestions for me please leave a comment!

*As a quick after note, they played my WoW parody song on The Instance (episode 199)!!! Yaay ^ ^

MM <3

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