Alright Azeroth, Just One More Time!

Posted August 21st, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

My goal of getting a character of every class to 80 is actually nearing completion! My rogue is currently level 72, and after she reaches the big 80 ding, the only class I will have left to level is a warlock.

I do already have a level 70 warlock. Her name is Zyana, which I don’t really like anymore, lol, and I leveled her back in Burning Crusade because the guild I was running with needed a warlock for raiding. She’s decently geared by Burning Crusade standards, but the problem with her is that she is on my second account. I don’t use my second account anymore, and didn’t think one more character would be worth the extra cost of reactivating it, so I was going to just transfer Zyana to my main account.

The problem with transferring is that it would be $25 + tax, and I hate her name so if I were going to play her I would have needed to pay the additional $10 + tax for a name change. (She’s on the same server as I use now, so I couldn’t just use up the name myself to force a free name change). This got me thinking, is almost $40 worth 70 levels to me?

The answer I came to was  a resounding no! It only takes me a week (if I have some days where I don’t play much) to get through Northrend, maybe 3 days to get through Outland, so really, how long could it possibly take me to get through Azeroth? A week? 2 weeks? Even if it takes a whole month that’s still an extra $40 in my pocket, and it’s a recession damnit, I shouldn’t be wasting any more money than I already am on pixilated purchases!

So Azeroth, here I come! (One more time before you get Deathwing smashed anyway).

I was thinking it would be fun to do a little series on my blog here about leveling all the way from 1 to 80. I figure I’ll do one post every 10 levels or so, about things I have encountered, money I’ve made, people who have made me angry, things that have killed me, etc! I mean, I know it’s surely been done before, but it has never been done by me! So, I am doing it, lol.

Hopefully I don’t find the process is taking too long and  just transfer my old lock, lol but I think for the most part I am pretty good at sticking to my guns!

Wish me luck! ^.^


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