Elaynna The Lock – Level 1

Posted August 21st, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

I have made my new warlock! I named her Elaynna (which I like SO much better than the name Zyana), and I made her an Alliance Human, because Draenei and Night Elves cannot yet be warlocks, and gnomes are just creepy… lol.

I bought her the badge heirloom chest and the stone keeper shard shoulders so she’ll have that lovely +20% experience, which should help speed things along! I also made her an Orange Martial Shirt, just so her robe will look a little better (nice sleeves).

I am about to start leveling in Elwyn Forest, and am hoping I get some sweet names for my lock pets!!! I will also attempt to avoid being killed my murlocs, which almost always is my first death on characters, lol.

Next update will come at level 10! (Which hopefully I can get to today, lol otherwise this whole 80 levels is going to take me a while . . .)

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