I’m So Horde – WoW Parody Song #2

Posted August 24th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

I do like the lyrics I came up for with this song, but I just could not sing it very well!!! All those high notes plus screamyness, I just so couldn’t do it. I am aware it’s not very good, but hey, there are worse things posted out there! lol. I just got to the point where I gave up on this one, so hopefully my next attempt will be better!

Lyrics are posted below the youtube window.

I will own, Alliance Noobs,
With my amazing movies,
I will own!

Five capped once again,
This battleground makes me feel,
Fearless, Fierce, Epic,
I’m so Horde!

If you want, to be like me,
You can reroll just log out and delete.
Then you won’t suck!
And you’ll start winning,
Almost everything PvP.

I’m so Horde, yeah!
I’m undead, tabbard’s red,
Hangin’ in Ogrimmar,
And Thrallmar,
I’m so Horde!

Admit! We’re epic!
You want to be like us.

Wintergrasp time again,
These Alliance skills are just,
So sad and pathetic,
I’m so Horde!


You try to, steal our Warsong,
Gulch flag, but we take it back,
Yeah we take it back!

We break into your towns,
And kill all the Alliance leaders,
Oh yeah, For the Horde!
I’m so Horde!

And Gnomes cry,
Which only makes us laugh even harder,
Such babies,
Go and stab a gnome and roll Horde!

4 Responses to “I’m So Horde – WoW Parody Song #2”

  1. Monstermkr2000

    What was the original song? You have a great voice btw :). Oh yes, love the site, am new to WoW but am lovin it, a loooong time sims player tho :)

  2. Miss Mediocre

    Monstermkr2000 : The original song is called I’m So Sick by Flyleaf and thank you! :)

  3. Monstermkr2000

    Wow, thanks for introducing me to this band, they are unbelievable. Also, as long as you keep writing, I will keep reading; I’m hooked! 😛

    Thanks so much ,


  4. Miss Mediocre

    Monstermkr2000 : Yea they are a great band! 😀 I really like their “Fully Alive” song, so you should check it out if you haven’t already! :)

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