Elaynna The Warlock – Level 30

Posted September 7th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

Getting from level 20 to level 30 seems like it took forever, but I guess I was away on holidays for a whole week in there! Questing was getting SO boring, and instances were being SO fail, that I made a deal with a guild mate to go run for run in Gnomeragan and Scarlet Monastery until we both reached level 30. This probably ended up taking us just as long as questing would have, but man was it a lot less frustrating! I also got a lot of greens which I am still in the process of selling in the Auction House, so I made back all the money I’d spent leveling Engineering, plus 190g! I also have a few blues which I am trying to sell and SO much cloth, which I am trying to save until Cataclysm to sell, but my banks are getting pretty full, so I may have to sell some sooner than I wanted.

When my guild mate and I reached level 29, we decided to try a battleground, thinking we would destroy everyone because we were at the level cap for that bracket. I have pretty decent gear, though not twink-worthy, it’s not whites and greens anymore, but I still got owned! I’m not speced for PvP, which may have been why I was having so much trouble, or maybe it was just an unlucky match, but yeah, it was horrible! Our team didn’t have any healers, which may have added to the ownage that was befalling us, but still! Warsong Gulch was never my favorite battleground to begin with, but I now kind of hate it, lol. We stopped PvPing after one match, but maybe I’ll try it again closer to level 39.

I am going to return to questing now that I am level 30 and possibly give the random dungeon finder another chance. Hopefully the horrible people I’d been stuck with at lower levels will have given up by now and I will actually be able to finish a dungeon! I’m looking forward to the big level 35 when I can finally get my professions up to 300! I will be kicking some serious Azerothean butt with my sweet engineering toys, hehe. Hopefully it won’t cost me too much to reach 300, I know with other professions around 250 is where it gets really pricey to level, but my gold is creeping up on 30k and I have a lot of mithril, truesilver and thorium saved up, so maybe it won’t be too painful! I’m not too concerned with Alchemy just because it’s so easy to farm the mats for that, plus I have at least two stacks of everything, so it should be pretty simple!

I’ve still got 40 levels to go until I catch up with my other warlock, but I am beginning to believe that maybe starting over wasn’t an awful idea! It hasn’t been a cake walk like I was expecting, but with any luck I will be through Azeroth and heading to Outland in no time!

Wish me luck!


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