Opperation Gnomeregan & Zalazane’s Fall

Posted September 8th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

I must admit that I have been anxiously awaiting the release of the events to take back the troll and gnome starting zones! I was so excited once I noticed I had a letter from Vanira on my horde paladin, and found out that the events were starting TODAY! My alliance paladin is my main, so I quickly logged over to her and checked her mail. I had a letter from High Tinkerer Mekkathorque asking me to head over to Iron Forge, so off I went!


The first task that I was given as Alliance was to recruit gnomes using the motivate-a-tron and deliver them to Steelgrill’s Depot (which is easy to find even if you aren’t sure where it is just by looking at your map of Dun Morogh). Once that was completed I was asked to follow some basic orders. All you have to do for this quest is do the /emotes you’re directed to do by Drill Sargent Steamcrank.

I was also given a few quests to test the tanks around Captain Tread Sparknozzle, but you just have to use the keyed abilities to complete that. I did have a bit of a hold up when I got to the one to shoot targets as it appears you can only click on the ones on the hill by the targets, not the ones you click on for the previous tank quests.

Next I dropped radiageigatron (cool little fan thingys) on the vents around Gnomeregan, which are located on the cliff face and are marked with green arrows. Then I used a gnomish playback device in front of Ozzie, Milli and Tog, gnomes located near Steelgrill’s Depot. One of them is inside a little building, so if you are having trouble locating Ozzie, that’s where you should look! The last step before getting to the main event was to give a speech to Captain Tread Sparknozzle, which gets you the Gnomeregan Pride, which turns you into a Gnomeregan Infantry for 30 minutes with a 4 hour cool down. Then it’s off to Gnomeregan!

If you ride Thunderflash (the helicopter) to where High Tinkerer Mekkathorque is supposed to be and are concerned because he isn’t there, don’t worry! Once the event has started and the High Tinkerer has left, you just have to wait until the event ends to get in on the next wave. Then just stick close to the High Tinkerer (marking him with a raid icon helps!) and kill whatever you can without leaving his side.

When you finish Opperation Gnomeregan you will get a Feat of Strength and the Gnomeregan Drape, which is apparently useless other than it has the gnome symbol on the back.


I decided to do the horde chain on my Horde Pally, so I read the letter from Vanira that instructed me to head to Sen’jin Village in Durotar. My first task as horde was to pick up frogs (by the shoreline around the palm trees) and “attune” them (by right clicking them by the quest giver). Next I flew over the islands dropping the frog spies near the white flares. I loved this quest just because I found throwing the frogs so funny! I kept making “splat” noises and probably dropped 4 times as many as I needed to, just because you have so much extra time before you land.

Next I was sent to troll for volunteers in Razor Hill, which was basically the same as the Alliance quest, but you used Vol’Jin’s War Drums instead of the motivate-a-tron. After that I was turned into a big panther guy and I ran across the water to fight the Tiger Matriarch. She shows up almost as soon as you get there, and don’t worry when she starts kicking your butt, she won’t kill you! After you fight you find out that she is a troll druid (yep! Troll Druids! Cataclysm…. yaaay!) and will help you fight Zalazane.

I had to dance with the spirits next, which is just something you spectate, you don’t actually have to do anything. When you turn in that quest you receive the Darkspear Pride, which turns you into a Darkspear Warrior for 30 minutes with a 4 hour cool down. Finally I was asked to speak to Handler Marnlek and fly to meet Vol’jin. This is the same as the Alliance quest in that if the event is underway when you arrive, you will have to wait until it ends. Once it’s over and it’s your turn, just make sure you stick close to Vol’jin (marking him with a raid icon helps) and kill whatever you can.

When you finish Zalazane’s Fall you will get a Feat of Strength and the Darkspear Shroud, which is a cape with the Troll symbol on the back. It has no use that I could see, just like the Gnomeregan one.

I am hoping there is still more to come, perhaps dailies or turn ins, but the Troll event did seem to wrap everything up. The Gnome one left things a bit more up in the air, but that could be it for them as well! I hope we get to do more as Cataclysm gets closer, but these quests are definitely worth doing for the gold and experience, even if they are more brief than I was hoping for! You will have to be at least level 75 to get the feat of strength, but you can do all the quests up to the last at any level!

Thanks for Reading!


3 Responses to “Opperation Gnomeregan & Zalazane’s Fall”

  1. Rathay

    Yes! I loved these events. I only have 2 80s even though I’ve been playing since just before The Burning Crusades came out… but one’s on Alliance and the other is on Horde. I think I was a little disappointed with the gnome one because as you said, things were still up in the air. I did that one on an RP server, I just love how everyone really plays along with it. People were cheering him on, doing battle cries, even the normal server on the horde side was sort of like that (except there was a lot more general chat going on.) Yes, I agree.. sure hope there are some dailies to go along with these, or at least something before Cata…. Yay trolls! Your home shall be yours again! Troll druids… YAY

  2. Miss Mediocre

    That’s awesome that you have an 80 on both of the factions and could experience both of these events! I have an 80 horde on a RP server, and am thinking I should perhaps pay Zalazane a visit one more time! It would be really fun to check it out from an RP angle and I hadn’t even thought of that until I read your comment! So thank you! 😀

  3. Rathay

    ^^ I’m glad you found my post insightful. It was really cool to have the people playing along. So much fun. I’m not sure how RP is on horde side on some servers, but Alliance on Wyrmrest was amazingly fun.

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