My Soulforge Story – Part 1 – Bracers

Posted September 18th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

Dear Readers,

I have been listening to the Instance for a while now, and every week they say something else in WoW that you should try to do before Cataclysm gets here because it may no longer be available. A couple weeks ago they suggested collecting the “Tier 0″ set and doing the quest line to upgrade it. Having been a very active but fairly nooby player back in Vanilla, I had always been aware of this set, and had always been intending to someday attempt to get it.

I started out with high hopes and headed to UBRS where my shoulders and chest dropped. I figured this was the only 10 man instance out of the 3 I needed to go to, so I’d start with what would most likely be the hardest. Oh it was the hardest alright! Soloing the instance wasn’t the hard part, it was just how awfully long it took me. Each run took a minimum of 15 minutes, because you have to keep waiting for stuff, like you have to wait for the fire boss to get to full strength before he will attack you and you have to wait for Rend to get to his damn dragon EVERY TIME! It ended up taking me like 7 hours, because Drakk (the last boss) did not drop my chest piece until the 21st time!!! 21st!!! I was ready to punch my computer in the face by the time that was finished, and it was only the first baby step toward completing my goal, lol.

My next step was to go to Scholomance for my helm. This took me 15 runs until the Headmaster finally gave up the Lightforge Helm, but it didn’t hurt my soul nearly as bad as UBRS did, just because each run only took me like 4 minutes and I really like Scholomance, lol. I stopped by the Auction House next while I was clearing out my inventory and bought the BoE item I still needed for my set, (which was only the belt).

The last instance (I thought) I needed to go to was Strathlome. My legs dropped from Baron Rivendare (In Strat Dead), who managed to hold onto them through 11 deaths, but then finally surrendered them on the 12th run. Balnazzar (from Strat Live) had my boots which are the only set piece he drops, so I assumed that would make them easier to get, but it still took me 10 tries. When I got my boots I equipped my whole set (or so I thought) and looked at it and admired it and headed off to Ironforge to start the chain to turn it all into Soulforge.

The first quest in the Soulforge chain gets you to go to Winterspring to collect blood samples. The drop rate was pretty low so it took me a little while, but I was really excited to get my first Soulforge set piece! I tried to turn in the quest, but noticed it wouldn’t let me because I didn’t have the Lightforge Bracers. I was like “… huh?” and checked my inventory and sure enough I had equipped some BoE blue cloth bracers I had picked up somewhere, and I didn’t actually have the bracers yet! I was a bit irritated, but ran over to the Auction House, positive I had seen them in there the day before. Of course there were none in there then, so I checked to see where I had to go to get them. They drop in Scholomance, so off I went. It turns out they only drop off Risen Protectors (of which there are 4 in the instance), Risen Warriors (2 of those guys), and Lord Alzexei Barov. I kept getting locked out of instances because I could get in there and kill the 7 mobs I needed to in like 3 minutes, so I had my friend killing the same 7 mobs in his instances at the same time. I believe you get locked out after 4 instances under like 15 minutes or something, and we each got locked out 3 times before he found a pair.

At last I pranced over to Deliana in Ironforge and handed her my Lightforge Bracers and the Winterspring Blood and POOF she turned them into Soulforge Bracers for me! I was a bit disappointed to see they were only of blue quality, but later I found out that some of the set is epic at least.

This is kind of a long post already, so I have spontaneously decided to divide my Soulforge story up into smaller bits! Next post coming soon! (I am writing these between doing more stuff in WoW, lol. Multitasking ftw!)

<3 MM

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