My Soulforge Story – Part 2 – Belt & Gloves

Posted September 19th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

The next step in my Soulforge chain was for my belt and gloves! This was a fairly easy process actually. First I had to go to Tanaris, where the NPC asked me to bring him a bunch of stuff that I had in my guild bank thankfully, and some Volcanic Ash from the Burning Stepps. Then it was off to EPL,Winterspring and Silithus to get some ectoplasm. Next I was sent to kill Magma Lord Bokk in Burning Steps to steal his magma core, and it was strange because he wasn’t hidden or anything, but I’d never noticed him before, this big magma elemental named Lord Bokk, lol.

The next quest required me to go buy a Fel Elemental Rod from some random Imp in a cave in Winterspring. I looked at the size of the flight path from Tanaris to Winterspring and was like “Nope!”, lol so I logged onto my druid and teleported to Moonglade and thankfully the item was not BoP, so I was able to buy it with her and send it to my Paladin, saving me a 15 minute flight! It was weird though because even in the middle of the day, in the southern most part of Winterspring, in a cave I have never been in, there was some 80 sitting there beside the Imp, lol. Apparently the NPC can occasionally sell Fel Cloth, so maybe that’s why they were there, but you’d think there’d be an easier way to get your hands on some Fel Cloth!

Finally I made my way back to Ironforge and this time I actually had the BoE set items I needed to complete the quest, lol. I was starting to think, “Hey, this quest chain isn’t going to be that bad!” which was foolish of me! lol.

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