My Soulforge Story – Part 3 – Pants, Shoulders & Boots

Posted September 19th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

I went into this part of the chain feeling pretty confident! I already had 3 whole set pieces and it was only my second day working on the quest. The first few steps were easy; go to Strathlome, talk to some ghost, do a Baron 45 run, which is pretty easy at level 80, lol. The next part is where I ran into a bit of a dilemma. The ghost asks you to bring him a bunch of stuff including 3 Dark Iron Bars and 4 Cured Rugged Hides. I ran back to Light’s Hope so I could access the mail box and then logged onto someone near a bank and Auction House.

I had everything on the ghost’s list except the Dark Iron Bars and the Cured Hides, though I did have the uncured hide on my Leatherworker. I quickly wowheaded how to get Refined Deeprock Salt, which was required for curing my hides. It said it came from a Salt Shaker, which sounded simple enough! I checked the AH for some, but there was only the Engieneering pattern to make one for 20g. I figured this wasn’t a bad price so I bought it and sent it over to my new Warlock Engineer, Elaynna.

I didn’t have the mats for the Salt Shaker unfortunately, so I bought the 3 Mithril Bars, 6 Thorium Bars and found 3 Gold Power Cores. Next I had to buy the Deep Rock Salt, which I sent, along with the salt shaker, to my Leatherworker. I then refined the salt (only Leatherworkers have the ability to use Salt Shakers. They must get pretty busy come dinner time, lawl), and made my Cured Rugged Leather Hides. This wasn’t crazy expensive, but when you consider it was all to make an item, to make an item, to make an item, that is one of the items needed for one step in a quest, it was just a little tedious.

Next I had to grab some Dark Iron Bars out of the Auction House, which I am aware can only be smelted in Black Rock Depths, but still! The only ones in there were a stack of 19 with a buyout of 350 gold! It hurt me to press the buyout button, but I tried to put that out of my head by reminding myself that I was almost done, and that it would be worth it! (Silly me…)

I was subsequently sent to Dire Maul, but I checked before leaving Dalaran so I could bring the mats I would need with me, to keep me from having to run out of the instance to a mail box. I had saved my Dark Runes from Scholomance, figuring they might be needed for part of the chain seeing as they are used for little else, and that was good because I needed 4 of them along with 8 Large Brilliant Shards (which I had plenty of from my UBRS runs).

I did a bit of running around in Dire Maul and then it was off to Black Rock Depths to place a banner in the Ring of Law. I summoned and fought off Theldren’s Team with one little Divine Storm, and then it was back to Ironforge for my pants, shoulders and boots!

I was a bit sad that I’d had to spend more money than I’d wanted to on this part, but re-posted the left over Dark Iron Bars hoping to make back some of my losses! (They haven’t sold yet, but mine are always the only ones in there, so perhaps someday they might, lol.) My set was starting to come together nicely and I knew the next chain rewarded both the helm and chest, so I was excited to be almost done. I had no idea what awaited me in Silithus, and I think had I checked ahead of time, I probably never would have attempted to get my Soulforge set and would have been more than happy with my little Lightforge gear!

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