My Soulforge Story – Part 4 – Helm & Chest

Posted September 20th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

I was sure I’d be able to finish up this last part of my armor chain in one day, but I was a bit over confident, lol. I made my way to Blackrock Mountain to talk to Bodley, a little gnome ghost who you can only see by using the Extra-Dimensional Ghost Revealer (an item I’d received early in the quest chain). His first request didn’t sound too intimidating, but that was simply because I was still pretty unfamiliar with Silithus and the Twilight Cult. Bodley asked me to kill and take an item from Incendius from BRD, Ember from UBRS and Cynder who was somewhere in Silithus. I was to bring these items to him along with a Hallowed Brazier from the Argent Dawn Quartermaster (I’d always wondered what purpose that item had).

First I went into UBRS and killed Ember and took his ember. Then I jumped down to BRD and made my way to Incendius, from whom I took Incendicite. Finally I headed off to Silithus in search of Cynder. When I read how to go about summoning him, I was worried. Unless you were very lucky and happened to have a “Signet of Beckoning : Fire”, which I did not, the process to summon a Duke was as follows:

-Kill Twilight Cultist until you find 4 complete outfits (Cowl, Mantle and Robe). You need 4 because each time you interact with something while wearing the outfit, it is destroyed.
-Talk to a Lesser Wind Stone and summon a Templar. Loot the Abyssal Crest. Do this 3 times.
-Take the 3 Abyssal Crests to Aurel Goldleaf in Cenarion Hold along with a Large Brilliant Shard to receive a Medallion of Station.
-Equip the Medallion of Station along with your last Twilight set and speak to a Wind Stone.
-Summon a Duke.

The problem is, unless you have horseshoes lodged in your nether regions, any of 4 Dukes can be summoned from the Wind Stones, and you have no control over which shows up without a Signet of Beckoning. I consider myself fairly “lucky” when it comes to WoW stuff, so off I went to slaughter twilight cultists. 8 wrong Dukes later, I looked up how to get a Signet of Beckoning: Fire. I had collected about 100 Encrypted Twilight Texts, and you turn them in, 10 at a time, to Hermit Otell in South Eastern Silithus, who sends you a package in the mail 12 hours later which has a 4% chance of containing a Signet of Beckoning: Fire. I turned in all 100 of the texts I’d collected, and quit for the day, hoping I’d get my Signet of Beckoning: Fire, the next day.

I was thrilled when one of my 10 packaged did have the right Signet! I quickly made the Crest of Beckoning: Fire and headed to a Twilight camp to finally summon the evasive Cynder. I talked to the Wind Stone, but nothing seemed any different, and when I summoned a duke, again it wasn’t the right one! I was pissed and went to and skimmed through the comments until I saw something about talking to a Lesser Wind Stone. I checked the other stone and sure enough there was a different chat bubble option, so I picked it! Out popped a fire TEMPLAR! Also, my crest was gone. A different chat bubble should have showed up when I talked to the Wind Stone, but for some reason it hadn’t.

I screamed a little IRL at this point and walked away from WoW for a couple hours…

I returned later though, determined to not give up! I bought every twilight set piece from the Auction House on both the alliance and horde (which unfortunately wasn’t many and cost me 200g) and got them all to my paladin in Silithus. Many Dukes and hours later, Lord Cynder at last appeared! I killed him and took his Cinder and spit on him and danced on his corpse a little, and was about to hearth and leave Silithus forever, when I noticed how close I was to being exalted with the Cenarion Circle. I figured I should finish that up as it would only take me an hour max to do so, and I’d already been in the buggy desert for almost 15 hours. I summoned a few of the big bosses from the Greater Wind Stones because I had collected all the crap I needed to do that, and turned in 100 or so more Encrypted Twilight Texts, but this time to Bor Wildmane for Cenarion Rep.

After spending the most time I have ever spent on one quest in my 5 years of WoW, the rest of the chain seemed to just fly by! I was sent to get items from the island off the South West coast of Hillsbard, and then to the island off the East coast of Duskwallow Marsh, both of which I had always wondered about because they have level 60ish elites, but are in level 20-40 zones. I had to summon and kill Mor Greyhoof in Scholomance, and then collect some Blackrock Bracers from the Orcs in UBRS. Finally I had the quest to summon and kill Lord Valthalak, the last step between me and my complete set! I excitedly chopped down the mobs between me and the Beast’s room in UBRS, where I had to go to summon him.

Lord Valthalak didn’t look too tough so I attacked him and was pounding away on him when he summoned his little add. I didn’t think much of him until he started casting “defile” on me, which had me stunned for 6 seconds. I was patiently waiting for the stun to wear off so I could continue killing things when BAM, I died. Turns out if the mob doesn’t die before it finishes casting “defile” you die instantly no matter how much health you have. I was a bit angry as I ghost ran back to the instance, but thankfully I had a friend online who agreed to come and help me kill him quickly. It was over in seconds with the both of us! I used his amulet on his corpse, turned in the quest outside the instance to Bodley, and then headed back to Ironforge with a big smile on my face.

I talked to Deliana, handed over my Lightforge helm and chest and she gave me my Soulforge helm and chest! At last my set was complete! I bought a Rich Purple Silk Shirt to go with my armor, dyed my hair black, and started riding around on my Swift Brown Ram (with purple armor), just to complete the look!

How anyone managed to do this quest chain at level 60 is beyond me! Seriously that degree of WoW determination kinda intimidates me a little, lol.  If you are thinking you might want to collect this set for yourself before Cataclysm gets here, I recommend not doing it! If I was a bit less patient of a person with any semblance of a life away from gaming, I never would have done it! The fact that you don’t get any achievements or feats of strength or anything from it except the level 60 armor, it’s really not worth doing unless you really REALLY have your heart set on it!

I hope you all enjoyed my Soulforge Story! I sure did NOT enjoy living it, lol but I am glad it’s over!

<3 MM

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3 Responses to “My Soulforge Story – Part 4 – Helm & Chest”

  1. Kenn

    Awesome to see more paladins finish this! I originally did it at 60, and finished just weeks before BC’s release (finished the part with the Banner of Provocation just 10 secs til servers dropped for 2.0 update) and I still have every item from the quest (they were great for Large Brilliant shard farming in the lvl 60 dungeons).

    I still wear the armor on my nightsaber from AV and my Verigan’s Fist (lvl 20 Paladin Quest).


  2. Kenn

    Oh, and nothings beats a pre-BC 45 Min Baron Run. *thumbs up*

  3. Miss Mediocre

    That’s crazy that you finished it pre BC! I can’t even imagine how much more difficult it would have been to actually be level 60 doing the chain! I think I had an easier time getting Loremaster than collecting this set, lol. It is such a sweet looking set though, I wear it all the time now, which sometimes gets me killed because I forget I’m wearing level 60 armor, lol. Huge props for actually doing this at 60! Seriously, /grovel! Hehe.

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