Should I Play Horde or Alliance?

Posted May 4th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

So for any of you people who are just getting into WoW (I bet your friend recruited you so they could get an X-53 Touring Rocket…lol) The first big decision you’re going to have to make is which faction to choose.  I will say that I prefer the Horde, but I do have an 80 alliance as well, and have played only alliance for the majority of my WoW life, so hopefully my advice won’t be too biased. I switched to the horde after WotLK was released, and have never gone back.

I prefer the Horde because the quests seem to be easier over all and are better placed throughout the world. The placement of their cities seem to be more convenient as well and it is really easy to get around with the blimps and orb of translocation. I know they just added ships to Stormwind to try and make it easier for alliance to get around as well, but I still prefer the blimps of the Horde. A negative aspect about the Horde is that everyone seems to be a lot angrier and less patient than on the alliance. That may have just been the servers I have chosen though, but whether it is in trade channel or a random dungeon, the majority of people are just mean. I never had that problem on the Alliance, but I guess as long as you have friends to play with, it really isn’t that big of a deal.

Next I’ll go over the races briefly. Alliance has humans, which you may think is great if you’re not that into fantasy games, but really once you get into WoW, and you will get into it, you may find Humans are a slightly boring choice. You’re playing a game! Why would you want to be what you are in real life, in that game, when you have so many choices! My first character was a human, and I always regretted that! Draenei are probably the best Alliance race. They get a heal as their racial and they are the most recently added, so they look a lot smoother than the other races. Sure they have hooves and tails, but I think after only a few hours, Draeneis can grow on anyone!  Another Alliance race I don’t mind are Night Elves. They used to be my favorite race before Burning Crusade was released. They definitely look cool, but their racial sucks and compared to Draeneis, their limbs look too bulky and sharp. Gnomes can be enjoyable for some, though I absolutely hate them, they are just too small for me. Finally Dwarves are fine as long as you are playing a male character. All the female ones look pretty maleish, so if you want to spend your time watching a pretty avatar jump around on your screen, don’t pick Dwarf!

Now the Horde races! I will start with my favorite first, Blood Elves! These are similar to Night Elves except that they were added in Burning Crusade, so they look much better than the other races. They have an AoE silence as their racial, and they start in the best level 1-20 questing zone in the game. Almost all of my characters are Blood Elves and I love them all! The second best horde race in my opinion is Undead. They need an updated look for sure, because their spine manages to peek through every single cloak in the game, but they are still cool. They can also eat their fallen foes instead of having to carry around food! Next I like Taurens. They are essentially a race of two legged intelligent cows, but gosh are they cute! Their racial is also amazing, an AoE stun that lasts for 2 seconds. Trolls and Orcs are about tied for me. I don’t have any characters of either race, but both of their racials are good! Orcs get Blood Furry, which gives you a buff depending on which class you choose, and Trolls get an attack or casting speed buff and increased health regeneration.

Hopefully this will help anyone trying to make the choice between the factions! If you are just starting out and have no idea how to play, maybe Alliance would be best, but if you play lots of games are are starting some characters with some friends, roll Horde for sure.

3 Responses to “Should I Play Horde or Alliance?”

  1. Jen

    Shadowmeld is amazing!! At least for me. It makes the Chuck Norris style so much easier… I generally cba going around a group of mobs, so I just ride in and hope I’ll live. When I get dismounted… all I need to do is get to a safe place, shadowmeld and watch the mobs go away. Win!

  2. Miss Mediocre

    So, I haven’t played a night elf in AGES and hadn’t realized that they changed Shadowmeld!!! It is so useful now that you can use it while in combat! So I retract my statement about the Night Elf racial sucking and now understand your comment Jen, haha.

  3. Uther the Lightbringer

    Stopped reading when you said Belves were your favorite race. Humans have the best racials in the game,face it.

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