Help A Noob Day – Stories of Noobs Past

Posted September 27th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

I was very excited to have the chance to participate in “Help A Noob Day” and have a post featured on Zug Gaming! I know a lot of the progress I made getting from the noob I was back in the Summer of 2005, to the mediocre WoWaholic I am today, was thanks to a few experienced gamers who took the time to point out a couple of the many things I was doing wrong. I thought it might be fun, and helpful, if I asked all of my WoW Buddies about what silly noob mistakes they had made when they were just starting out. A few of them responded with amusing stories, and hopefully by sharing these and pointing out how to avoid them, some noobs can refrain from making the same mistakes as we did!

A mistake that a few of my friends had mentioned making was overlooking Talent Points until level 30. If you are having a lot of trouble killing things that are your level or only a few levels higher, this might be your problem! You are rewarded a Talent Point each time you level after level 10, and you spend them by going to your Talent Point screen (default key “N”). A website I use to find a good Talent Spec for my characters is It will show you the most popular talent builds for your class.

Gear is also a huge contributor to your character’s effectiveness. One friend mentioned that she wore white and gray quality gear all the way to level 47. You can start getting green quality gear as early as level 5 from quests or the Auction House if you have some gold to spare, and you can compare the gear you are currently wearing with any new gear you find by mousing over the new gear while holding the “Shift” key. If you are a new player without enough gold for the Auction House, I’d recommend leveling in either the Blood Elf or Draenei starting zones, as their quests give the best gear up to level 20. You can also que for random dungeons as early as level 15 by going to the Dungeon Finer (default key “I”) and for each Random Dungeon you complete, you will get a blue quality item.

Another mistake you could be making that would result in it being hard for you to take down mobs your level is not ranking up your spells and abilities. I remember getting my one friend into WoW, we didn’t play together at the start, but grouped up around level 20 to quest and I was wondering why she wasn’t doing very well. We played the same class, but she wasn’t doing near the amount of damage I was. It turned out that she had never visited her class trainer and was only using the one ability she had started out with at level 1. There are class trainers in each of the major cities and all the starting areas as well, you can track them on your mini-map (by clicking the magnifying glass and selecting “class trainer”) or you can talk to a city guard, who will point you in the right direction. You get new abilities/spells almost every 2 levels, so it is important to check back often! Any new spells/abilities you learn can be found in your Spells & Abilities Book (default key “P”).

Something else about Spells and Abilities to watch out for is learning everything you’ll need. It can seem expensive when you visit your trainer, and there are some things you can skip over for certain class/specs, but if you are going to chose to not train in something, be sure you aren’t going to need it mid dungeon later on! Something both I and a friend’s husband ran into as a paladin was someone asking for a Blessing of Salvation, which we both had assumed was useless and never trained for. They have changed it into a “Hand” now and made it sound more useful in the description, but I didn’t even know what it was when my raid was asking for it back in the day, and that was pretty embarrassing! It’s a personal choice I guess, fork out the gold and risk not using an ability, or save the gold and risk looking like a noob.

One of my friends who plays a warlock mentioned that he didn’t realize you could apply a curse to more than one target at a time when he was starting out. There are some Damage Over Time effects (DoTs) that can only be active on one target at a time, but they will say that in the description of the spell/ability. Otherwise you can DoT as many mobs as you like! I don’t have a max level Warlock just yet, but on my mage one of my favorite things to do is tab-cycle through a group of mobs and apply Living Bomb to as many of them as I can before the time runs out and they all blow up, lol. Applying DoTs is a bit different than how most classes DPS, but it can be very fun and effective!

A friend of mine who played a hunter mentioned that her pet was always running after things without her telling it to do so, and she thought she just needed to train it better. She actually had the pet in the “aggressive” stance, which gives your pet permission to attack anything it gets within range of. A better stance to have your pet in while playing is “defensive” (default CTRL – 9), and that goes for Warlocks, Deathknights and Mages as well. While in “defensive” stance, a pet will only attack anything that attacks you, or what you instruct it to attack. Something noobish that I did on my hunter was that I never once used “Hunter’s Mark” all the way to level 80. Hunter’s Mark can be found in the Marksmanship Tab of a hunter’s Abilities & Spell Book and increases the damage done to whatever target you mark. You can first learn this ability at level 6, and is worth using on nearly every mob from then on.

My first noob moment (that I can remember anyway) happened when I was a baby paladin in Elwyn Forest. I got the quest to kill Hogger, but had heard that he was way too hard to kill alone. I tried asking in General Chat if anyone would help me, but I got no response. I ran around the forest killing random things and asking for assistance every few minutes for the next couple nights, but I could never get anyone to help me, and figured everyone who played WoW must just be mean. It wasn’t until many many levels later that I realized I had only been asking for assistance with “/s” while in the middle of the woods. The way you talk in General Chat is “/1″ and the only time anyone can see what you type with “/s” is when they are standing right beside you.

The final thing I’m going to mention in this post is something funny that happened when I asked my friends to tell me their noob moments. My one friend sent me a story about getting the killing blow on a PvP Alliance member who was in Silvermoon City, being killed by a few high level Horde players. She had only been level 2 at the time, and had always felt bad that she’d stolen the honor kill from all those high level players. I explained to her that anyone who hits a flagged PvP player before they die gets an honor point, and that she didn’t need to feel bad anymore. Since everyone I’d sent my message to asking for stories could see what she’d said about the honor kill, and my explanation, she said that sending me that story had become her new biggest noob moment, lol.

Hopefully sharing these stories with everyone will help a few noobs out there avoid making the same mistakes we’ve all made when we were starting out! There is a lot to WoW, and though it can seem very overwhelming at first, with a bit of patience and some trial-and-error, any noob can break out of their cocoon of inexperience, sprout elitist wings, soar right up to the Frozen Throne and punch the Lich King in the frosty face! Don’t give up, and remember that there are some of us out there who are always more than happy to answer your questions!

A special thanks to all my facebook buds who took the time to respond with their stories and to Zuggy for letting me know about the Blog Carnival and Help A Noob Day! If anyone reading this has a noob story they’d like to share, please feel free to leave a comment about it!

Thanks For Reading!
Miss Mediocre <3

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